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  • Quality education.
  • Renowned universities
  • Part time jobs opportunities with study.
  • More Possibility of immigration in Canada for international students.
  • Large no. of courses in English language.
Undergraduate Postgraduate 
FA/Fsc or A levels certificate FA/Fsc or A levels certificate
English language proficiency. Undergraduate degree or masters admission or Graduate degree in an appropriate subject for PhD
Photocopy of your passport or id card English language proficiency.
  Statement of purpose
  Photocopy of your passport or id card


  • Admission confirmation letter from a university

  • Correctly completed application form.

  • Certificate of all previous education record. 

  • Fee payment proof of university (min 1 semester).

  • Pictures and other proof of identity.

  • Bank statement with sufficient fund.

The education system of Canada is world recognized and various Canadian universities have made it to the QS global ranking universities. The top three universities in Canada are University of Toronto, McGill University, and The University of British Columbia. 

The government of Canada has allowed a 20 hour per week policy for the students who have a study visa. So the students can work with their studies.

  • Canadian Francophonie scholarship program

  • Banting international postdoctoral fellowship.

  • Natural resources in Canada.

  • CGSP postdoctoral fellowship.

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To get the student visa permit you need to have some important documents which include a valid visa, university acceptance letter, application form, application fee, finances proof, and some more. 

To apply for study visa in Canada, you need to take an English proficiency test. The Canadian universities accept TOEFL, CAE, and IELTS as proof for proficiency in English language.  

Canada hosts more than a thousand International students from all over the world. Pakistani students can also avail this opportunity and get an admission in any Canadian university of their interest. 

The Government of Canada has put education their foremost priority which has made Canadian universities to the top charts. The education sector of Canada is recognized throughout the world and provide immense future opportunities. 

You need to look forward to the university and program of your interest. The universities in Canada offer different sessions throughout the year that include fall, winter, spring, and sometimes a summer semester in some universities. 

Canada is a country well-known for education, it accommodates students from all over the world. Canada is considered as the 25th most expensive country in the world. The cost and expenses for students vary among different cities. The cities like Toronto, Ottawa, and Vancouver are the most expensive Canadian cities. 

According to the research conducted in the year 2021, Montreal is the best Canadian city for students to acquire education. 

Canadian universities offer accommodations to their student’s on-campus. You can avail the on-campus hostel life. It will be beneficial for you in many ways if choose to live an on-campus life. You will negate travel expense as the on-campus accommodation is affordable. They provide a safe and secure for students as well. 

You need choose a career and your field of interest. After that you should note the top universities, and our affordability. You can also look for the QS global ranking of the university and it will make it easier for you to select. 

The tuition fee in Canada vary from university to university and the field of study you choose. The average tuition fee for a bachelor’s degree is in between $50,000 to $60,000. 

Well Canada has a cultural diversity as it hosts a large of students from all over the world. The universities of Canada are known throughout the world. They make sure to provide a comfortable, safe, and rich in culture atmosphere for students. 

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