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Benefits and Challenges of Studying France

No matter how good of a study abroad destination a country is, there is always something that can be a problem for some students. It doesn’t mean that these countries only have difficulties waiting for us. Every study abroad destination also has at least one benefit that makes it worth going there. Just like any other study abroad destination France also has some benefits and challenges ready for international students. Extra benefits are always warmly welcomed but challenges and difficulties are something we just have to deal with. In this article, you will see all the benefits and challenges for international students in France and how to cope with them.


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Benefit: Best Tourist Destination

It is no secret that France is one of the biggest tourist destination attracting people from all around the world. France is said to have been visited by most tourists in the world. Tourists have to wait for holidays and collect a great deal of finances to visit France. Even after all the trouble, tourist only get see outer shell of this magnificence and only for a short amount of time.

It is an extra benefit for international students that they not only get quality higher education at one of world’s best education system but they also get to live in a beautiful tourist destination. They have years until the completion of their program to visit any place in France without any hindrance. Students don’t just visit the famous places or see French culture but they get to live it and experience it to its core. We can’t deny that it is one of the best benefits of studying in France.


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Challenge: Difficult to Afford

As great study abroad destination and tourist spot France is, it is also a challenge for international students to afford it. Studying abroad is already very expensive particularly for students from developing countries. France adds up more difficulty because it is a little more expensive than other study abroad destinations. It also depends on the city of France that you live in. Some cities like Paris are too expensive. On the other hand, there are also French student cities available that are almost 50 percent cheaper compared to Paris. Still France is not the most expensive country and it is still affordable with the help of below discussed benefit.


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Benefit: Very Low Tuition Fees:

France is one of the countries to offer one of the most low cost study programs. Though French currency is more than 100 times stronger and it is also over 200 times more expensive compared to Pakistan, still there tuition fees in public universities are equal or less than the fees in Pakistani universities. Private universities in France can be expensive but public universities charge only about 200 – 1,000 EUR per academic year.


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Challenge: Non-English Population

France is not an English speaking country. Most population in France speaks French language. It is not that people are illiterate or can’t speak English in France but English is not that common. It is an issue in Non-English countries like France that not everyone can or will communicate in English. Waiters, shopkeeper or employers won’t prefer English as their communication language.

This causes a great deal of problem in daily life routine. Since you will be studying English-taught courses, you won’t get to learn much French. It can especially be a problem if you want to work part time with studies or after completing studies. How would you find a job that requires only English language in a French country. If you are a little optimistic, this challenge can be turned into benefit because you will get a chance to learn and practice a new language. This would also be great in future for residency and employment.


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Benefit: After Study Job Opportunities

This is a great benefit for students who want to make career in their selected study abroad destination. Usually students are required to move back to their home country as soon their course ends. On the other hand, France provides an opportunity to extend residence for 12 months and gain professional experience. You just have to get a residence permit and find a job related to your study field. 

This 12 months permit is not renewable. In this period you can either do a job or start a business of your own that must be related to what you studied in France. You not only get to earn money, gain experience but you also build good professional contacts. If you perform good at job and get a an employment contract then you can change your status from “student” to “employee” and further extend your stay in France. It is based on this job that you can live in France and apply for residency after a certain amount of time.


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Challenge: Difficult Application Process

It is a given fact though not much of a problem but application process to get admission in a French university is difficult. You first have to pass a test at French embassy in your country only then you are allowed to apply for admission. University then sometimes also requires you to send some additional documents to further proceed with the admission. There is usually also a requirement to take part in a standardized test. Once you get admission and acceptance letter from the institute then you can apply for visa.

It may require a little extra effort, students still do it even without any help. If you find the application process too complex for yourself, you always have study abroad consultants for assistance. They don’t charge as much, get you admission, help you in visa and also provide facilities for after you have moved to France. If you have any question about studying in France, just fill the inquiry form on this page and our registered consultants will contact and guide you free of cost.


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