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Jobs in USA for International students

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Working While Studying in USA 

Most of the students do choose to work along with studying as it can be one of the most lucrative ways to earn a handful amount of money along with gaining relevant experience. This facilitates the students to earn the least amount of minimum wage. Though, it does not help to clear all of the costs but it does help to clear off some of the dues.

Advantages of Working Part Time While Studying in USA for Pakistani Students

  • It provides a competitive edge to students by providing them the practical experience which can later help them when they step into employment after graduation.

  • It adds on to their resume by adding a valuable share of experience leaving a long lasting impact on the future employers.

  • It helps to provide exposure along with polishing English Language skills along with providing them with a crash course of the professional world.

  • It helps to decrease the problem of drastically increasing costs faced by the international students if not eliminate it as the wages earned by the work study programs can be utilized by them in the expenses other than tuition such as cost of books, commuting from one place to another and accommodation.

  • The students have an added advantage to avail the jobs either full time or part time depending on their schedules.

  • Students are paid the wages which are similar to that which are paid to the American Citizens.

Work Options Available for International Students 

Though working while studying is undoubtedly the most lucrative option but it has certain pre requisites attached to it which are mandatory to be followed. The applicant should contact the Designated School Office as it is a forum which is assigned with the responsibility to assist the international students. Subsequent to this the Applicant’s social security number will be obtained by the DSO as it is mandatory in order to work in US. 

The applicant is provided with number of ways to work on F-1 student Visa which are the following:

  • On Campus Employment 

It is most common form of employment which is availed by the students referring to the kind of work that takes place at the campus or at any other place which is acting in affiliation to the campus. The destination which is located off the campus is often funded by the school or campus or is acting in partnership with it. This kind of employment is only available to the first year students and needs to be applied thirty days before the classes commence.

The working hours are twenty hours per week at the time of the school although in vacations working full time is a possibility too. If the applicant’s enrolls for multiple jobs at one time the total number of hours cannot exceed than twenty hours per week.

  • Off Campus Employment  

The jobs which are outside the school domain can only be availed after the students are in completion of their first year and are in dire need to work due to an economic hardship or financial difficulty.

The maximum amount of hours an applicant can work is twenty hours per week.

Optical Practical Training 

This specific form of training involves working in the field of study in which the applicant is studying and it can be availed for twelve months. The training is sub divided into two forms which is the following: 

  • Pre completion Opt which is available after completion of first year in university. The number of working hours are twenty hours a week.

  • Post completion Opt which can only be applied after the completion of the studies.

However, in order to qualify for OPT training an applicant requires an approval form from their DSO who will further on submit the application to US citizenship and immigration services.

Working by the Clock 

The international students are faced with an added constraint of abiding by the restrictions which are pertaining to the time as an international student is provided with the timeline of Sixty Days after graduating to enroll in college or register themselves in an OPT program 

The OPT program extending F-1 Visa is an enticing opportunity provided to the students as mentioned above. However, the completion of this program is quite time consuming in itself due to which the application for it should be made before graduation.

 Postgraduation Work Opportunities in USA for Pakistani Students 

Finding a suitable job after completing the education in United States has always been complex especially for international students. There are certain restrictions which have to be faced by the international students which include the visa restrictions and the relevant job market at which they are targeting or intending to step in.

Things to be Considered by International Students While Applying for Job  in USA

  • Job application must be initiated at the earliest as it is more time consuming to find a job which sponsors the work visa of international students along with providing them with the job too. 

  • A graduate must be aware of the visa requirements applying to it along with other information pertaining to it such as which type of visa is needed, the cost of application and deadlines.

  • Career counselling office proves to be the best medium which can assist a graduate in finding an employment opportunity in US. Moreover, a meeting with a career coach in which the applicant lays down their vision and goals paves a way for success too.

  • Attending a career fair flocked with number of recruiters enables an applicant to line up the personal interviews.

  • One can take advantage of their alumni groups who have gone through the process of job hunting as a result of which they can provide the valuable feedback.

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