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Part Time Work Permission in Latvia for Foreign Students 2021

Latest jobs in Latvia for Pakistani students

Latvia has multi ethnic and diversely cultured society, awe inspiring scenic landscape, temperate climate and interesting historical roots promising a best study abroad experience to foreign students. Latvian Universities have earned massive points among international students in past decade because of rapid improvement in education quality, international collaborations and advanced broad cased curriculum design of education. Latvian universities are best known for IT, Business Management, Medicine, Aviation and Literature degrees. Continuous and needed investments in education sector of Latvia by its government are taking its universities and colleges to next level of excellence. Despite availability of state of the art facilities and worldwide degree recognition, the Latvian universities have a reasonable tuition fee structure for foreign students and offer many scholarships programmes to bright students. Students are allowed to work part time in Latvia, the following article is written to explain what perquisites of working part time and working are after completion of studies in Latvia for foreign students.


Part Time Work in Latvia for Foreign Students 2021:

Certainly for international students working part time while studies is an absolute necessity to earn some amount for living expenses and saving for tuition fee payment. Latvia allows foreign student to work part time without requiring any Latvia work permit on student visa. As per the rule of European Union States, international students are restricted to work part time 20 hours a week during semesters and 40 hours a week during semester breaks. The same rule is in Latvia which is a European Union state as well. The popular industries of work in Latvia for part time student workers are textile, fast food restaurants and electronics.


Rights of Employment and Type of Part Time Jobs in Latvia for Foreign Students:

The students have employment rights and minimum wage rights same as natives of Latvia. During work, the students can take breaks; take sick leaves and right to object to unlawful and uninformed dismissal from job.  The minimum monthly salary in Latvia is 430 Euros.


Internships in Latvia for Foreign Students 2021

 Latvian universities have internship and traineeship programmes included in curriculum of certain study programmes and even assist students to find a job placement if they are interested to do internship for professional training. While choosing a study programme and university in Latvia you can search if they offer internship as part of the curriculum or not and take complete information from international students relations office if Latvian Universities. As there is no restriction on finding only certain type of job for part time work, the international students can even join an internship programme related to their professional goals at one of Latvian firms and companies by applying directly and requesting for professional training. The possibilities and opportunities in Latvia for part time work is many for international students as it is business hub of Europe and home to many established businesses and reputable banks.  Especially for IT and Computer Sciences courses, almost all of Latvian Universities have an eighteen week internship programme during semester holidays for professional learning and training that ends with granting certificate.


Post Graduation Work Permission in Latvia for Foreign Students


For Third Country/Non-EU Nationals

After completion of study programme and attending graduation ceremony; the foreign students are bound to exit Latvian territory before Latvian student visa expires. To re enter and work in Latvia they will have to find an employment contract for short term or long term duration and apply for work permit from their country. The fresh graduates can find an employment by sending CVs to companies and firms related to their profession through websites or in person during last semesters of their degree programmes in Latvia. After finding employment the students and their employers have to follow following procedure:


Short Term Employment in Latvia Procedure:

  • The required job position or vacancy will be registered by employer at Local Employment Agency.

  • If third country national is selected for this job position or vacancy by employer, the next procedure involves submission of application for inviting the employee to Latvia for short term employment.  The application will be submitted at Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs along with employment contract, academic transcripts and qualification details of employee.

  • The application submitted by employer will be approved Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs after verification of documents and an invitation letter will be issued on the name of selected employee.

  • The invitation letter will be sent to employee from whence the visa process will start at employee’s country. The employee will visit Latvian Consulate or Embassy and submit via application along with required documents and invitation letter.

  • After verification of documents, the Embassy will grant visa to employee for right to work permission. On arrival to Latvia, the employee has to register his/her name at State Revenue Service as a tax payer.


Long Term Employment in Latvia Procedure:

The above mention procedure is followed for long term employment visa as well. Except for the fact that the long term employment contract holders will be granted temporary resident permit card of Latvia and they are allowed to do more than one job at a time.


Terms and Conditions of Work Permits in Latvia for Foreign Nationals

The short term or long term work permits of Latvia can be extended. Initially the work permit is granted for one year duration which is extendable based on job contract. The employees can change jobs but they are required to attain no objection certificate from their previous employer. The employer has to pay for health care and accommodation to the employee. The employees have right to receive minimum income criterion set by Latvian Government based on individuals qualification. In case of job dismissal, the employee must be informed the valid reason of dismissal and must be given three months margin to found new employment.  If the third country national changes job, the immigration department must be informed about the new job and new residence of the employee. The short term employment permit can be converted to long term permit if the employer wishes to keep the employee working in its company. The work permits can be extended for 5 years duration maximum after this duration the third country nationals are eligible to apply for PR permit of Latvia.


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