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Why Pakistani Students Should Study in Bulgaria?

step by step guide to study in bulgaria

Bulgaria is the place where East greets with West. It is the place which is also known as the home of the Slavic language. Bulgaria is a multilingual country where bulgarian and english are commonly used. Moreover, it is a history rich culture and one of the happier country not only in Europe but throughout the world. Following are further reasons qualify Bulgaria as one of the Best Study Abroad Destinations.

High-Class Education System in Bulgaria for Pakistani Students 

The major thing which makes the destination popular and strong is its education system. European destinations are not less than wonders. Bulgaria is one of these wonders. High-class education system you can find through the colleges and universities of Bulgaria. And these are the educational institutes that have made Bulgaria the best study abroad destination. 

Growing Rate of International Students in Bulgaria

There are more than 16000 international students calculated in different fields or subjects of studies. This rate has increased by 13.5%. It is expecting that the growth rate of international students will get more extension year after year. Students from both the areas including EU areas and non-EU areas are coming to get enrollment in different Bulgarian Universities.

Worldwide Recognized Universities in Bulgaria 

If we analysis the Bulgarian Universities, then we see there are worldwide recognized universities are located in Bulgaria. Sofia is known as the largest and at the same time the capital city of Bulgaria. Sofia University occupies 1001 position according to Times Higher Education Ranking . QS Ranking offers it 801 position and Best Global Universities Rankings system ranks it at 723.

Affordable Study and Living Cost In Bulgaria For Pakistani Students 

Tuition and then living expenses, these are two main factors affecting the way of your study abroad journey. But, if you are going to choose Bulgaria as your study abroad destination then it is not more headache for you.

You just spend 5 EUR for having a lovely dinner along with a soft drink. Moreover, around 6 EUR, you spend to have a 20-mins ride in Bulgaria. In the small cities comparing with Sofia city, the expenses are more affordale. So, you can plan a good and easy budget for having a sound stay while studying in Bulgaria. Furthermore, international students are asked to pay almost 8000 EUR as an annual academic fee. 

It Allows You To Enjoy Great Weather Conditions

Weather conditions of Bulgaria are so much lovely. Through a massive mountain range, the country splits into unique regions. The city Sofia lies at the footsteps of Vitosha Mountain. Moreover, the Rhodope Mountain and Stara Planina are considered as other beautiful sights to visit.

The sunny beaches in the summer and snowy pathways in winter you will get the magnificent weather conditions throughout the year.

Career Opportunities In Bulgaria 

Comparing with others Bulgaria is the smallest country throughout Europe. International students find better opportunities to start their career at Bulgaria and after completing the studies they can also find the opportunities to settle down here.

It is not an easy way to get a settlement in European Countries but when it comes to discussing Bulgaria it becomes quite simple as compared to other European countries. 

Financial Assisstance To Students  

It is also listed under the list of the students supporting countries across Europe. International students can find funding, scholarships, and loan programs to make their studies possible. For this purpose, Erasmus scholarships and funding programs are the most popular one which is running through almost all the European countries.  

National Student Loan Service Centre, Full Bright Scholarships Program, and some other programs are also running to support the needy and brilliant international students.

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