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Fully Funded Government Scholarships for Pakistani Students to Study Abroad in 2020

The Students from the developing countries as Pakistan are awarded numerous scholarships by the governments of many countries abroad. These Scholarships are completely funded by the Government of these developed nations.

The Pakistani students that want to pursue masters in continents as Europe, North America and Australian universities can benefit from these scholarships. Fully funded scholarships provide most for most of the expenses of the Pakistani students.


What does fully funded scholarship cover?

  • Tuition fee

  • Health insurance

  • Living expenses

  • Travel expense

  • Sponsored research work

  • Airfare

  • Study material


The best fully funded scholarships are available for the countries as Canada, United States of America, Switzerland etc. With all the financial conditions as the dollar rate fluctuating, this is compelling the Pakistani students to seek after fully funded scholarships.


fully funded scholarships for Pakistani students to stduy abroad 2020


  1. Australian Awards Scholarship -

This Scholarships is made available for the Pakistani student who wish to study in Australian completely on scholarships.  There are a large number of participating institutions for Australian awards scholarships.

A large number of Pakistani students can participate in the scholarship the required CGPA is also low therefore a Pakistani students acquiring this scholarship won’t be much troublesome.


  1. Hungarian Government Scholarship -

This scholarship is made available to study in Hungary. The Pakistani students will be provided with a tuition fee waiver and a stipend money for living expenses. The scholarships is provided to the student for pursuing masters in any university of Hungary.


  1. Swiss Government Excellence scholarship

The scholarship is provided to the international students that want to pursue PhD program in Switzerland in various fields as Science, Engineering, Art, Humanities, and Medicine.

  1. Full bright foreign student program

This is a fully funded masters and doctoral scholarship by the government of United States of America. The number of scholarships for Pakistani students is 150.


  1. British Cleaving Scholarship

The Scholarship is provided by the Government of Britain for international students to pursue one year master’s degree program.


  1. VLIR-UOS awards scholarships

The Scholarship is provided by the government of Belgium in order to pursue Training and master’s degree program in Belgium in any field.


  1. Swedish Government Scholarship -

The international students who belong to developing countries come under this scholarship to pursue masters at any Swedish university.

The Pakistani student can pursue apply for any of the above mentioned scholarship on their official websites.


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