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Work Options In Turkey While Studying There 2024

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According to Turkish academic schedules, undergraduate students frequently discover opportunities to work a part-time employment. In order to pay for their graduate education, international students enrolled in master's or PhD programs in Turkey might work as researchers on scientific projects that are relevant to their field of study. Some private universities accept graduate students on full scholarships as well, and in exchange for the scholarship, they may offer assistantships to the students.

Employment Opportunities In Turkey

  • There are several internships opportunities available for international students which provide both exposure and experience in working in a Turkish organization.

  • Multinational companies also offer multi-cultural environment to students through internships. These intern programs are available in both the public and private sectors.

  • Opportunities are available in tourist zones, language teaching etc.

Note: The first thing you should know if you intend to work while a student is that your student housing permit does not allow you to work. Therefore, if you wish to work while you are a student, you must first get a work permit.

How To Apply For Work Permit In Turkey

For foreigners who have a residence permit valid for at least six months in Turkey, relevant employers can apply for a work permit from within the country through the e-government portal. For the application to be made online by the employer;

  • Visit the ministry website to check the eligibility criteria, after meeting the criteria you can apply for work permit application

  • Get a signed employment contract letter from employer

  • Create a workplace record by the employer at by entering required documents and electronic signatures

  • After entering all information and documents (by employer or applicant), submit the application

The documents submitted with this application include

  • Passport,

  • Work visa application,

  • 1 photo

  • 1 copy of the work contract

Turkish Work Permit Application Fee

To check the fee of work permit application along with valuable paper fee visit the official site where the fee is mentioned and subject to change according to ministry’s new policies and rules.

Processing Time For Work Permit Application In Turkey

It takes 30 days to process the work permit application, and students are informed about issuance or rejection of work permit through email.

Internship Opportunities For Pakistani Students In Turkey

Your enrollment in a higher education program in Turkey may include a required or optional internship. The majority of these internship activities, which are common in undergraduate programs, take place over the summer semester. In this situation, obtaining a work permit is not necessary, and with the help of your university, you can locate internship opportunities in Turkey at several private businesses, governmental institutions, or non-profit organizations.

Erasmus Internship Program

Pakistani students also have option to participate in 2-12 months internship program in European countries during your studies or after graduation in Turkey. Students applying for Erasmus internship program are exempt from work permit.

Work Opportunities In Turkey After Graduation

If you plan to work in Turkey after graduation

  • Do not miss the career fairs hosted on university campuses. Human resources representatives from numerous significant Turkish companies attend these expos. They ask resumes from potential alumni prospects while also providing information about their employment and internship opportunities. These events offer fantastic chances to find employment and internships.

  • Many university career centers also offer a range of consulting services to students, such as the

  • Publication of job openings for post-graduation career steps

  • Interview practicing

  • Develop resume 

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