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Jobs in USA for International students

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Employment And Internships In The USA

Being the greatest economy in the world, the US has plenty to offer, including opportunities for top-notch education and employment with prestigious companies that give competitive salaries. International students can attain the best education in the US which helps them grow personally and professionally as well. Students always look forward to attaining higher education and attain a job opportunity afterwards. Some of interesting facts regarding the market job in the US are mentioned below.

  • By the year 2024, there will be a 23% rise in business related job opportunities.

  • Healthcare jobs are the highest paid jobs in the United States of America.

  • More than 500 internally recognized companies are located in the US providing an extensive employment opportunities.

Work While Studying In USA

The United States of America allows international students to work while they study. However, the law in the US has set some specific rules for international students to work while they continuing their education. International students with a valid F-1 visa can simply avail the opportunity to work while studying in the United States of America. Students can work up to 20 hours per week during their semester. While, international students can work full time during the semester break for up to 40 hours / week. Students can avail different on-campus and off-campus part time jobs.

Some of the part time jobs for international students in the United States includes.

  • Teacher’s Assistant

  • Social media assistant

  • Baby sitter

  • Tutor

  • Content Writer

Ways To Work On F-1 Visa In USA

The applicant is provided with number of ways to work on F-1 student Visa which are the following:

On Campus Employment 

This kind of employment is only available to the first year students and needs to be applied thirty days before the classes commence. 

Off Campus Employment  

The jobs which are outside the university domain can only be availed after the students are in completion of their first year and are in dire need to work due to an economic hardship or financial difficulty. The maximum amount of hours an applicant can work off campus are twenty hours per week.

Optical Practical Training 

This specific form of training involves working in the field of study in which the applicant is studying and it can be availed for twelve months. The training is sub divided into two forms which is the following: 

  • Pre completion Opt which is available after completion of first year in university. The number of working hours are twenty hours a week.

  • Post completion Opt which can only be applied after the completion of the studies.

Internship Opportunities For International Students In USA

Internships are one of the most effective methods to practically utilize your education. The universities in the United States provide different internships opportunities for international students which helps them to grow professionally. Different organizations in the US accept internees in various departments. Students can explore virtual Student Foreign Service Intern and US Department of States Internship sites to avail different internships there.

Things To Do To Find An Employment In USA

If you are fortunate enough to graduate from any of the top institutions in the USA, you will undoubtedly find employment that pays well.

  • The first thing you should do is create a recent CV and customize it to each job profile you apply for before looking for chances for international students to work in the USA.

  • Make sure to draw attention to information on your CV that will interest employers, such as your academic and professional accomplishments, skills, and previous employment history.

  • Students are informed that if they have a valid F-1 visa it will be easier for them to attain job opportunity in the US.

Tips To Find A Job In USA After Gradation

Here are some of the most effective ways to get employment after your graduation in the United States. Also, international students will be required to get a post-study work visa after graduating from US University.

  • Check with the University career services/ counsellor.

  • Attend all the possible career fairs arranged by your university or nearby institutes.

  • Hunt on different social media platforms for instance, linked in.

  • Check new job opportunities through Newspaper marketing.

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