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Study in Switzerland Questions

There are following reasons to study in Switzerland

  • High quality education 
  • At affordable cost 
  • Ranked as one of the most competitive and innovative in the world
  • Quality of life is high 
  • A cross road of several cultures 


Switzerland is the happiest country on this earth, the cities are culturally enriched, and this can enhance the overall experience of the students study abroad trip.


  • Swiss student visa application form (filled and signed).
  • 4 passport size photos.
  • Valid passport.
  • Letter of acceptance by Swiss school/university.
  • Receipt of paid registration and tuition fees.


Admission applications and its deadlines vary from university to university in Norway. Make sure to fulfill all the university admission requirements before the deadline.


For scholarship details click here 

Average tuition fee at a public sector Swiss university is around EUR 1,500 to EUR 1,700 per year for Bachelors and Master’s program. On other hand, EUR 100 to EUR 250 for PhD. program.


The majority of Swiss students live on rent rather than buying an apartment.

Although, it sounds difficult but it is quite possible to balance your work and studies. There are many options of part time jobs in Switzerland for international students.


Though the gap is not a problem but it must be clearly explained 

In terms of work permit after studies in Switzerland for Pakistani, students are allowed to remain in the country for six months after completion of their studies to look for the jobs. The Switzerland Visa for work permit is only given to the successful job applicants.


Before applying for a Swiss Student Visa you have to be accepted by a Swiss school or university, and in proof you will get an acceptance letter which will be required for the visa application form.


To apply for the Swiss student visa, you will have to pay a fee of 88 CHF which is around 16,832 PKR.


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