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Living and Accommodation Options in USA

estimated cost to live and study in usa for asian students in usa

One of the biggest hurdle for any international student while pursuing education aboard is to bear the living costs for the course of period you are enrolled as a student. Likewise, is the case with United States where the accommodation and living costs are exhobirantly high to bear which the applicant has to be financially stable.

The Accommodation and Living Cots 

  • The average cost of living in United States for a year is $10000 to $12000 breaking down to $700 to $1000 per month. This is inclusive of accommodation costs, room, travelling, syllabus material and dining out expenses.

Moreover, the accommodation and living costs have been spelled out by the College Board which can be broken down in this manner too:

Public Two Year Colleges 

Public Four Year Colleges  

Private four year colleges 





Categories of Accommodation and Living which Pakistani Students can Avail in USA

The students have number of options to choose from when it comes to accommodation which are the following:

  • On Campus Dormitories

  • Off Campus Apartments

On Campus Dormitories 

After the applicant has secured an admission into a university they are sent a pre departure orientation packet which provides the option pertaining to accommodation.

Nearly all of the universities provides with dormitories which consists of rooms for number of people with sharing bathrooms. Most of the students especially the first year ones prefer to stay in these dormitories as it saves them the hassle of commuting to the campus. The costs of this accommodation provided by the University is depending on the university.

Advantages of Being on Campus 

  • An easy access to the eateries nearby

  • The facility of the meals provided three times a day by the U.S Colleges and Universities 

  • The University also allows the applicant to deposit a certain amount of money so that food can be delivered from the places that they have designated. The costs of the items purchased by the students are deducted from the semester fees.

  • The facilities such as electricity and telephone connections are taken care of by the University

Off Campus Options 

There are certain schools which do not offer on campus accommodation to the international students. However, there is an off house camping facility which assists the students to find the most reasonable accommodation. The facility also advises the students in relation to the nearby restaurants, shopping malls, nearby parks and the most easily accessible public transportation around it.

Obtaining the Apartment on Lease 

If the student wishes to have a complete private space then leasing an apartment is one of the options that they can avail. In order to know the availability of apartments one can ask around or contact a real estate agent keeping in mind their fees for consultation.

It is advisable to the students that before leasing or renting an apartment the neighborhood of it should be explored thoroughly as to see whether it is safe and equipped with the reasonable grocery stores and the school building so that the commute can be calculated.

The student should understand the lease agreement and it’s clauses before abiding by it and in case they don’t understand it they should seek the help of landlord or the help of international student office. The student should keep in mind that the providing the amenities such as telephone and electricity are not included in the rent agreement as a result of which they can contact the landlord for the relevant information. The internet charges have to be borne by the student too which is approximately almost $20 per month being payable to the Internet Service Provider.

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