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How To Get Student Visa For Malaysia?

malaysia student visa requirements for Pakistani students


Malaysian Study Visa Update 2024

It is announced by the Malaysian government, that international students want to pursue degree programs there must have Malaysian Digital Arrival Card. This new rule is implemented from January 1, 2024. 

When it comes to achieving higher education, Malaysian universities are recognized throughout the world. In the past years, Malaysia has seen a rapid growth in the education sector resulting in a great opportunity for students who look forward to attaining education there. For certain courses and selected universities, you will receive a visa for the entire duration of your studies, provided that passport validity, insurance coverage and other documents are in order.

Eligibility Criteria For Malaysian Study Visa Application

Students have to submit a proof of health clearance certificate

  • Must have yellow fever vaccination courses

  • Must be proficient in speaking English (submit English language certificate)

  • Must have a copy of offer letter from Malaysian university

Steps To Apply For Malaysian Student Visa

Apply For Single Entry Visa Application

Processing Time 

1-3 weeks for hard copy and 48 hours for e visa


159 MYR


  • Start an online student visa application

  • Complete all required tests (IELTS)

  • Ensure your passport has 12 months validity

  • Health certificate

  • Pay processing fee (159MYR)

  • Submit application and wait for the result/ call for interview

Malaysia Study Visa Requirements

  • 1 passport size photograph with white background

  • Copy of your passport (passport data page showing name, bio-data of candidate, all pages of your passport with previous visa information but if your passport is empty and this is your first travel then copies of empty pages of passport are not required)

  • The passport must be valid until 18 months duration

  • Observation page (detailing if there were any extensions, name clarifications, and your previous passport number if any)

  • Offer letter (copy of offer letter issued to you by your host Malaysian institution)

  • Certified copies of your previous academic reports and transcripts translated in English

  • Medical examination report (Lab report, chest x-ray) the report must be written in English language

  • Personal bond (the immigration department of Malaysia requires a personal bond submitted by Malaysian institution on behalf of students. The personal bond is a sum of amount reserved as a security. For Pakistani students the required bank balance is 750 MYR)

  • English Language proficiency test certificate

After getting visa students have to proceed for the followings within a month

  • Travel to Malaysia

  • Registration at Malaysian university

  • Get i- Kad student pass

Traveling To Malaysia

As you arrive in Malaysia the following documents must be with you and required to be shown at immigration check point 

  • Your national passport

  • A valid Visa

  • MDAC (Malaysian Digital Arrival Card)

  • Offer letter issued to you by Malaysian institution (Original)

  • Medical Screening: Within 7 days of your arrival in Malaysia, the Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) will set up a meeting for you at its registered medical clinic for medical screening.

  • Purchase Health Insurance: All international students are required to purchase a medical insurance coverage for the duration of their stay in Malaysia. The medical insurance coverage can be purchased from Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) or through your institution supported insurance scheme. It will start from the day of your arrival in Malaysia.


How To Download MDAC Before Travelling To Malaysia


Registration At Malaysian Institute

  • Check in with your international student office and make arrangements for accommodation if need be

  • After having been declared as ‘fit to study’ by clinic after medical screening Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) will send a notice to your host institution requesting to submit your passport for student pas endorsement

Issuance Of i- Kad

  • After getting student pass the Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) issues student identity card (iKad) on your name.

  • It’s processing time is 10 days

  • After receiving i-Kad, you can safely lock up your passport as you can use your i-Kad as proof of identification and study.

Part Time Work Permission 

The student visa holders are allowed to work part time 20 hours a week in Malaysia. The student will fill a form for part time working permission and the procedure will be done by his/her host institution. The institution will seek permission to work part time by immigration department on your behalf.

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