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Why Pakistani Students Should Study in Malaysia

malsysia as a stuy abroad destination

When it comes to achieving higher education, Malaysian universities are recognized throughout the world. In the past years, Malaysia has seen a rapid growth in the education sector resulting in a great opportunity for students who look forward to attaining education there.

Malaysian universities have academically collaborated with universities of US, UK, Australia and signed various partnerships offering twinning programs to students.

Malaysia Ranks 11th Among International Study Destinations

The efforts of Malaysia in developing its education quality has been rewarded by UNESCO which has cited it at 11th position in terms of best study abroad destination for international students.

World Class Universities

Malaysian universities offer degrees that ae recognized worldwide. Malaysia has 4 universities ranked among top 200 QS ranked universities.

  • University of Malaya: 70

  • University Putra Malaysia: 123

  • University of Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM): 129

  • University Sains Malaysia: 143

The National Quality Assurance Agency of Malaysia (Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA)) maintains high quality of education in Malaysia and consistently makes new changes for improvement.

Affordable Living And Study Cost

There can be no other country in the world which offers an international standard education and high quality of life in such affordable cost as Malaysia. It offers affordable food, transportation, and tuition fees. Kuala Lumpur has been ranked 2nd most affordable city of students in the world. Annual tuition fee in Malaysian public and private universities is 20,000 RM and 23,000 RM respectively.

Universities in UK and its campuses in Malaysia offer same undergraduate courses with different fee structure. You can get undergraduate degree from Malaysia at half of the tuition fee that students pay at UK campus. Here is a range of tuition fee for different study programs in Malaysian universities 

Study Program 


Cost (RM)

Pre- University 

10-24 months 


Bachelor’s degree 

3 years 

40,000- 80,000

Foreign Bachelor’s degree 

3-4 years 


Master’s degree 

1-2 years 

22,000 -40,000

Doctoral program 

3-5 years 

Depend on the course


Modern And Progressive Country To Live

As Malaysia is a Muslim country, so there is an easy access to Halal foods. Modern and suitable transport system has built an easy connection between different areas of Malaysia. Students can travel easily through this from Kuala Lumpur international airport and Klang Valley and Monorail.

English Is Widely Spoken In Malaysia

Though Malay is the national language of Malaysia, but English is also 2nd widely spoken language and the main requirement to get admission in Malaysian universities. So Malaysia has introduced one of its own English language test named as (MUET) Malaysian University English Test for international students including Pakistan whose native language is not English. Pakistani students can easily communicate with locals and other international students in Malaysia by using English.

Safe Communities In Malaysia

Global Peace Index has ranked Malaysia as 18th most peaceful country in the world to live and study for international students.

Scholarships For International Students

Malaysian universities attract the talented students from all over the world and offer full or partial scholarships to them after selecting on merit. Scholarships that are offered to international students have following forms

  • Full or partial waive off in tuition fee

  • Give a stipend to cover student’s monthly expenses

  • Combination of one or more benefits (travel and accommodation cost coverage etc)  



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