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Study abroad in Poland for Pakistani students

how to get admission and study visa of Poland for Pakistani students updated guide

At the very central position of Europe Poland is located. It is considered as the seventh biggest country of Europe with the total area of 312,679 km². Over 38.5 million population Poland offers. Warsaw is known as the capital city of Poland where about 2 million inhabitants and inhabiting and living a standardized lifestyle.

There are seven countries meet with Poland. On west Germany is attached, on the South Pole, the Czech Republic and Slovakia are meeting. On east Ukraine, Lithuania, and Belarus are located. And in the end, the North area of Poland meets with Russia. Believe me, if you are going to make Poland as your study abroad destination you are going to get an adventurous experience for all the time.


Why Pakistani Students Choose Poland

Poland is the best place in offering the best quality education to both national as well as international students. The quality of education can be assured by the top rated universities and exceptional faculties offered by Poland. But at the same time, there are some other facts that encouraged one to choose Poland as the favorite study abroad destination. 

Amazing culture and lifestyle Poland offers to international students or other foreigners. You can find multiculturism as living there in Poland. Beautiful landscape, exceptional level health care system, and a secured environment Poland offers. These are all the things due to which international students choose Poland as their study abroad destination.


Polish Scholarships System

From undergraduate to Ph.D. degree program Poland offers scholarships program. These scholarships programs are for both local as well as international students.

Scholarships program are offered by Universities, private organizations and government also take part in offering scholarships program to international students.


Reputed Polish Universities 2020 for International Students

There are the oldest universities are located in Poland. For example, Jagiellon University was founded in the 14th century and it is still a well-known name in offering good quality education.

There are over 400 study programs are studying in the English language which means the English language is following on a large scale. There are public sector universities of Poland offer degrees to international students with low tuition costs. Under the 500 top universities of the world, Polish universities are positioned.  


Work While Studying

Polish government according to its new regulation allows international students to get the working opportunity while studying there in Poland. According to this law students are allowed to work for at least 20 hours a week. Moreover, summer vacations allow students to work for more than 20 hours a week under certain situation.

Under such a situation, students can easily meet with their study cost and living cost. This is the reason Poland is considered as an international students-friendly country. 


After Study Prospects

International students get higher education degrees from Poland are highly encouraged to apply for jobs after completing their studies in Poland. Poland offers a lot of opportunities to the students. For this purpose, students are allowed to apply for jobs to polish employers and Polish employers arrange Poland Work Permit for the selected candidates.

International students are not only limited in providing the work opportunities but under certain circumstances, international candidates are allowed to apply for Poland Permanent Residence and Poland Citizenship


  • High-Quality Universities

  • Vibrant Student and Cultural Life

  • Scholarships

  • Affordable and Delicious Cuisine

  • Polish Hospitality 



  • Intermediate certificate or equivalent document;

  • An English proficiency test

  • Statement of Purpose

  • Reference letter

Post Graduate:

  • Candidate’s CV with the details about the school and professional career optionally;

  • One academic reference and one personal reference;

  • Filled out the application form;

  • 4 passport-size photographs;

  • Copy of the candidate’s ID;

  • Proof of English language proficiency (unless the first degree was taught in English);

  • Medical certificate with no contraindication for studying;

  • Admission fee payment receipt


  • Student Visa Application form

  • Valid passport

  • Acceptance Letter

  • A short CV

  • Your school certificates and diplomas

  • Certificate of proficiency in the language in which you wish to   study

  • Health insurance

  • One passport-sized photo

  • Visa Application Fee, payable by cash/postal order

  • Proof of Accommodation in Poland, if required


It is very easy to apply for Poland visa, Register yourself and book an appointment for a visa    interview, before that collect all relevant documents.

Education in a state institution of Higher education commission is free for Poland students and for foreigners’ students who commence studies at state HEIs on terms applicable to polish citizens. Expect those all other foreigners are required to pay tuition fees:

  • EUR 2000 per year for professional higher study, master’s and postgraduate master’s courses;

  • EUR 3000 per year for doctoral, postgraduate and specialist courses and scientific, artistic, specialist and habilitation internships;

  • EUR 2000 per year for a language course, including a course preparing for study in Polish.


No, at all, Poland Universities offers a study program in English. So you don’t need to learn Poland for your admission Purpose.




Fall semester starts in October and lasts till February; Spring Semester starts in mid-February and lasts till June.

There are 443 scholarships available to study in Poland a few listed below:

  • Jelvix scholarships Program 2019

  • Scholarship Grant for undergraduate students

  • Poland My First Choice scholarship

  • Business plan scholarships

  • Services cape scholarship 2019


Using English as the medium of instruction .

  • University accommodation

  • Private accommodation

  • Homestay


Some of the universities ask for IELTS but at the same time, IELTS is not required for those students whose previous medium of education is English.


Yes!! International students can do part-time work while studying in Poland.


Graduate of a Polish Higher education institution doesn’t need a permit to work here.


If you have the right skill and good communication ability as well as you knows the local language it's a high way for you to get a Job.


There would be a number of career opportunities for students after study completion in Poland.


To be able to apply for that permit stay in Poland legally and uninterruptedly for at least 5 years and you need to have a stable and regular source of income for the 3 years of stay in Poland immediately preceding the submission of the application also health insurance and confirmed knowledge of Polish


Study Abroad Consultants for poland

Bluesky immigration and students consultancy 03041113404 Lahore
Future & Success Consultants 03335318010 Lahore
Future & Success Consultants Pvt Ltd 03335318010 Karachi
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