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Why Pakistani Students Should Study in Turkey?

aaaaawhy Pakistani students Should study in Turkey rather than Homeland

The trend of studying abroad is increasing day by day. The factors for this shift, however, are numerous. Employment opportunities, safe environment, access to basic facilities and multicultural exposures are some of them. Among uncounted study abroad countries, Turkey is one of the most preferred destination to study abroad especially for Pakistani students. Basic reasons to study in Turkey are listed below 

Academic Hub for International Students

This Europe-Asia Crossroad destination is currently hosting a swarm of international students. Currently, there are around 150,000 international students in Turkey, enrolled in miscellaneous study programs. Turkish Government has revolutionized it’s the higher education system. The president of Turkey, in fact, has announced that the country is aiming to invite around 350,000 international students.

Scholarship Opportunities

Approximately 5,000 scholarships are provided to students every year from over 160 countries. The country has currently listed all official undergraduate, graduate and short-term scholarships for the upcoming year. 

A vast majority of scholarships awarded to international students in Turkey, in fact, are funded by the Turkish state.Moreover,there are many graduate and postgraduate Turkish scholarships available for Pakistani students in the current academic year.  

Affordable Cost of Living and Study

Compared to other international study destinations, Turkey offers significantly lower tuition fees and living expenses. According to global cost of living rankings, Turkey’s metropolitan cities are not included in the most expensive cities list. Moreover, foreign students are allowed to have work permits. This allows students to earn part-time while studying. In addition, Turkey also allows international students to look for employment after they complete their degree course and can finally settle in this European nation.

A Muslim Destination

Being a Muslim country, students can access Halal food and easily conduct their religious rituals in Turkey, which is not possible in the western or European nations. Some Turkish cuisines like Sis Kebab, Donor Kebab and sweets like Turkish Delight are very familiar in Pakistan 

High –Ranked Universities

There are over 200 universities in Turkey, the majority of which are public. Most of these institutions are relatively new, therefore, renders the most modern strategies of education. Moreover, both public and private universities in Turkey are associated with the Bologna Agreement, This program is a standard setter of degree programs across Europe. Turkish universities are also involved in the Erasmus+ program, thus students can also benefit from exchange programs.

According to the QS Higher Education System, Turkey’s higher education system was ranked 43rd in the world. There are 10 Turkish universities listed in the QS World University Rankings®. Moreover 45 Turkish universities are listed in the edition of the QS University Rankings: EECA, (universities in Emerging Europe and Central Asia).

Univrsities in famous Cities of Turkey 

Ankara Universities

  • Middle East Technical University,

  • Bilkent University

  • Hacettepe University (ranked in the top 50)

Istanbul universities that are ranked within the top 30

  • Bogaziçi Üniversitesi

  • Sabanci University,

  • Koc University

  • Istanbul Technical University

  • Istanbul University

These universities provide high-quality education with a minimum tuition fee. Both on-campus and off-campus Dormitory and housing facilities are also provided for international students. Students are also involved in various curricular and extracurricular activities. There are sports facilities and well-developed entertainment industry in Turkey. Transport is cheap and readily available.

Up-To-Date Academic Courses at All Degree Levels

All degree courses including bachelors, Master’s and doctoral are taught at Turkish universities. The most popular courses in which international students take admission are

  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering

  • Bachelors in Business - Economics. 

  • Bachelor’s in Cultural Studies

  • Bachelor’s in Business Administration

  • Industrial Engineering

In addition, Associate Degree programs are also taught Turkish higher education system. In this two-year program, universities offer vocational oriented studies and graduates after completion of the study course are employed as intermediate staff in relevant organizations. The curriculum is designed to give the student the internship opportunity in firms of the study fields

English-Taught Courses

Though most graduate programs are taught in Turkish, with the passage of time English taught courses are gaining popularity in Turkish universities. On Masters Level, however, several English taught programs are rendered at top universities in most affordable prices. The best thing to study in Turkey as a study abroad student is that quality level of the education in English-taught state universities is parallel to the Western standards.

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