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Permanent Citizenship and Residence for Graduates in United States

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It is a completely natural phenomena that one would intend to settle down in United States after the completion of their education. There are many ways to do so, which involve numerous rules and regulations that graduates need to adhere to gain visas and the permanent residence often known as green card.

Firstly, it is advisable to look at the visa which is available to the graduates as they are availed by the majority to reside in United States after the completion of their studies.

Types Of USA Visa After Graduation

1: F-1 Visa 

If the graduate is planning to step into any form of practical training they need to obtain F-1 student visa entitling up to one year of the post completion of study, starting after the completion of the course.

H-1b Visa 

After getting a US degree, students can apply for this type of visa. The duration of this visa is for period of three years with an extendable period of three years. 

Now that we have discussed the requirements to reside in US on a temporary basis and which visas to obtain in doing so the next question is that if a graduate intends to reside in US on a permanent basis what is the mechanism to do so. Thus, in order to stay in US permanently one needs to obtain green card. 

What Is A Green Card/ Permanent Residency?

It is a legal permit which allows a foreigner to live in US and work permanently in any field and organization. This allows the students with the avenue to venture in to a new world and build a successful and bright future.

For How Long is the Green Card Valid?

Normally the Green Card is valid for ten years before it can be renewed. 

How Green Card Can Be Obtained?

The green card can be acquired in the following ways:

1. Sponsorship from an Employer

One of the most viable way to obtain a green card is to find an employer who can sponsor it as there are quite a number of companies which offers green cards to international students. Undoubtedly, it is a complicated process but it’s not difficult to gain a job which provides this kind of sponsorship. All that is needed by an applicant is to possess a skill. 

2. Green Card Lottery 

Often known as Diversity Visa Lottery is a unique and distinct program initiated by the US government which provides almost 50,000 green cards to the people all around the world. It is known as one of the most convenient ways to obtain the lottery as one is only required to enter the lottery and wait for the results which are computer generated.

However, in order to avail this lottery one of the pertinent requirement is that an applicant has a high school education and equivalent of it along with two years’ work experience at a specific job which includes two years of training of performance.

How Pakistani Students Can Get USA Citizenship  

Can Green card be converted into permanent citizenship? 

Once the Green card is obtained successfully by a graduate they will be eligible to file for U.S Citizenship from three years or five years from the date of acquiring the green card known as permanent residency. However, there are certain eligibility requirements that one has to qualify in order to gain the citizenship. These are the following:

  • Must be 18 years old

  • Must be a permanent resident of US from last three years

  • Must be of a good character

  • Must take an oath of allegiance to US   


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