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Types of Accommodation for International Students in Malaysia 2024

Accommodation in Malaysia is crucial for international students as it provides a safe and comfortable living environment while studying. It contributes to a positive educational experience, allowing students to focus on their studies and immerse themselves in the Malaysian culture and community. You must select an accommodation based on your preferences, comfort level, budget and choice. International students frequently visit Malaysia for full time degree programs or short courses; the country has generally a modern and contemporary style of living. The types of accommodation available in Malaysia for international students are enlisted in the guide below:

  • University Accommodation

  • Private Accommodation

University Accommodation While Studying In Malaysia

Most of the public universities and branch campuses of international universities in Malaysia offer on campus residence to international students. There are two types pf accommodation in universities 


Cost / month 

Single Bedroom 

350- 1400 RM 

Shared Apartment 

360- 900 RM 


Universities in Malaysia offer single bedroom or shared apartment accommodation for their students. The availability, cost, and facilities provided in these accommodations may vary depending on the university and type student select to live in.

Private Accommodation While Studying In Malaysia

Private accommodation options in Malaysia vary depending on the location, budget, and preferences of the students. Some popular private accommodation options for students in Malaysia include:

  • Condominiums: These are self-contained living spaces that typically come with a kitchen, living room, and bathroom. Condominiums offer amenities like swimming pools, gyms, and security services.

  • Landed Houses: These are as standalone houses with no shared walls, terrace or Semi-detached houses. Landed houses in Malaysia usually come with basic amenities like a kitchen, living room, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

  • Apartments/ Flats: Most apartments or flats in Malaysia come with basic amenities like a kitchen, living room, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Apartments or flats in Malaysia are a convenient option for those who prefer to live in urban or suburban areas, as they are usually located close to amenities like shopping malls, restaurants, and public transportation.

It is important for students to do thorough research before choosing private accommodation and to ensure that the accommodation is safe, comfortable, and within their budget. Here is an estimated rental cost for different residents 

Type of Accommodation 

Rent/ Month (RM)

Rented apartment (single)

400 - 2800 

Rented apartment (shared) 

220 - 1100

Condominium (single)

660 - 9000

Condominium (shared)

440 - 3500


Tips on choosing Accommodation In Malaysia 

For off campus residence:

  • Read the rental contract carefully before signing.

  • Malaysia has a hot climate make sure the residence you choose has air conditioning and by air conditioning it means air conditioner not only fans.

  • Due to air conditioning the electricity bill will be high cost therefore ascertain high much proportion of electricity bill comes into your part if you are living in shared accommodation facility.

  • For off campus residence the owners ask for at least 3 months deposit in form of security.

  • Compare the rents of residence in different areas and also compare facilities before making final decision.

  • Make sure the area you have chosen to live in is safe for students and if it is near to your university.

For on campus residence:

  • Check if the university’s residence halls or hostels have air conditioning.

  • Universities have usually arranged virtual survey of their hostel and residence halls rooms in their official sites check them carefully before selecting it.

  • Check their rules and regulations and sign up only if you can live up to it.

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