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Study and Living Expenses in Hong Kong for Pakistani Students

undergraduate and postgraduate study cost for international students in Hong Kong universities

The economically developed city of Hong Kong is business hub of Asia with strong networking around the globe. The people of Hong Kong have highest IQ levels in the world and one of the highest life expectancy.

The quality of life and sought after educational institutes tempt international students to study abroad in Hong Kong. If you are planning to study in Hong Kong, the below guide will help you in estimating the study and living expenses there as an international student.


Study Expenses In Hong Kong For Pakistani Students

The tuition fee is higher for non local students than local students in universities of Hong Kong. The tuition fee varies from institution to institution and also according to the study programme.

Besides tuition fee, there are other expenses such as registration fee, application fee, annual subscription fee and a sum of money will be submitted by non local students as “caution money” which will be deposited as you graduate.

The government of Hong Kong is running several scholarship programmes to fund living and study expenses of local and non local students.


Tuition fee for Undergraduate Programs 

On average the tuition fee for under graduate program will be around HKD 140,000 to HKD 170,000 per annum.


Tuition fee for post graduate (Masters) programs 

On average the tuition fee for post graduate programme will be around HKD 70,000- 150,000 per year.

  • Arts courses: From HKD75, 000 to HKD 90,000 (US$ 9,671-US$ 11,605).

  • Business Administration (MBA): From HKD 70,800 to HKD 512,336 (US$ 9,129-US$ 66,062) for entire course.

  • Engineering courses: From HKD 69,000 to HKD 108,000 (US$ 8,897-US$ 13,926) per year.

  • Law courses: HKD 4,410 (US$ 567) per semester

  • Medicine courses: From HKD 42,500 to HKD 151,200 (US$ 5480-US$ 19,496) per year.


Tuition fee for Doctoral (PhD) program 

On average the tuition fee for post graduate PhD programme will be around HKD $4500,000 per year.


List of Merit based Scholarships 

There are several merit based scholarships ran by government of Hong Kong that are funding study and living expenses of international students are as the following:

  • HKU Foundation Entrance Scholarships

  • HKU Foundation Scholarships for Students with International Baccalaureate Diploma

  • HKU Foundation Scholarships for Students with GCE A-Level/ International A-Level Qualifications

  • HeForShe IMPACT Champion Scholarships


Living Expenses in Hong Kong 

Living expenses in Hong Kong city are higher than expected. Since it is a global business center and top tourist destination, the meals, accommodation and travelling expenditure are quite high for a student. As per the estimation, on average HK$45,000 amount would be required by a student for his living expenses in a 12 months duration excluding study expenses. But a major percentage of expenses can be cut down if you manage your budget with restraint and consideration. 



The administrations of universities give first priority to international student for on campus residence than the local students. You will need to provide proof of accommodation for your student visa for Hong Kong requirements. The reason behind high rents is also the dense population in the city of Hong Kong. The rents of private renting or off campus apartments will mainly depend on the location and facilities offered; generally the utility bills will not be included in off campus accommodation rent whereas in on campus residence the utility bills are included in the rent. So basically the university provided residence will be certainly the most affordable option in Hong Kong, but there are other accommodation options as well.

  • On Campus Single room in Hostel: US$1,900 to US$5,800 per year

  • One Bedroom Apartment (Off Campus) in City Center:  US $2,333.56 per month

  • One Bedroom Apartment (Off Campus) outside City Center: US $1, 642.55 per month

  • Three Bedrooms Apartment (Off Campus) in City Center: US $4, 941.39 per month

  • Three Bedrooms Apartment (Off Campus) outside City Center: US $3,200.81 per month



Hong Kong’s public transportation facility is the one of the best organized, well spread, comfortable and punctual. About 90% of Hong Kong’s population uses public transportation for their daily travel, which is a big achievement in itself and speaks for its quality and efficiency.

  • (Public transport) One way ticket to any route in the city: US $1.27

  • (Public transport) Monthly pass: US $63.70

  • Tariff of taxi (1 Km): US $1.08



Cooking at home will not only be healthy but also affordable. The estimate prices of day to day useable beverages and eatables in Hong Kong are as follows:

  • Meal for one person in an inexpensive restaurant will cost: US $6.37

  • Meal for two persons in a mediocre restaurant will cost: US $50. 97

  • Combo meal for one person from Mc Donald’s or Big Mac or equivalent fast food chain will cost: US $4.46

  • Coke or Pepsi half liter bottle: US $1.22

  • Water half liter bottle: US $1.03

  • 1 liter milk bottle: US $2.91

  • Loaf of white bread fresh: US $2.29

  • 1 Kg rice: US $2.06

  • Dozen eggs: US $3.16

  • 1 Kg Chicken Breast Piece: US $9.97

  • 1 Kg Beef Meat: US $20.10

  • 1 kg Apples: US $3.33

  • 1 Kg Bananas: US $2.31

  • 1 Kg Oranges: US $2.88

  • 1 Kg Tomatoes: US $2.95

  • 1 Kg Potatoes: US $2.43

  • 1 Kg Onions: US $2.38


Other Expenditures:

  • Monthly utility bills (electricity, water, heating) : US $192.18

  • Monthly internet bill: US $26. 18

  • Fitness club membership fee of one person: US $78.41

  • Cinema ticket 1 seat: US $12.74


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