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Latest Jobs in Malta for International Students 2021

latest jobs in Malts for Pakistani students

Besides Turkey, Malta is another study abroad destination that has modified its student visa policy. This revised policy, in fact, simplifies the visa process for non-EU students as well as grant them some more functional work rights. This step is taken to make Malta more attractive for international students as well as upgrade the reputation of the Maltese education sector.


Maltese New Work While Study Policy

According to the new policy, Non-EU students enrolled at Malta universities for more than 90 days will be allowed to work 20 hours a week. In addition, after completion of their studies international graduates can extend their stay in Malta for six months to search for good jobs. As a matter of fact, English language students (courses longer than three months) can also work while studying and they will only need to apply for a residence permit if they extend their stay for more than one year.

This modified policy will allow students to take a job from the 13th week of their arrival. These students can now work for up to 20 hours per week. Moreover, once the student visa is approved, the prospective student can apply for the working license and the work license is issued right after the approval of study visa.

This type of amendment will ensure that only eligible students obtain student visas. The Maltese Ministry for Education and Employment and the Maltese police would keep a further check and control on international students through such regulations. A valid system of data sharing on international students and educational institutions will also be enforced via the implementation of this newly applied ‘work while study’ policy.


Restrictions for Non EU Students

However, there are still some restrictions on these international part-time job seekers like:

  • Students who want to work while study must be enrolled in a course of at least 15 hours.

  • The limited working hours (20 hours of work per week) cannot be exceeded.

  • The job or work license will automatically expire on the expiration date of the visa.

  • It is the prime duty of the employer to take responsibility for the student when she/he is on the job.

  • The prospective employer will fill a declaration as well as employee engagement form confirming that the employer is taking employment responsibility of the hired person.


Employment License Charges

Job license also charges some application fee which is around €150; however, when the license is issued the licensee has to pay €80 as issuance charges.


Minimum Part-time Wages in Malta 2021 for International Students:

Remember that the part-time employers are hired on minimum wages. The minimum wage for part-time workers in Malta is about 5 Euros an hour. However, English language teachers can earn a double amount yet their work is pretty seasonal. The students who are fluent in Maltese and Italian can avail many promising opportunities. Italy is, in fact, the commercial partner of Malta.


Latest Job Opportunities in Malta for International Students and Pass-outs 2021

International students in Malta are mostly employed in hospitality and IT. IT professionals are chiefly required to run online gambling sites. Other job sectors employing part-time international students include:

• Manufacturing industries (semiconductors, electronics, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods)

• Jobs in Merchant shipping

• Vacancies in Shipbuilding and repair


Where to Search Jobs

Students can search these jobs online or at the university bulletin board. They can contact a local job service or ask some Maltese acquaintances to provide assistance in this regard. The study abroad consultants in the student’s home country can also help to find a job in Malta


University Pass Outs from Non European Countries Can Work in Malta

According to the new work policy, international pass-outs from Maltese higher education institutes can also search job within a year after the completion of their degree program. Unfortunately, Malta has a restricted employment policy for third-country workers.


How to get an Employment License

Employment licenses are mandatory to legally work in Malta. These licenses or work permits are issued by the Employment and Training Corporation (ETC). These permits are in fact are applied by the employer, not the job-seeker. Thus, in order to get a working license, the pass-out has to first find an employer. Furthermore, the employer has to prove that a candidate from the EU nation is either not available or incapable of the assigned vacancy. Once the condition is fulfilled the employer can hire a foreign employee and then apply for an employment license on behalf of the candidate

For a third country pass out the employer first fills an application form and then submit it to the Employment License Unit.


Documentations required for Employment license:

• Application form

• CV of candidate

• Job description

• References

• Passport size photograph

• Photocopy of travel document

• Photocopy of visa

• Photocopies of academic certificates and accreditation

• Cover letter by employer

• Receipt of the Paid license fee

• A detailed vacancy report

When the application is approved, it is sent to the stakeholder concerned who will take a processing time of four to six weeks. As soon as the license is issued an engagement form is generated which mention the first day of the license validity. Employment licenses are generally valid for one year from the date of issue and can be renewed.


Salary Structure in Malta and the Blue Card

According to the January 2019 report, the average salary in Malta is approximately €1100 per month. Moreover, the non-EU employees can also get an EU Blue Card depending upon the nature of the job. Through this blue card, the employee can get many rights as enjoyed by a Maltese citizen. The Blue card also renders the right to work in some other Schengen states. However, the EU Blue card is issued to a highly skilled or qualified person who possesses a binding job offer or a full-time work contract.

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