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Top 10 Master Scholarships Worldwide Offer to International Students

There are many foreign scholarships offered to students worldwide to pursue their master degree programs. Many scholarships are fully funded and cover the living expense of the students. These scholarships are offered to students so they discover and learn a new technique in developed countries. Search fully funded international scholarships at Here, we are listing the top 10 master scholarships worldwide offer to international students:

  1. Erasmus+ Scholarships:

  2. DAAD Scholarship, Germany:

  3. CSC Scholarship, China:

  4. Fullbright Scholarship, USA:

  5. Italian Government Scholarships, Italy:

  6. Chevening Scholarship, UK:

  7. Joint Japan World Bank scholarship for Graduates:

  8. Gates Cambridge Scholarship, UK:

  9. Endeavour Postgraduates Awards, Australia:

  10. Korean Government scholarship, South Korea:

  11. Erasmus+ Scholarships:

This scholarship is awarded to international students to pursue master degree in Europe. The scholarship is funded by European Union and provides free tuition fee, accommodation and living expenses. Under this scholarship, the student can also apply for traineeship and work in Europe by fulfilling the criteria. Search the application process and deadline to apply for this scholarship at

  1. DAAD Scholarship, Germany:

DAAD scholarship Germany is fully funded scholarship awarded to residents of developed countries of the world. The young professional is welcomed to apply for this scholarship. Students enroll themselves in German universities for the master degree under this scholarship. A monthly stipend of 750Euros is awarded to students to meet their living expenses. provide detail information of foreign scholarships for graduates.

  1. CSC Scholarship, China:

CSC scholarship is the top scholarship of China awarded by the Chinese government. Master students and doctoral students are preferred for this scholarship. The scholarship is awarded for admission in almost 271 universities of China. Thousands of students from all over the china secure CSC scholarship. Find the best consultant for CSC scholarship at

  1. Fullbright Scholarship, USA:

Fullbright scholarship is awarded to 4000 students from all over the world and is one of the top master scholarships known in the world. The students study in top institutes of the USA under this scholarship. The scholarship is offered in many fields of study and covers all the expenditure of students. Find top scholarship in USA for foreign students at

  1. Italian Government Scholarships, Italy:

Italian government scholarship is awarded to various master degree programs offered in Italian universities. The scholarship is awarded to foreign students. The students are provided with full tuition fee waived, accommodation, travel allowance,  health insurance, and 900 Euros monthly stipend. Want to hunt more opportunities to study abroad, visit

  1. Chevening Scholarship, UK:

This scholarship is awarded to foreign master degree students to study in the UK. The scholarship is awarded by the British government. The scholarship is fully funded and average individual expenses are provided to the student. Chevening scholarship is awarded for one-year master degree programs. At, you can search top scholarships in UK for international students.

  1. Joint Japan World Bank scholarship for Graduates:

The scholarship is fully funded along with other expenses of the students and offered for the students of World Bank members countries. The students qualified for the scholarship are awarded admission in America, Africa, and Japan universities. You need to hold a Bachelor degree to apply for this scholarship. pg scholarships list are available at

  1. Gates Cambridge Scholarship, UK:

Gates Cambridge scholarship is awarded to students of Cambridge University, UK. It is a fully funded scholarship. The students from all over the world are eligible to apply for this scholarship. It covers the full cost of the student and covers all the necessary expenses of the students. The scholarship is awarded to graduates for their research-based study at Cambridge University, UK.

  1. Endeavour Postgraduates Awards, Australia:

Endeavor postgraduate award is a fully funded scholarship. The scholarship is awarded to master and doctoral degree programs. Students from almost all parts of the world can apply for this scholarship. A stipend of AUS$3000 is also given to the student to meet out its expenses. The aim of the scholarship is to promote research in various fields of study. Search top postgraduate study grant in australia here.

  1. Korean Government scholarship, South Korea:

The scholarship is fully funded and awarded for students from developing countries to study their course in Korea. Upon completion, the Korean government grants 100,000KRW to the student. Under KGP, 700 fully funded graduate scholarships are awarded. At, you can search all fully funded scholarships abroad.

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