Study and Living Cost in Italy
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Study and Living Cost in Italy

Study and Living Cost in Italy

If you have decided to study in Italy you will have to keep in mind all the expense that are required should be in your reach. Your budget should be flexible enough to meet your financial requirements.

If there is any problem regarding financial matters than don’t you worry at all. Because Italian government has taken steps to facilitate the intelligent students with a number of opportunities in the form ofscholarships at top universities and higher education institutions.

There are a number of specific fields which may include; Italian culture, research projects, undergraduate courses, postgraduate course, specialization courses and some doctoral level courses. The grants are given for three months and nine months respect.

How to get scholarship in Italy?

The eligibility criteria for the scholarships may vary according to the course and institute but some common prerequisites are:

  • Student must have know-how about Italian language
  • Previously completed study diploma
  • University acceptance letter where you are going to study

Any other specific document or legalization of a document may be required by the institute/university.

All universities set their own fee structure however, in the case of public sector universities there is legitimate and authorized fee structure for enrollment.

The amount of fee which a student has to pay for Study Abroad in Italy in public sector universities is generally less than 4.000€ each year varies from university to university. The fee also depends on the course which a student selects to study. Undoubtedly, private universities are much more expensive than public sector universities.

Check the rates sites. Admission to "universitari master" and other specialized courses also have much higher rates. Doctoral students who receive college scholarships do not pay dues, but those students who don’t have scholarships have to pay fees, which are always changing depending on the university.

Living costs:

Making an allowance for housing, food, telephone, local travel and luxury prices, students should consider a monthly budget of 1000 / 1500 euros reliant on the location.

Housing: €350 - €650 per month

According to the area, the kind of room (single or double) and ultimate package benefits the cost may fluctuate.

Food: €150 - €200 per month

The estimated cost of some essential items is listed below (in Euros):

  • Milk: 1.20 per Litre.
  • Bread: 4.00 per Kilo.
  • Butter: 1.70 / 250 gr.
  • Beef: 9.00 / 19.00 per Kilo.
  • Chicken: 8.00 / 10.00 per Kilo.
  • Rice: 1.70 / 2.50 per Kilo.
  • Pasta: 0.80 / 1.20 per Kilo.
  • Mineral water: 0.50 / 0.80 per Litre.
  • Study costs: - €40 per month
  • Social life: - €80 per month
  • Cinema: €7.50.
  • Eating out: € 25
  • Pizza: €10.
  • Fast food menu: €5.50.
  • Happy hour: €8-10.
  • Club and bar: € 10-20.
  • oncert: €40-50.
  • rivate gym: €40-50 per month.
  • Universities’ structure gym: €15-20 per month.
  • Travel costs: € 20 per month
  • Public conveyance: € 20 per month.
  • Taxi: €15-20 cab fare.
  • Mobile phones: - €20 - €30 per month

All the prices are just estimated and should be used as a guide only.

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