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Admission Requirements of Universities in Cyprus for International Students

admission requirements of czech universities for Pakistani students

The years spent in abroad for education boost personal growth and elevate academic capabilities. Deciding a best study abroad destination is of crucial importance to make these years count and gainful ensuring an absolute experience. Cyprus fits the bill as a perfect study abroad destination in Europe as its institutions offer advanced quality of education with worldwide recognized degrees. In just few recent years, Cyprus has emerged as favorite destination for international students because of reasonable tuition fee, flexible visa policies and not so demanding admission requirements. Moreover, Cyprus is a poetically charming country which is often referred as jewel of the Mediterranean; it has ancient heritage sites, castles, churches, beautiful beaches, temperate climate and lofty mountains for you to visit while you study. To make the studying abroad in Cyprus planning possible, we have accumulated the step to step information regarding the general admission requirements in universities of Cyprus for international students in the guide below:


Choosing the Best University in Cyprus for Your Study

Choosing is a university in Cyprus for pursuing your degree is the most important decision because that is the base of your entire studying abroad experience. Cyprus has a well established education system; there are universities which offer double degree programmes in collaboration with institutions of UK and USA. There are plenty of English taught courses being offered by universities there though the higher education sector has progressed gradually but it has become hub of innovation and research in Europe.  There are total eight universities in Cyprus which have gained tremendous development due to keen interest and investment of Cypriot Government in last decade. You don’t need to be concerned about the quality of education and recognitions of degrees as these universities have forged links with international institutes and follow Bologna process of education to provide international standards of education. However you must ascertain few factors while choosing a university in Cyprus.

  • Check if the university is situated in your preferred location of Cyprus.

  • Compare tuition fee of different universities and select the one whose cost suits your budget.

  • Check if the university offers accommodation to international students.

  • Check the world ranking of the university.

  • Check if the university offers dual degree programmes.

  • If the university offers internship and traineeship program as a part of study course.


Choosing a Most Appropriate Study Programme

Cyprus has expertise in Business Management, Tourism, Medical and IT courses and due to ever so increasing interest of international students towards studying in Cyprus, the universities of Cyprus have expanded and there are more departments constructed and faculties introduced. So finding English taught programme of your interest in Cyprus is not difficult. The universities have progressed by initiating partnerships and forging links with established UK and US based institutions offering an internationally acclaimed educational infrastructure and globally recognized degrees. To choose a study programme you have to consider the following key points:

  • You must have interest in the set of subjects included in your chosen study programme.

  • It must improve your previous set of skills.

  • Search about the career scope of your chosen study programme.

  • Check if you meet entry requirements of the study programme you choose.

  • Its medium of instruction

  • Shortlist three study programmes of your choice and finalize one of them according to potential of career success.


Admission Requirements in Cyprus Universities 2023 for Pakistani Students

The admission requirements in Cyprus are not demanding in fact they are quite flexible and encouraging for Non-EU students. The medical degree courses and IT degree courses would have specific subject wise grades requirements that might differ from university to university but the overall requirements are not competitive. There are no entrance examinations and exclusive interviews required as proof of academic capability for admissions in universities of Cyprus.


For Admissions in Under Graduate Programmes

Higher Secondary School Diploma passed with C Grade or more, Mark sheet of Higher Secondary School Diploma and Additional Document Explaining the Grading System of Your Country.


For Admission in Medical and Dental Courses:

Higher Secondary School Diploma with 90% Passing Grades, the Candidates must have passed each subject such as Chemistry, Physics and Biology with 80% Grades on Average, Interviews will be taken online and the candidate will be asked about his/her interest in medical field, personal interests and professional goals. Recommendation letters from candidate’s professors, personal statement of candidate and voluntary work experience (if any) will be required.


For Admissions in Post Graduate (Masters) Courses:

Higher secondary school Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree (or equivalent professional degree) from a recognized institute of your home country with at least over C Grade overall, Recommendation letter from applicant’s professor, work experience and research experience (id applying fir research degree programme), Additional document explaining the grading system of your country with each of your degree.


