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Study and Living Cost in Turkey for International students 2024


cost of living and study in turkey for pakistani students

Although studying and living in this Euro –Asian study abroad destination is not that expensive, especially when compared to the cost of living in the UK and USA. However, the student should have enough cash in the pocket if he/she is planning to fly Turkey for studies. 

Tuition Fee In Turkish Universities For International Students

Compared to many other top countries for higher education, Turkey is exceptional in that it offers opportunities for high-quality education at relatively affordable tuition costs. The government sets the minimum and maximum amounts that can be received in contributions from international students. As a result, tuition costs at Turkish universities differ depending on

  • Institution's status (state or foundation)

  • Program's level (undergraduate or graduate)

  • Faculty (medicine, dentistry, engineering, law, etc.)

  • Duration of the program

When to pay tuition fee

Before enrolling in classes at the beginning of each semester, tuition must be paid. The academic year is divided into two semesters. You may be eligible for varied discounts or full exemptions, depending on your academic standing.

Tuition Fee For Different Degree Programs In Turkey 

Fee for undergraduate degree programs 

2,758,50 to 3,679,50 for full degree program 

Fee for postgraduate degree programs 

2,75, 250 TL for postgraduate degrees in all study fields 

Accommodation Cost For International Students In Turkey

The amount of money you must set aside each month for rent can range from 215 TL to 2500 TL. The price of public housing, university housing, private housing, and apartments for rent varies. Since there is a monthly fee for dorms, you are not required to pay during the summer months when you are not residing there.

Health Insurance For International Students In Turkey

There are two types of health insurance for international students residing in Turkey.

Private Health Insurance 

State (General) Health Insurance 

For private policies, the cost of health insurance for overseas students ranges from 300 to 500 TL annually. Within the limits outlined in the policy, these private insurers permit you to obtain complimentary healthcare services in affiliated hospitals.

The annual payment for general health insurance is 1059 TL. You can receive free medical care at any public hospitals if you have this insurance. You will need to contribute in different quantities to private hospitals.


Estimated Food Cost While Staying In Turkey As International Student

  • Bread: 1-3 TL

  • Water (0,5 lt): 1 TL

  • Milk (1 lt): 5 TL

  • Fruit juice (1 lt): 5 TL

  • 10 Eggs: 10 TL

  • White cheese (1 kg): 40 TL

  • Pasta (1 package): 3-7 TL

  • Chicken (1 kg): 25-50 TL

  • Red meat (1 kg): 45-100 TL

  • Apples (1 kg): 10 TL

Other Miscellaneous Cost During Stay In Turkey  

  • Book and Stationery Fees (yearly): 700 TL

  • Mobile Phone Bill (monthly): 60-100 TL

Transportation & Entertainment Cost In Turkey

Bus/Metro ticket (One way)

1.75-3.50 TL

Taxi (5 km)

20-25 TL

Cinema Ticket

15-25 TL

Local music group concert 

25 TL

Football match ticket 

20-200 TL


Accommodation Options In Turkey For Pakistani Students


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