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Student Accommodation in Hong Kong for Pakistani Students

living cost in hong kong for international students

A global center of high quality education and academic excellence, Hong Kong is favorite study abroad destination in Asia for international students. Selecting a suitable accommodation for stay during studying in abroad period is crucial choice and extremely important perquisite for non local students. It is just like finding a home away from home that should be affordable, facilitating and comfortable for your long stay.

 Hong Kong’s lifestyle is particularly westernized and fast paced with bustling cities and towering skyscrapers. The architecture and infrastructure of Hong Kong is modernly designed with plenty of accommodation options customized according to the needs and demands of the buyers and tenants. Whether you want to live in shared housing or rent a private apartment, Hong Kong has it all. To assist you in arranging and selecting the best possible accommodation in Hong Kong, we have gathered all the information in the section below:


Types of Accommodation in Hong Kong for Pakistani Students


On Campus Accommodation:

The on campus housing facility is first preference for foreign students as they move to distant country away from home without much knowledge of its whereabouts. It is the cheapest cost option and facilitating but obviously for those who prefer being in the thick of the things. Reserving a room in on campus residence must be done as soon as you pay your tuition fee because of limited rooms and high demand. Hong Kong is popular study abroad destination among western and Asian students; the accommodation is booked on come first get first policy.


How Pakistani Students can book on campus residence?

The universities in Hong Kong release the deadlines of submitting on campus residence booking application along with the acceptance letter. In case you want to reserve a room in on campus residence, you will have to send the application to Student Residence Office (SRO) of your hosting Hong Kong’s university. If you fail to submit the application on time, getting a room in on campus residence from university is not guaranteed. You will be put on waiting list until there is a space or otherwise you will find private accommodation. (Read Admission Requirements of Hong Kong in detail Here)


Facilities in On Campus Residence:

The main features are security and proximity to your university campus. The rooms are designed to cater the needs and demands of students belonging from around the world as Hong Kong hosts many each year. The facilities available in on campus residency include:


Private Facilities:

  • The doors of rooms open with magnetic key card ensuring complete security.

  • Window Air conditioner with electricity meter.

  • Internet and IP phone connection.

  • Furnished rooms with desk, chair, closet, lamp, bookshelf etc.

  • Washroom is shared by residents of two rooms.


Communal Facilities:

  • Common room in each floor

  • Kitchenette with microwave, stove and fridge in each floor

  • Function room for each floor

  • Computer room with printer and scanner on the ground floor for use of all students.

  • A laundry room in each floor.

  • Vacuum cleaner and iron can be borrowed from ground floor.

  • 24/7 security cameras and security guards on duty.



  • Single room per person: HK$12,200 per semester

  • Double room per person: HK$6,100 per semester

  • Apartment for three person: HK$8,200 per semester


Off Campus Residence:

The city life of Hong Kong is upbeat and happening and it will be challenge to find an accommodation off campus in affordable rent. Mostly, international students share off campus accommodation with their university fellows or friends to cut the expenditure half. The living space in Hong Kong is small and the population is large, the accommodation is constituted in high rise buildings. The rent may vary from location to location and facilities offered. There are serviced and non serviced apartments but you can expect the rent to be higher than the average rent according to international standards. The off campus residence in Hong Kong include:

  • Home Stay

  • Shared Apartment

  • Private Studio Apartment

  • Serviced Studio Apartment

  • Luxury Studio Apartment

  • 1 or 2 Bedroom Apartments


Home Stay:

Home Staying is living with a local family in their house in Hong Kong. You will be given a private room, free Wi-Fi, meals and laundry services. It is common among international students and tourists to rent a room in home stay accommodation in Hong Kong. The cost of renting a room in Home Stay may vary between HKD 250 to HKD $500 per night. The benefits are enhancing you knowledge about Hong Kong’s culture and language. If you prefer staying in family oriented atmosphere then it can be best option for you. But it comes with restrictions and deprivation of your privacy. The hosting family will restrict to come at home in certain time and be considerate about playing loud music in your room. You can’t often invite your friends over your room in odd timings and you might also have to take permission from your hosting family.


Shared Apartment:

Shared apartments are rented by group of friends in the central city and dividing the cost in equal proportions. It will not compromise your privacy and obviously you will have your own room and share facilities of kitchen and living area with people you have strong camaraderie. You can rent apartment according to your preference of area and available facilities. The cost if sharing apartments may vary from HKD $6,000 to HKD $7,000 per month for one person. Even if you don’t rent an entire apartment with your friends, you can flatshare in apartments of other students. You can find flatshare ads in university’s notice board or websites quite easily. The facilities of internet, utility bills and laundry are usually not included in the rent but it depends on your rental contract.


Private Studio Apartment:

The private studio apartment in Hong Kong is modernly designed for urban city residents with small space catering the needs of one person. It is one luxurious option, you can book serviced or non serviced apartment. Mostly, students prefer renting serviced apartment as they have laundry, cleaning, Wi-Fi and security services. The room will be furnished and kitchen containing required facilities of fridge, stove, and microwave. The transportation system is well organized in Hong Kong, so wherever you live, finding a nearby station of public transport is not difficult. Private studio apartment is best way to enjoy your privacy and the urbanized lifestyle of Hong Kong. The cost is expensive although, it will cost you HKD $11,500 per month. The utility bills cost and security fee is usually included in rent.


Serviced Studio Apartment:

The serviced studio apartments are the best modernly designed accommodation for single person. The maid services will be available weekly and the rooms and kitchen will be furnished with 24/7 security services and your own internet connection. The room contains double bedroom, closet, TV, DVD, kitchen utensils, microwave, stove and weekly cleaning and laundry services. The cost will be around HK$ 7,000 - HK$ 15,000 per month. The minimum stay will be booked for three months and utility bills and services are included in the rent.


Luxury Studio Apartments:

The luxury studio apartments have almost similar facilities with exception of rather bigger living space. You will have a living room, a king size bed room, kitchen, balcony and bathroom. The maid services and laundry is provided weekly. You will have TV, Sofas, Chairs, Fridge, Kitchen Necessities, Dining Table, Gym Membership in the building, Wi-Fi, Security Services and Air Conditioning.


Tips on booking off campus residence:

Hong Kong is considered quite safe and developed. Finding an apartment or home stay is not risky, you will do not need to worry about scams. There are student agencies, real estate agencies and websites providing information about housing rents and facilities to customers and assisting them in finding an apt option. However, before booking an apartment in Hong Kong, you must keep the following key points in mind:

  • The temperature in Hong Kong is humid; make sure the residence contains air conditioning facility.

  • Renting an accommodation in central city of Hong Kong will be most expensive.

  • The real estate agencies take half month rent as their commission from tenants and owners.

  • Read the rental contract in details before signing. Visit the accommodation and make sure it has all the facilities as being said in rental.

  • The rental contracts in Hong Kong have certain fixed minimum term, only commit and sign until you are sure of it otherwise you will be fined a large amount if you violate the terms and conditions once you agreed.

  • There are roommates finding websites for students staying in Hong Kong, consult on if you want to live in shared accommodation.

  • Your university’s Student Residence Office (SRO) provides assistance to international students in finding an off campus residence.

  • Pay the amount to the reliable source only.

  • While finding an off campus residency, arrange a direct dialogue with owners and ask for negotiations in rent and acquire information about terms and conditions firsthand.


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