Study Cost and Accommodation in Poland
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Study Cost and Accommodation in Poland

Study Cost and Accommodation in Poland

Study Cost and Accommodation in Poland

Though Poland is one of the best study abroad destinations that every year attracts hundreds of students still it offers cheaper education than most countries. Poland offers a very reasonable cost to study here. Living cost in Poland is also among the lowest in Europe. You can find every facility in Poland that a student can think of like quality education, student accommodation, great food and comfortable ways of transportation.

In this article we will discuss two problems a student can have in his mind. First is the total cost of studying and living in Poland. Second part entails detailed means of accommodation you can get while studying abroad in Poland. Let’s first discus the how much expenses you will have to face to convert your dream of studying abroad in reality.

University Fee in Poland:

Biggest problem usually students face in their way to studying abroad is the big Fees of university. Higher education is usually never cheap and it costs even more for international students. First, you should also decide what language program you are going take admission in. In Poland, you can study in two languages.

  • Polish
  • English

Polish is their native language so that’s is the place where you will find most polish students. Just like any other big study abroad destination, Poland also offers English taught programs. Polish is not very common around the world but English is an international language that the biggest population of Earth can speak. This is why they offer English Taught programs in which they teach in English language. English taught programs, however, can also be more expensive and limited than programs taught in Polish.

Exact tuition fees you will have to pay depends on the university and the program you took admission in. In addition to semester or year fee, students also have to pay registration fee in all universities. Registration fee can cost about €50. Following is the table that shows average amount of fees you will have to pay in Polish universities.

Programs in English   Programs in Polish  
Type Fee per year Type Fee per year
Bachelor €2500 - €3000 Bachelor €2500
Master €2500 - €3000 Master €2500
PhD €4000

Living Cost in Poland:

Even if you are in your homeland, living expenses is something you just can’t avoid no matter how much you hate. To live a normal life like other humans, there are many necessities that you have to fulfill. These include a place to live, proper food, transportation means and other billings items like internet, cable or electricity. Mentioned are just the most basics, in addition, there are many occasion where you must spend a great deal out of your pocket like hanging out with friends. Following table shows and approximated amount that you must save for mentioned basic needs in order to study in Poland.

Rent in a shared flat or dormitory €80 - €150
Food €100 - €150
Local Transportation €15 - €20
Telephone/mobile, internet, TV €20 - €30
Study Materials €30 - €50
Other Expenses (Leisure) €70 - €100

Student Accommodation in Poland

Student accommodation is not as much problem as people think it is. As long as you don’t want it for free, there is no shortage of places to live. Students who abroad for education have more options of residence than any normal person. There are two general types of accommodation for students.

  • On-Campus
  • Off-Campus

On Campus Residence:

On campus residence means any place to live that is inside your university premises. Most common on-campus residence are Dormitories. Dormitories are the hostels provided for students by the university. This is where most of the students choose to live as it is not only inside your university and cheaper but you also have all your fellows there. Other than this, you can also join a fraternity, sorority, society or student clubs as they can have their own house usually inside the campus.

On campus residence should be first priority to get. It will save you a lot time, money and energy. You will also be secured inside the campus. Starting days in dorm can be difficult if there is any ragging issue otherwise after that they become the most fun place. I have lived off campus and I have on campus and I say it with experience that dormitories are great place for young people to live. This is the place where you also help in studies and also have no shortage of mates to play with. University dorm in Poland costs about 60 – 80 Euro per month.

Off Campus Residence:

Off campus residence refers to any place to live that is not inside a university. A lot of students choose to get off campus residence as they like to keep their privacy and alone time. For off-campus residence, you can choose from private hostels to flats or a house of your own. There is also an option of paying guest but that can be a little difficult to find.

In off campus residence you get your own place so have your privacy and space and you can arrange everything according to your need. However, this types of residence is more expensive than on campus and you don’t know how far away you get from your university then you will also have to afford transportation costs. Off campus residence costs up to 150 – 200 Euro per month.

By Usama Ahmed Awan

The Editor of, Usama is a BZU studied Software Engineer, now a Teacher, Article Writer, Educational Counselor and Journalist. He has been writing to assist students selecting the right career path.

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