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How Pakistani Students can Get Permanent Residence Visa of Italy

citizenship in Italy for Pakistani  students

The Non-EU students are required to apply for visa extension if they have intention to stay in Italy after completing their degree programme from an Italian University. The visa extension of 6 to 12 months is granted by Italy to students only who have done second degree Masters of PhD from Italy. Before the extension of visa duration of 6 to 12 months end, the student must arrange to convert their student visa to work visa. Under this extension of visa period the students must attain job position in Italy. The visa extension of 6 to 12 months in student visa will be granted to following degree holders:

  • Bachelor’s degree

  •  Special bachelor’s degree

  •  Specialization degree

  •  Doctorate degree

  •  First level University Master’s degree

  •  Second level University Master’s degree

  •  Perfection certificate


How to Apply For a Work Permit in Italy 2021

As soon as you get a job position at one of Italian Company or Organization according to your qualification you can apply for work permit i-e “permesso di lavoro” or employment permit. The students will have to apply for an employment permit before the extension period of student visa expires. You will submit following documents at immigration office of Italy to convert your student visa into work permit.

  • Terms of employment document

  • A  copy of employer’s most recent tax return

  • Annual business balance sheet of Employer

  • Certificate or Letter from the official representative of the employing company regarding the invoices issued during the current year

  • The Record of Company record

  • Filed VAT tax return

  • Telephone Number and email address of Employer

  • Housing compliance

  • Housing availability (e.g., lease agreement, hospitality).


How to Get Permanent Residence in Italy

The permanent residence permit of Italy has been replaced by new EC residence permit for long-term residents since the year 2007. EC residence permit for long-term residents is only applicable for those candidates who have been resided in Italy for 5 years continuously on legal documents or legal terms. In case of those who have entered and stayed in Italy for no matter how long but on illegal means is not entitled to avail EC residence permit for long-term residents. To attain EC residence permit (for long-term residents), you will submit your application along with following documents at local post office nearest to you or other authorized offices of immigration situated in your premises of living.

  • Valid passport or equivalent travel document copy

  • An income tax statement evidencing that you have a minimum income higher than the social allowance ("assegno sociale"). For  those who are working as domestic workers and caregivers requirement is to submit INPS (National Social Welfare Institution) payment receipts or INPS itemized statements

  • If any criminal records and pending charges that must be informed through documents

  • Documented proof of arranged appropriate accommodation, if the application being submitted includes family members

  • Two copies of pay slips issued in the current year

  • Original residence and family certification


You Cannot Apply for EC residence permit for long-term residents under Following Conditions

  • If applicant is in Italy for study or vocational training and scientific research

  • If applicant intends to stay in Italy for temporary protection or other humanitarian grounds

  • Applicant of asylum or when awaiting a decision for recognition as a refugee

  • If you hold a short-term residence permit

  • If applicant holds a diplomatic, official and service passport, or hold laissez-passer issued by international organizations of a universal character

  • If you have been absent from Italy for a period exceeding 6 years.


The EC residence permit for long-term residents is allowed to:

  • enter Italy without a visa

  • work

  • Avail social benefits and social services supplied by the Italian government

  • participate in local public life

  • The EC residence permit is valid till 5 years.

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