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Study abroad in Iceland for Pakistani students

There are many study abroad destinations in Europe that are not very popular. These countries, however, offer comprehensive study programs for international students at low cost. One such European country is Iceland, located under the Arctic Circle. Iceland is known as the land of fire and ice relating to its natural features. This is basically a volcanic region; in addition, the country is all surrounded by huge glaciers. The surroundings enjoy a moderate climate. The country receives an average temperature of about 0C (32F). There is hardly any daylight in winter.

Study Abroad In Iceland Guide for Pakistani Students

Iceland Universities for International Students 

There are seven universities in Iceland. Most of these universities are public, run by the state law. However, there are private higher education institutes which also follow the state policies. Nearly 18,000 students are enrolled at various Iceland universities, of which 5% are international students. According to international ranking, The University of Iceland is ranked 251 while Reykjavik ranked 350.


•             University of Iceland

•             Reykjavík University

•             University of Akureyri

•             Holar University College

•             Iceland Academy of the Arts

•             Bifröst University College

Tuition Fees

There is no tuition fee at public universities. However, private higher educational institutions in Iceland charge the tuition fee which is different in different institutes. All students both in private or public have to pay an annual registration or administration fee. Every detail is available at the institute’s official website.


International students choose Iceland to complete their undergraduate, graduate or doctoral degree programs. M any students study in Iceland on exchange programs also. The academic year runs from September to May. The academic year is, thus, divided into two semesters; spring and autumn. Generally, the autumn semester begins in September and ends in December, while the spring semester begins in January and ends in May.

Scholarships by Iceland for Pakistani Students

Iceland also offers scholarships to eligible students. The scholarships are basically offered by the individual institution. However, The Icelandic Ministry of Education, Science and Culture awards a number of scholarships to foreign students annually. These scholarships are offered in the study of the Icelandic language, literature and history at the University of Iceland, Reykjavík.

Study Programs in Iceland for Internatioanl Students

Students are evaluated via written, oral or practical examinations. The semester assessments and assignments carried out throughout the whole course of study. Study credits are calculated according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).One year of full-time study completes 60 credits whereas one semester's full-time study comprises 30 credits.

The degree programs in Iceland include, Bachelor degrees (B.A., B.S. and B.Ed.)

Bachelor’s degree program is a three to four years of course completing 180-240 credits. Bachelor degrees do not complete a professional study certification, except for nursing (B.S.) and schoolteachers (B.Ed.). Candidatus degrees (kandidatsgráða) are a four to six-year program for students belonging to a special office or profession.

Masters degrees (M.A., M.S. - meistaragráða) program is a two-year study of postgraduate courses. A major thesis or research project is mandatory to complete the course. Doctorate degrees (PhD- doktorsgráða) are awarded to those students who have successfully completed a doctorate program and defended a doctoral thesis. Admission requirements are different according to the institutions and program. The applicants have to apply directly to the university.

Residence Permit

International students have to acquire Residence permits to live in Iceland while the study abroad period. This permit is issued to students older than 18 years who intend to study at a university level. The Residence permits are granted for six months, or for one semester at a time. However, the duration of Residence Permit for doctorate students is one year. The students must renew the Residence permit timely to spend a secured study abroad period in Iceland 


International students attending the Iceland Universities apply at the Icelandic Student Services (Félagsstofnun students) for their housing. The Service operates student apartments or flats and allocates proper residence to the students. The student flats are planned for individuals and families. Students who for any reason couldn’t access this to campus residence facility can find accommodation through the rental market.

Health Insurance

Every student needs health insurance. Non-EU citizens should have health insurance before they arrive in Iceland. Non-EU students are allowed to avail the Health insurance from his/her home country or he/she can purchase health insurance from Iceland health insurance agencies

Work after Study

  • Students are allowed to work during their study program but for restricted hours. The full-time work percentile of san international non-EU student should not exceed 40%

  • However there are exceptions during school vacations or in vocational training

  • To get the work permit international students should possess a valid student residence permit.

Living in Iceland

Living cost in Iceland is higher than in other countries in Europe. It is 40% more expensive than in Germany. About 350 to 400 Euros/month excluding food is required to spend an average life in Iceland. The international airport in Iceland is located at Keflavik, 45-minute distance from the capital, Reykjavík. Transport is easily available, as buses to the centre of town. Mouthwatering food like skyr and pylsur are very popular.

Student’s Life

Iceland Universities celebrate "International Days" to honour international students. Through such events, international students present the culture of their home country. The International student network organizes events and activities for fellow students. Moreover, the higher education institutes offer concerts and workshops etc. There are many recreational activities including sports. The campus includes a Gym, canteen and other entertainment zones at the campus.


Undergraduate Postgraduate 
FA/Fsc or A levels certificate FA/Fsc or A levels certificate
English language proficiency. Undergraduate degree for admission in graduation and Graduate degree in an appropriate subject for post graduate admission
Photocopy of your passport or id card English language proficiency 
Proof that you can pay all of your expenses while studying Statement of purpose
--- references

Photocopy of your passport or id card

Proof that you can pay all of your expenses while studying


  • Iceland student visa application form.

  • 1 photograph.

  • Valid passport.

  • Photocopy of CNIC.

  • Travel health insurance. 

  • Admission confirmation letter.

  • Detailed statement of purpose.

  • Accommodation confirmation in Iceland. 

  • Birth certificate.

  • Family certificate.

  • English language proficiency certificate.

  • NOC

  • Complete educational record.

  • Visa application fee receipt.

  • Resident permit application fee receipt.

Icelandic ministry of education science and culture award annually a number of scholarships. In between 2019 to 2020 there are almost 15 scholarships available for the students.

For scholarships click here:

In Iceland as an international student IELTS or TOFFEL is mandatory if your first language is not English.

Fees of higher education lies between 4500 to 8000 pounds.

Yes, for international student IELTS or TOFFEL is mandatory if your first language is not English.

Following are the types of accommodation options available in Iceland:

  • Campus Dormitories

  • Student flats.

  • Homestays

  • Private Housing

  • One-Room Apartment

Yes, a student is allowed to work during his studies. But there are some limitations, an international students can work 20hours/week.

After completion of your degree a wide range of career prospects arise in the professional fields such as:

  • International companies all over the world accept an Iceland University graduate

  • Engineering

  • IT related jobs

  • Investment Banking

  • Research and Professorships

Yes, after higher education an international student can apply for the permanent PR. For that You have to give application to the embassy of Iceland. 

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