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2021 Admission Requirements in Malaysia for Pakistani Students

admission requirements in 2020 of Malaysian universities for Pakistani students

The process of admission is the prime and first step of studying in abroad which requires precision and accuracy. Right after selecting your study abroad destination, go through the entry requirements of universities of that country in detail. Note down the admission deadline dates and start preparing for the documents and entry requirements of your selected study program. The Malaysian Universities are offering a wide range of study programmes at all academic levels and their degrees are recognized all across the world. The quality of education is above average in Malaysia which is consistently improving every year. Getting admission in Malaysian Universities can prove to be a life changing experience for you that will ultimately lead you towards your professional and academic goals. Malaysia is global hub of business and education and a land of many opportunities.

The following guide elaborates overview of admission requirements of studying abroad in Malaysia in detail:


How to Apply in Malaysian Universities as a Pakistani Student 

The students can submit admission applications directly at websites of Malaysian Universities after checking their entry requirements. The entry requirements may differ from one university to other and also depends on your chosen study program. The process of admission starts as follows:

  1. Selecting An Apt Institute to Pursue Your Education in Malaysia

  2. Selecting a Suitable Study Program

  3. English Language Requirements

  4. Academic Requirements

  5. Arranging Required Documents

  6. Submitting Application Online

  7. Waiting for Acceptance Letter from University


Selecting an Apt Institute to Pursue Your Education in Malaysia

The studying abroad in Malaysia process begins with selecting the right university in Malaysia to pursue your study program. Malaysia is home to many of top ranking universities of the world. There are branch campuses of UK, Australian, USA and Canadian Universities in Malaysia. Malaysian Universities have strong collaborative partnerships with international universities and many of them are offering twinning programmes allowing you to study a part of your study program in Malaysia and to study other part you can transfer to another country’s institution to complete your degree. Studying in Malaysia has many such perks, it has affordable fee and top quality education which is greatly reputed. While selecting universities in Malaysia compare tuition fee and other expenditures before making final decision and look for following features:

  • It’s world ranking

  • If it offers the course you aim to study

  • Scholarships and student loans

  • On campus living facility

  • Affordable tuition fee

  • Entry requirements

  • If it is located in the city of Malaysia you wish to stay


Selecting a Suitable Study Program

Studying a twinning programme in Malaysia has huge academic advantage and employers too prefer hiring students who have studied in more than two countries as it enhances skills and capabilities. Additionally, twinning programme is an affordable option and offers studying in two countries at one cost. Malaysian Universities have gained massive popularity because of international partnerships and collaborations. The national quality assurance organization of Malaysia verifies the course structure and makes improvements in education system consistently. Therefore, any study program you choose to study in Malaysia will have international recognition. While choosing a study program assure it has career scope and it interests you and also ascertain if you meet the entry requirements of the study program.


English Language Requirements

English is the language of instruction of most of the study programs offered in Malaysian Universities. The applicants would be required to provide certificate of their proficiency in English language through IELTS, TOEFL or CAMBRIDGE Test scores. The minimum IELTS or TOEFL scores required can be different according to your selected study program and the university you have chosen. Malaysia follows similar admission process as western countries as it share same academic standards and has partnerships with international institutes. The minimum scores of IELTS for undergraduate program (engineering, B-Tech, Business courses) must be overall 6.0, for under graduate program (arts/science) the minimum score of IELTS must be 6.5 overall. For post graduate programs the minimum score of IELTS must be 6.0 with no individual band below this average.


Academic Requirements of Malaysia Universities for Pakistani Students 


Under Graduate Programs

There are usually limited seats for under graduate program for international students in Malaysia and the competition is tough. The admissions are accepted on merit basis. For admissions in under graduate program every university has its own minimum grades requirements. Overall, at least 75% grades (825/1100) must be acquired by student in his previous degrees to meet entry requirements of Malaysian Universities for admission in under graduate program. The high school diploma must be attained from a recognized institute of your country. The subject perquisites are separate than overall entry requirements and will depend on the study program you choose to study. For Science, IT, Engineering and Medical courses the subject wise minimum grades will be required higher than 75%. The students might also be asked to attend test to prove his competency but that depends on the admission requirements of the university, not all universities in Malaysia follow same entry requirements criteria.


Post Graduate Program



The entry requirements are different for every program and subject majors. The entry requirements and degree requirements for admission in Malaysian Universities are also different for different countries. Typically, high grades attained in Bachelor’s honors degree will be accepted for admission in post graduate program (Masters). The Bachelors honors degree must be attained from a well recognized institute of Pakistan.



For admission in post graduate (PhD) program the applicant must have completed a Bachelors honors degree and Masters two years degree in good grades. Apart from that a strong research proposal and previous research experience would be required.

Note: (This criterion is for Pakistani students).


Arranging Required Documents

For international students the requirements of admission include visa perquisites and evidence of funds. The documents generally required by Malaysian Universities along with application are enlisted below:

  • Copy of valid national passport (must be valid for at least 14 months)

  • Two passport size photos with white background

  • Transcript of academic record of previous degrees (certificates and diplomas if applicable)

  • English proficiency test certificate (IELTS, TOEFL) (if the candidate can’t provide IELTS, TOEFL certificates he can be given option to sit in university’s English language assessment test)

  • Letter of intent (written by applicant stating his academic and professional goals and explaining why he has selected certain study program to pursue his degree)

  • Letters of Recommendation (at least two letters written by two of applicant’s professors)

  • Employment letter (if applicable)

  • Work experience (if applicable)

  • Updated CV (for PhD programs)

  • Research proposal (for Masters in research and PhD research programs)

  • Evidence of funds (in form of credit card statement or bank statement proving the applicant can afford living and study expenses in Malaysia)

  • Health examination form completed and original (if applicable)

  • All the documents must be originals and certified

  • You will be requested to mail certified copies of your original documents to university’s postal address for verification

  • Completed application form

  • Details of the course you have chosen to study

  • Application fee  which will be around RM100 (can be paid online through credit card) it will non refundable


Submitting Application Online

You will create an online application account at your selected Malaysian University’s website. The application form of admission along with electronic format of your documents would be submitted at the Malaysian university you intend to study. Make sure to enter valid email address as the letter of acceptance would be sent at similar email address which you used while submitting application. The application must be submitted before the deadline. There are two intake periods of admission application submission in Malaysia one starts in February and other in October. Make sure the application form you submit must be completely filled.


Letter of Acceptance

Your selected Malaysian university will send you an acceptance letter after verifying your documents and assessing your eligibility to take admission in study program you have chosen. You will have an option to track your application progress. In case the university accepts your admission application, it will send you an acceptance letter, acceptance documents, a letter of offer and offer guide. As you accept the admission offer of university, you will be asked to pay your tuition and registration fee.


Scholarships in Malaysia for International Students

Malaysian government is running several scholarship programmes to encourage international students to study in Malaysia. International students can apply for admissions in Malaysia if they meet eligibility criteria of following scholarships programmes:

  • Fully Funded MDEC-TAR UC merit awards for Diploma Programme in Malaysia, 2021

  • Heriot-Watt-Velesto Petroleum Engineering funding for International Students in Malaysia, 2021

  • UCSI University graduate funding opportunities for International and Malaysian Students, 2021


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