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How to Get Student Visa for Hong Kong?

hongkon student visa guide for pakistani students

Hong Kong’s higher education sector is regarded as one of the best in Asia and it is parallel to that of UK, USA and Australia. The Institutions in Hong Kong have raised their standards and made amendments by signing several collaborative academic and research partnership with top ranked international universities. Besides gaining par excellence education the exposure to global professional network in Hong Kong is enticing international students to study abroad in Hong Kong. The east meet west lifestyle, globally recognized degrees, adventurous tourist destinations, cultural diversity and booming economical growth of Hong Kong will make your study abroad experience enriching.

Process of Attaining Student Visa 

After meeting admission eligibility you will be granted an acceptance letter from the university you have applied for admission in Hong Kong. The type of visa applicable to you depends on duration of your study programme. 

You can submit your visa application on Hong Kong’s immigration website or visit the Embassy or Consulate of Hong Kong in your home country.

Documents Required for Hong Kong’s Student Visa 

  • Visa Application Form  ID995A (Completed and signed by the applicant)

  • Recent Photographs of Applicant

  • Letter of Consent from parents and guardians 

  • Entry permit or student visa sponsorship letter from the hosting institution in Hong Kong

  • If the finances for your living and study expenses are to be afforded by sponsor in Hong Kong, a Declaration by Financial Sponsor letter will be required which must be signed and completely filled by the sponsor itself. 

  • Copy of Applicant’s Passport (the copy should contain front page of passport which has identity details, previous visas and entries (if any)

  • Acceptance Letter of Admission from Hong Kong’s University

  • Letter of Acknowledgment Signed by Applicant (The letter signed by the applicant online in reply to acceptance letter declaring that he has accepted the admission offer from university)

  • Proof of Arranged Accommodation in Hong Kong (Write Down Address of Your Residence, City, Location and Lease Agreement)

  • Proof of Finances (Bank Statement, Savings Account, Credit Card Statement, Scholarship Award Certificate or Salary Slips. Any of these documents must be issued on the name of applicant)

  • The applicant should be able to prove financial resources of HK$120,000 or equivalent

  • Transcripts of your academic records, certificates and diplomas

  • Result of Public Examination

  • Language proficiency test certificate (IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge)

  • Visa fee HK$160 and Currier Charges HK$290

Once you have completed the application form and submitted the required documents, you can expect 3 to 6 weeks for visa processing. The immigration department verifies the authenticity of your documents and fulfills other requirements in this duration. If your visa is being approved, you will be called by the Embassy to collect your passport and start preparing for your departure. 

Part Time Work Permission in Hong Kong

The Government of Hong Kong does not allow international students to work off campus part time jobs. However, the student visa of Hong Kong has no objection for on campus part time jobs and internships that are related to study programme of students. For on campus part time job, the international students have 20 hours week permission.

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