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How Pakistani Students can Get Permanent Residence Visa of Italy

citizenship in Italy for Pakistani  students

Italy is one of the widely popular places in the world especially for those who look forward to settling down. You can simply get an Italian citizenship to have a fruitful future whether for educational aspects or for employment opportunities. An Italian passport helps you to travel to almost 174 countries visa-free or with an on-arrival visa opportunity. This guide will be helpful for individuals who look forward to attaining an Italian PR and citizenship.

Italian Permanent Residency For Pakistani Students

Application Processing 

4-6 weeks 


The permanent residence permit of Italy has been replaced by new EC residence permit for long-term residents since the year 2007. EC residence permit for long-term residents is only applicable for those candidates who have been resided in Italy for 5 years continuously on legal documents or legal terms. In case of those who have entered and stayed in Italy for no matter how long but on illegal means is not entitled to avail EC residence permit for long-term residents.

  • The EC residence permit for long-term residents is allowed to:

  • enter Italy without a visa

  • work in Italy

  • Avail social benefits and social services supplied by the Italian government

  • Participate in local public life

  • The EC residence permit is valid till 5 years.

How to Get Permanent Residence in Italy

To attain EC residence permit (for long-term residents), you will submit your application along with following documents at local post office nearest to you or other authorized offices of immigration situated in your premises of living.

  • Valid passport or equivalent travel document copy

  • An income tax statement evidencing that you have a minimum income higher than the social allowance ("assegno sociale")

  • If any criminal records and pending charges that must be informed through documents

  • Documented proof of arranged appropriate accommodation, if the application being submitted includes family members

  • Must have level A2 proficiency in Italian language

  • Two copies of pay slips issued in the current year

  • Original residence and family certification

You Cannot Apply for EC residence permit for long-term residents under Following Conditions

  • If applicant is in Italy for study or vocational training and scientific research

  • If applicant intends to stay in Italy for temporary protection or other humanitarian grounds

  • If you hold a short-term residence permit

  • If applicant holds a diplomatic, official and service passport

  • If you have been absent from Italy for a period exceeding 6 years.


Italian Citizenship For Pakistani Students


Application Fee 


Processing Time 

6 months


Italy is the part of European Union which is why it has enormous benefits including travel to Schengen countries, such as Austria, Hungary, Luxembourg, Belgium, France, Germany, and Greece. There are different ways to acquire Italian citizenship, however the most effective ways to acquire Italian citizenship is through naturalization.

Italian Citizenship by Naturalization

The process in which people have to live for a total of ten permanent years in Italy with permanent residence status is known as Naturalization. Initially, you will gain a permit for residence in Italy for 5 years after which you will be able to apply for the further 5 years for the permanent residence. This will lead to an Italian citizenship by naturalization process. `However, it should be noted that individuals must reside within the country continuously with a proper source of income and pay taxes.

Getting an Italian citizenship through naturalization could be long and time-consuming process however, there is no other authentic way for international students. Individuals are informed to get a visa for six months stay. You can apply for permanent residency after five years of residence, and ten years of residency will qualify you for dual citizenship with Italy.

Who Can Apply For Italian Citizenship

You must demonstrate that you have lived in the country at a registered address in order to acquire a permanent residence permit. An average of 183 days out of every year must be spent residing in the country. Only those who have adhered to the restriction of spending not more than 10 months out of the country in the five years prior to completing their application will be granted citizenship. You can apply for your passport through the Italian Consulate when your application is accepted.

Specific Requirements of Italian Citizenship by Naturalization

  • You must provide income proof of the last three years prior to the date of citizenship application.

  • You must provide a document of your taxes to prove you are a regular taxpayer.

  • You must provide B1 level of the Italian language test however, candidates who have received higher education in Italy are exempted from the test.

  • Documents proving no criminal record in Italy during the duration of stay. Moreover, the certificate shouldn’t be older than 180 days.

Primary Documents for Italian Citizenship

No matter which method you acquire you must have the following documents to proceed with your Italian citizenship.

  • The applicant’s questionnaire

  • Original passports of the applicant

  • Copy of residence permit

  • Certificate proving no criminal record.

  • Postal stamps

  • Passport sized photographs

  • Application fee

How To Apply for Italian Citizenship

  • Candidates are required to fulfil the application form at the Italian Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration.

  • Upload all the mandatory scanned documents with the application.

  • After the application approval, candidates will be allotted time to submit the original documents to a nearby municipality.

  • The time for Italian citizenship might take from three months to even three years depending the complexity of the application.

Cost to apply for Italian Citizenship

The primary cost to apply for Italian citizenship is €300. Moreover, candidates are also required to provide proof of their annual income of at least €8,264. 

How to get Italian Study Visa from Pakistan 


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