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General Information on Studying in Cyprus

What are the requirements to study in Austria?

The following requirements must be completed for study in Austria as a foreign citizen:

  • A place in the course must be available for you in your desired University
  • An A Level Diploma or High School Diploma
  • Certified Entry Test Result
  • Proficiency in German Language

Required Documents:

  • Proof of citizenship (copy of passport)
  • Certificate of A- Level or Equivalent
  • Mark sheets showing your grades
  • Application Form for University
  • Bank Statement showing your living and tuition expenditure will be covered

Is study free in Austria?

Yes, Study in Austria is free except, students are required to pay a social Fee and a student’s union fee which is nearly € 379.36 per semester.

Can I study in Austria without IELTS?

Yes, IELTS is not compulsory requirement for admissions in Austrian University

How difficult is it to study in Austria if you don't speak Dutch and came from a non-developed country from Asia?

Austria is full of multicultural people and students belonging from all across the world study in Austrian Universities. Asian students are present in Austria in abundance, therefore students from non-developed and Asian countries such as India and Pakistan gel in quite well in Austrian atmosphere. Communicating in Dutch language fluently is a tough task but passing German language proficiency test for admissions helps a lot while settling there and further lingual skills can be learned there.

Is it viable to work and study at the same time in Austria?

Yes, student are allowed to work while studying in Austria, however the hours for working are prescribed according to the visa type and your duration of stay, and depends on your nationality as well. Students work permit is necessary for work. The EU/ Swiss nationality holders are given jobs without a permit. Generally a student is allowed to work for 10 hours maximum in Austria and the rest depends on your visa limitations

How can I move from Pakistan to Austria as a student?

Austrian Universities and Colleges are offering numerous courses and a certain eligibility criteria is being set for admissions and every student across the world can apply, so do Pakistani students. The Pakistani students looking forward to move from Pakistan to Austria for studies can choose their desired Austrian University and apply for the course they want to study. The required documents are almost similar in every Austrian University except a few changes which you can acquire from Austrian University’s administration. The requirements to move from Pakistan to Austria for studies are mentioned above in requirements section.

Finding a student job in Austria easy?

If you have students permit, you can get a fine paying student job. The Cities of Vienna, Graz, Innsbruck are most favorite student job cities. Language is not an issue if you are hardworking person and skilled in your art. Austria is developed country and not much populated so there are plenty of employment opportunities for both part time and full time.

What is the best part time job in Austria?

Computer related jobs of IT Expert, Data Entry and others are highly paid for students. Part time jobs in restaurants, book keeping, Brand Ambassador, Classroom or Library Monitor, Customer Service, Delivery Driver, Fitness Instructor and Food/Product Demonstrators are also available and pay you well.

How much money can I earn through a part-time job in Austria, as an international student?

If you have students work permit, then mostly part time jobs are paying around 10 and 20 € per hour and average of 200 to 400€ per week.

Another thing worth mentioning here if you have a highly paying job, certain amount will be deducted for social insurance and taxes.

Which are the highest paying jobs in Austria?

IT Expert, Software Engineer, Psychiatrist, Physician, Dentist, Sales Director, Engineering Manager, Pharmacist, Tax Manager and Product Marketing Manager are highest payinh job ins Austria.

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