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Updated Guide to get Citizenship in Iceland for Pakistani Students 2024

procedure to get the citizenship of iceland

International students can reside permanently in Iceland through the naturalization process. This process allows legal residents who have spent 7 continuous years in Iceland to become a citizen. However, if a Pakistani or other foreigner is married to an Iceland citizen, then the person can become a citizen within 3 years. Various study abroad students apply for Iceland citizenship after completion of their studies.


Graduates Searching Employments in Iceland

To search jobs in Iceland, it is necessary that the prospect holds a residence permit. The graduates from Icelandic Universities, who have completed their study program in Iceland, can renew their residence permit for six (6) more months. During this duration, the graduate can hunt employment in his/her field of study

  1. To apply for another residence permit the graduate has to submit an online application. This application should be carefully filled and signed.

  2. Iceland University graduation certificate or degree is submitted with its photocopy

  3. Photocopy of a valid passport with at least 90 days validity beyond the period of validity of the residence permit is mandatory. This includes photocopies of the passport’s personal information page and the applicant’s signature page.

  4. Application for the work permit and original employment agreement, signed by the applicant as well as the employer is mandatory

  5. In some cases, Power of Attorney signed by two (2) witnesses has to be submitted

  6. The applicant also has to submit the additional supporting documents with his/her application. Incomplete or objected documents may result in delays or refusal in the processing of the application.

  7. For becoming a permanent resident of Iceland, foreigners must take at least 150 hours of Icelandic language courses. Applicants can study Icelandic without attending any course and take a status test to prove the basic understanding of the language.


When to Apply For a Residence Permit

Students should apply before the residence permit for the duration of education expires. The international candidates generally apply for a residence permit in their last education year. The applicant has to apply for renewal of his/her residence permit at least four weeks before the validity of the permit expires. After that, the applicant is permitted to stay in Iceland and the application for renewal is under process by the Directorate of Immigration. With a residence permit which is valid only for further six months; applicants can explore employment opportunities in the country. It is, however, essential to provide adequate Icelandic language proficiency at least up to the B1 level of Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Moreover, every international applicant, especially from outside Europe, has to show his/her financial stability to the government. The applicant also needs authorized health insurance. Furthermore, the person should have no criminal record in the past. Your study abroad consultants can guide you about it before or after your completion of studies

Once the student or graduate gets a stable job in Iceland, he/she can consider getting a permanent residence permit. In fact, your prospective employer has to prove that you are needed for the job. Also, foreigners have to sign a work contract before applying for the permit. According to the policy, an applicant must have stayed in Iceland for four (4) years on grounds of a work /residence permit to get a permanent residence permit. Foreigners can get the permanent residence permit on following grounds

  • Skilled Workers

  • Athletes

  • Family reunification

  • Humanitarian views

  • Students, with restrictions


Permanent Residence Permit

A permanent residence permit is granted to foreigners who met the following conditions

  • Has a residence permit that is valid;

  • Have sufficient income, own personal money or possess reliable means of support;

  • Able to reside in a lawful manner;

  • Have previously attended a course in the Icelandic language for at least 150 hours or have passed a status test in the Icelandic language.

After completion of seven continuous Iceland stay years, the candidate can apply for an Iceland citizenship.


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