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Why Choose Cyprus as Study Abroad Destination

advantages forPakistani studentsto study in Cyprus for Pakistani students

The island country of Cyprus located at Mediterranean Sea is a high income economy and emerging study abroad destination. The strategically paramount position of Cyprus became reason of its occupation by Persians, Assyrians, Romans, British and Egyptians in the past. After gaining independence from the British in 1960, Cyprus come a long way and progressed rapidly in economical, political and social fronts. Being ruled over by different civilizations, the culture of Cyprus is diverse and rich, the archeological traces of ancient civilizations attract a large number of tourists to visit Cyprus. Cyprus spends a major portion of its GDP on development of its education sector which has improved greatly over the years. In this article we have gathered together the reasons supporting to declare Cyprus as one of the best study abroad destinations in Europe:


High Standards of Education in Reasonable Tuition Fee in Cyprus for Pakistani 2024

Cyprus invests equal amount of its GDP on education as Denmark and Sweden. It is a member of European Union and utilized Bologna system of education for quality assurance. The degrees offered by universities of Cyprus are considered parallel to UK and USA but half in cost then why pay extra amount of money for same quality and standards of education?. The universities of Cyprus are running several dual degree programs in collaboration with international institutions of UK, Canada and USA which is indeed highly profitable academically for international students. Cyprus’ institutions are popular for IT, Tourism, Medicine, Computer Science and Business courses which are internationally recognized.


State of the Art Facilities in Universities:

As the Cypriot Government gives pivotal importance to higher education sector of the country, the universities in Cyprus are delivered with needed state of art facilities, technologies, modernly designed classrooms, equipped science laboratories and research labs.


The Teaching Methodology

One of the prime reasons of studying in abroad is experiencing a different education style that has international recognition. You will get an inclusive studying in abroad experience while in Cyprus because the education style in universities there involve seminars, presentations, synchronous and asynchronous sessions and collaborative activities which are student centered focused on nourishing the skills of each student individually and readying them to excel in their profession.


Uncomplicated Admission Requirements of Cyprus Universities 2024

The institutions in Cyprus have quite flexible and easy admission requirements. Normally, if you have done your previous degree in English medium, you probably won’t require IELTS or TOFL Certificate but if it is required the minimum grades accepted would be 5.5 overall. There is no requirement of entry test to prove your academic capabilities and generally if you have passed your previous degrees with good grades the chances of your admission are positive.  (Read Admission Requirements of Universities of Cyprus)


Easy Student Visa Attainability and Part Time Job Permission in Cyprus for Pakistani students 2024

Cyprus is an emerging study abroad destination in Europe which is receiving a rather positive response from international students because of easier student visa attainability and flexible policies. You can attain student visa of Cyprus smoothly by arranging right documentations and proof of sufficient financial resources. Like other European countries, Cyprus allows international students to work 20 hours a week and because the sound economical condition of the country, you can earn 500 to 600 Euros per month by part time work in Cyprus on student visa.


Safe Country with Diverse Cultures

Cyprus has one of the lowest crime rates in European countries. The well heeled economy of Cyprus has facilitated its people with high standards of living and legal justice. No wonder, why Cyprus hosts a large number of tourists in summers to enjoy its secure and clean environment. The traces of oldest civilization in Cyprus ever existed are found to be around 10BC, this small island has great cultural diversity and interracial population. Being ruled by British, Greek, Romans, Persians and Assyrians, there are temples, castles, churches and pre historic archeological sites to be explored in Cyprus. During your studies years in Cyprus, you can have insight into centuries of transition and development of the country right before you and learn through it.


Cyprus; a Pretty Little Island

Besides having all other perquisites of study abroad destination, Cyprus also offers aesthetic pleasure to your eyes all along. The naturally beautiful landscape, surrounded by mountains and beaches, mild Mediterranean climate and pure air of Cyprus will suffice your aesthetic urge. You will be living in a popular tourist spot for your studies which would be just like killing two birds with one stone. The relaxing ambience of Cyprus and modern life style will be ensuring personal growth and broaden your outlook about life in general.


The Economical Stability of Cyprus and Global Exposure

The strategic location of Cyprus combines east to west and north to south through sea. Cyprus’s economical condition rapidly progressed and attained stability in just few decades after its independence from the British in 1960. It is host to several multinational companies and business startups consequently the fresh graduates attain jobs in Cyprus almost within 3 months of completing their degrees. Moreover, the universities offer internship and traineeship programmes to students that prepare them for job market, in fact some of the universities in Cyprus aid students in finding jobs after graduation.


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