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Test of English as a foreign language is abbreviated as TOEFEL. The test is designed to assess the ability of the non-native English speakers. The test was started by Educational testing service in 1964, which is a nonprofit organization that administers the test.

The test is so designed to check the speaking, reading, writing in general understanding capabilities of English language.

TOEFEL exam is recognized by 9000 colleges and universities and is at par with the IELTS exam on the level of English proficiency tests. Institutions such as government agencies, licensing bodies, businesses, or scholarship programs may require this test.

TOEFEL is acceptable in Australia, United States of America, Canada and New Zealand a total of 130 countries of the world .TOEFEL exam must be given by a student who wishes to seek admission in a foreign university or is seeking a course in any university that is taught in English.

The TOEFEL exam is not a requirement abroad but adds value to the resume, statement of purpose or other documents submitted while applying for a job or studying abroad and is also eligibility criteria for many scholarships.



The TOEFEL test is the measure of the English usage ability at university level, this provides an overall view of the student to converse on the academic platform. Multiple Tasks related to multiple skills will be provided to the students and then they will have to answer the questions.



TOEFEL PBT is the paper based version of the TOEFEL exam.

The duration of TOEFEL exam is four hours long therefore it takes about several months of preparation of the TOEFEL test.


TOEFEL Exam Pattern

Understandability of the pattern of TOEFL is very important to get a great score in TOEFEL. Various resources that are dedicated to each section are available on the internet. The four sections of the TOEFEL test are as follows.


  1. TOEFEL Reading Section:

The reading section duration of exam is about 60 to 90 minutes. The student is provided with 3 or 4 passages from the academic contexts, then required to answer questions in relation to those.

Each passage that is provided is of science, arts or other academic field discussions of 700 words long followed by 14 questions.


The sections test the following skills of the student –

  • Capability to understand academic texts in English language.

  • Ability to comprehend different vocabularies.

  • Testing of comprehension understanding.


  1. TOEFEL Listening Format:

The conversations the Pakistani student is made to listen are generally classroom conversations. The duration of the test is about 60 to 90 minutes.  The student is made to listen to two types of recordings – classroom lectures and casual conversations.

Approximately four to six lectures are played.

The recording will only be played once then the student has to answer the question related to it. The section tests the following skills of the Pakistani student –

  • Understanding of the conversations.

  • Response to heard oral speech in a short period of time.


  1. TOEFEL Writing Format:

The TOEFEL writing structure consists of two sections as – Integrated and Independent writing. The duration of the task is about 50 minutes.

The student is provided with independent topic in order to demonstrate their opinion. For integrated writing the student is provided with essay to write.

The section will test the following skills of the student –

  • Ability to write in English language which is very important for course work.

  • Grammatical skills demonstration in short period of time.

  • Vocabulary usage in the form of written piece of work.

  • Selection of words according to the situation.

The writing section test the ability of the international student to frame sentences, supporting an argument by written expression. The writing section is one of the most important section of most English proficiency tests.


  1. TOEFEL Speaking Format:

The student is asked to speak on the six topic in a time span of 20 minutes. Two tasks will be related to answering questions asked. The other four will centered on integrated speaking.

TOEFEL will allow the student to take short break of 10 minutes in between listening and speaking test. The Speaking section test the following section as-

  • Ability to speaking in English.

  • Ability to pronounce words appropriately.


TOEFEL Result Date

The TOEFEL exam results are out when after 10 days of examination. The results date is made available after each session of the TOEFEL test on the ETS TOEFEL website.

  • The TOEFEL score will posted on the website after 10 days online.

  • The Pakistani student can view the result after logging in their TOEFEL ibt account.

  • The Pakistani student can download the TOEFEL test score in the form of PDF a day after the result has been declared.

  • The TOEFEL test scores will be mailed to the institutions the student has selected 3 days after the result has been declared.

  • The Pakistani student can re take the test if they failed to score better the first time.



The TOEFEL fee is about 205 $ which is equal to 46,276 PKR.



  • TOEFEL test score is between 0 to 120 points.

  • Each section is scored on a scale of 0 to 30. The scores are summed up to form the final scores.

  • 120 being the perfect score, followed by 90-100 is a perfectly good score, 80-90 being fairly good score, below which the score are not that acceptable.


TOEFL Score Validity Extension

The TOEFEL score is valid for approximately two years. After applying for the TOEFEL exam and giving the test on a particular date, the validity of the TOEFEL test will last for two years till the same date of giving the exam.

A TOEFL score is valid for two years and then will no longer be officially reported since a candidate's language proficiency could have significantly changed since the date of the test. Colleges and universities usually consider only the most recent TOEFL score.


TOEFEL Registration

The student is required to book a slot of examination in advance. The student can book the test at least 7 days ahead of chosen test date because the test is conducted three to five times in a month in Pakistan in cities as Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad.

 The Pakistani student can register by phone, mail and online.


TOEFEL Registration Online -

The Pakistani student is required to book themselves a test on the ETS official website and make online payment for the test by means of credit and debit cards.

The registration for a particular test date closes seven days prior to the test., late registration requires the payment of about extra 40 $ and that closes 4 days ahead of any TOEFEL test date.


TOEFEL Registration by Phone –

There has been an on call registration available for the students by ETS. By following the link the student can contact and register for the TOEFEL test. The payment for the examination can be made by means of online payment by both debit and credit card. 5 pm is the time for closure of the registration by phone on the last date of the examination.


TOEFEL Registration by Mail –

The student can contact on following link address and register for TOEFEL test by means of mail. The student is required to download the form and mail it at least four weeks ahead of the exam date.

The test identification documents are- A valid government generated documents that has a photograph, signature, as passport or CNIC issued by the Government of Pakistan. The validity of the document should not have expired. Original document must be provided photocopies and photographs etc. are not allowed.

Since the test is costly the Pakistani student should preferably seek professional help for the TOEFEL test in order to qualify the test in the very first attempt 

Policies governing the TOEFL program are formulated with advice from a 16-member board. Board members are affiliated with undergraduate and graduate schools, 2-year institutions and public or private agencies with an interest in international education. Other members are specialists in the field of English as a foreign or second language.


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