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Estimated Study Cost and Living Cost in Poland for Pakistani Students

cost of study in Poland for Pakistani students

European countries, no doubt, offer an exceptional standard of study or education. But, at the same time, a study in some European countries is much expensive as compared to study cost in Pakistan. Poland is one of those countries where students pay a lot of wealth in earning a higher education degree.

Actually, the cost of the study abroad program doesn’t rely upon the tuition fee of the universities. There are many factors take part to enhance the cost of study abroad program. European countries are best in supporting international students. There are many countries offer scholarships program to cover partially and fully tuition fee. But, students have to pay for spending a good living style there in Poland. Following are the factors affecting to enhance the cost and expenditures of students.


Pre Departure Costs

Following is the list of pre-departure costs students have to pay for them:  


  • Previous Academic Transcripts:

First of all, we know that for getting exceptional grades or CGPA in the study program which you are pursuing in Pakistan you join the high standard educational institutes. These institutes offer educational degrees at secondary school or bachelor level with a considerably high amount of money.   


  • Language Proficiency Test:

After getting a basic educational degree students are required to get proficiency in the language in which they are going to apply for a study program.  


  • Application Process:

For applying to universities students have to pay some specific amount as admission application fee. Mostly, for avoiding the chances of rejections students are asked to apply for more than one universities. The application fee for a single university ranges from 20,000 PKR to 30,000 PKR.


  • Travel Documents:

For traveling abroad you need some traveling documents. From these documents passport is the basic one component. Students are to be informed that normal passport prepares in 5,400 PKR.


  • Visa Fee:

Students travel on behalf of visa which is required for getting entrance permission into Poland. D-Type visa is required and 60 EURs fees of this visa students have to pay.  


  • Personal Expenses:

You are going to abroad where you will never find a family to bear your expenses. You have to manage them on your own. At the starting points, students won’t able to get suitable jobs for bearing their personal living expenses. So, students have to take a suitable amount of money as their pocket money with them at the time of the journey. 


After Departure Cost

Once you have reached your destination, now, you will be stuck into many other challenges to face them. Following are the expenses or expenditures students have to pay after arriving at their study abroad destination.



In some cases, students are asked to manage their accommodation before departing. But, in many cases, students manage the accommodation after arriving at their destination. For taking suitable accommodation with all the basic needs students have to pay 300 EURs to 500 EURs monthly. In this amount, you can not only manage the accommodation but you can also cover the basic living expenses in this amount.


Residence Permit And Other Documents

For obtaining a long stay for study in Poland students are required to apply for a temporary stay card before expiring their D type visa. Charges for this stay card ranges from 60 to 70 EURs annually. Students after passing a year are to be needed to renew this stay card.  


Tuition Fees

For different kinds of subjects, there is a different fee range exists. Following is the complete chart of the tuition fee for study in Poland. For more details related to admission click here:

Degree Program

Fee Structure

Undergraduate Program

Around 2000 EURs

Master Program

Around 2000 to 3,000 EURs

PhD Program/ Vocational Courses 

Around 3000 EURs


Scholarships or Funding Programs 2021 for Pakistani Students

Obviously, the above-mentioned discussion made you afraid because it is showing the series of charges and expenditures to our students. But, at the same time, we are also going to bring the smiles on the faces of our students. Students are to inform that Poland offers several types of scholarships program to international students including Pakistani students to beat the burden of tuition fee and in some cases the burden of living costs.   

Several types of government and private scholarships programs including The Casimir Pulaski Foundation Scholarships, CNBCh PhD Scholarships program, Polish National Agency Scholarships Program, NSC 24-Month Scholarships Program, Erasmus Mundus Scholarships Program, ECDC Training Fellowship Program, Lazarski Foundation Scholarships, CERN Junior Fellowship Program and many others are offering by Poland to support international students.   

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