For Admissions in Post Graduate (PhD) Courses:

Bachelor’s Honor degree of 4 years duration or Masters Degree or equivalent professional degree with good passing grades attained from an accredited institute of your home country. Recommendation letters, research proposal, work experience, letter of intent, interview (if applicable) and Additional documents explaining the grading system of your country with each of your degree.


Language Requirements

In Cyprus English Proficiency Test Certificate such as IELTS, TOEFL are not a compulsory requirement to prove command over English language. The applicants who are not native of an English speaking country can either prove their proficiency in English language through IELTS or TOEFL test or take University’s English Placement Test (EPT) after arriving in Cyprus. If in the Cyprus University’s English Placement Test (EPT) the applicant fails to prove proficiency in language or fails to attain required passing grade they will be offered to take an additional course of English language in Cyprus along with their other study programme. The required scores required in IELTS or TOEFL or University’s English Placement Test (EPT) are as follows:

  • TOEFL: 213 in computer based TOEFL test and 79 in internet based test, 550 in paper based test.

  • IELTS: 6.5 or more overall bands.

  • University’s English Placement Test (EPT): Minimum grades must be C or above.


Documents Required for Admission

The international students can submit their admission application at their chosen university’s website. The documents required by most of the universities in Cyprus for under graduate and post graduate admissions are as follow:


For Under Graduate Admissions:

  • Completed and signed admission application form

  • English Proficiency Test Certificate (if any) or the candidate can sit in University’s English Placement Test (EPT) after arriving in Cyprus.

  • Higher secondary school diploma or equivalent

  • Photocopy of birth certificate

  • Photocopy of valid passport

  • One passport size photograph of applicant recently taken


For Post Graduate Admissions

  • Completed and signed admission form

  • Copy of Bachelors Degree for Masters and copy of Masters Degree for PhD (must at least be passed with C grade or above)

  • Transcript of academic records, diplomas certificates

  • Recommendation letters from two of candidate’s professors

  • Photocopy of valid passport or identity card

  • Letter of intention (written by candidate explaining why he/she has chosen certain study programme and detailing their professional goal)

  • English Proficiency Test Certificate (if any) or the candidate can sit in University’s English Placement Test (EPT) after arriving in Cyprus to prove their command in English language necessary for tertiary education in Cyprus.

  • Details of work experience (if any)

  • Photocopy of Higher secondary school diploma and mark sheet explain the grading system of candidate’s institute.

  • Updated CV

  • One passport size photograph that must be recently taken

The application form will be accepted only if you pay application fee which will be around 53 Euros. The admission application fee is non-refundable. All the documents you submit must be translated in English language. For online application the universities accept photocopies of your documents and academic transcripts but on arrival in Cyprus the original documents will be submitted at your hosting university’s registrar office.


Admission Deadlines in Cyprus Universities 2023 for International Students

For summer semester admissions: the applications must be submitted till 15th of April

For fall semester admissions: the applications must be submitted till 31st of July

For spring semester admissions: the applications must be submitted till 30th November.


Acceptance Letter

The university will send you an acceptance if you meet their academic eligibility for admissions. The acceptance letter is an offer from your hosting university inviting you to study in Cyprus in their campus. If you accept the offer and confirm your seat in the university the university will ask you to submit visa documents if you want your university to apply for visa on your behalf. Your hosting will submit student visa request in Cyprus at the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Cyprus Migration Office for approval. If the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Cyprus Migration Office approves the application, a Temporary Student Visa is issued to successful candidate. The students will arrive in Cyprus on Temporary Student Visa and pay tuition fee, registration fee and fulfill other requirements such as documents attestations. After payments and documents attestation you will be issued a Temporary Residence Permit (Pink Slip). Another method of applying student visa of Cyprus is directly through Embassy or Consulate of Cyprus located in your home country. (Read Student Visa Requirements of Cyprus Here)


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