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Study Cost in Turkey

Tuition depends on whether the university is private or public-sector for its location and the course that has been selected by the candidate. In public universities, semester fees can much less approximately $300, whereas the tuition fees private universities can reach thousands. Info about the remuneration or charges is the most suitable sought directly from the educational institute for which you want to apply. Tuition fees of Private universities are more expensive than public-sector institutions as well as the graduate Study in Turkey is much more expensive as compared to the undergraduate study.

Tuition fees for educational programs in the field of higher education established by the government at the starting of each educational year. Tuition fees for international students depend on the kind of the course that a student selects to study. Estimated annual fees are given below:

For Undergraduate Programs


Public-Sector Universities

Universities where the standard of education is TURKISH:

  • Turkish residents: 80 USD– 250 USD

  • Foreign residents: 240 USD– 750 USD

Universities where the standard of education is ENGLISH:

  • Turkish residents: 150 USD – 500 USD

  • Foreign residents: 450 USD – 1500 USD

Charity Universities:

For Graduate Programs


Public-Sector Universities:

Universities where the standard of education is TURKISH:

  • Turkish residents: 100 USD – 200 USD

  • Foreign residents: 300 USD – 600 USD

Universities where the standard of Education is ENGLISH:

  • Turkish residents: 200 USD – 300 USD

  • Foreign residents: 600 USD– 900 USD

Charity Universities:

5.000 USD – 20.000 USD


Living Expenses:

Undoubtedly, Study Abroad in Turkey is the best place in terms of high quality education and comparatively for a good life. The thing that makes it more superior is that Turkey offers the superb worth of cash along with expenditures of living life and tuition fees as compared to the other countries of the world.


Estimated Expenses of living in Turkey:

Normally, the International student living and Study in Turkey , spend about 400 to 500 U.S. dollars per month in housing costs , food, clothing, amusement, conveyance and telephone. Books and administrative expenses are almost $ 100 to $ 150 for each semester. Remember, however, that this amount depends on your location, lifestyle and career assistance. You should look for more information on the cost of the life directly from your organization.


Overall Charges for each Semester:

  • Accommodation: 1,500 USD - 2,000 USD (including room deposit)

  • Foodstuff: 1,100 USD

  • Transport: 300 USD

  • Books: 150 USD

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