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Fully Funded Scholarships for Pakistani Students 2021-22 to Study Abroad

In today’s world engulfed by the ongoing pandemic International students are struggling with their future ambitions as 2022 scholarships for international students & study programs as worldwide conditions are ever changing as many countries are facing lockdown and protests. While many foreign countries providing 2022 fully funded scholarships for international students had previously closed international borders for foreign students , things are looking more positive as countries offering international study scholarships are adjusting their International study policies with regard to studyabroad compliance with Covid 19 compliance SOP’s and ensuring only Covid-19 vaccinated students are allowed on their educational campus for attending one on one lectures. Many countries are offering numerous fully funded scholarship for undergraduate international students 2022

Some of the top countries offering Scholarships are listed below


UK’s Chevening Scholarship

The British government is providing fully funded scholarship program for international students offering students to earn Master degree from various prestigious UK universities. Last year in 2020 approx. 1650 scholarships were provided under the Chevening Scholarship program including Master courses being provided at over 150 UK educational institutions.

Some highlights of the 2022 scholarships for international students are as follows

  • Eligible student provided tuition fee, living allowance, return ticket airfare and additional money to cover study expenditure

  • Eligible student be emerging leader

  • One year master degree offered in UK

  • Eligible student to have strong academic background, strong ambition and leadership qualities

  • Eligible Student has completed two year work or have 2800 of working experience

  • Eligible student must have complete undergraduate degree

  • Eligible student applied to three different UK university courses

  • Scholarship offer valid till 14 July, 2022

For more information please visit here


UK’s University of Westminster Bursey Scolarship

International students offered international postgraduate degree consisting of 2000 pound tuition fee waiver. Applicant student must be honors student to qualify. Scholarship tuition fee covers first year of study only.

For more information about the program please visit here


Germany’s DAAD 2022 Scholarships 

Germany is offering scholarships 2022-2023 under DAAD program for international students for admission in German universities in the year 2022.

Scholarship Highlights

  • No age limit for applicant student

  • Applicant student provided full or partial tuition fee for covering expenses

  • No need for international student to payback scholarship allowance

  • Student job allowed if taken consent for international students

  • Applicant provided accident ,liability and health insurance

For more information about the program please visit here


Denmark University of Southern Scholarship

Denmark is offering scholarships to international student under the Talent Master Fellowship Program. Approx. 32,000 studying in University of Southern Denmark.

Scholarship Highlights

  • Applicant students offered Master program in Computer Science

  • Offered job in tech company of Denmark for 12 hours per week

  • Applicant student must have Computer science bachelor degree

  • Applicant student can be of any nationality

For more information about the program please visit here


Denmark’s Roskilde University Scholarship

The Danish Roskilde University’s 2022 scholarships for international students are provided with Master degree. A wide number of subjects in master program are offered to students including cultural encounters, communication studies, politics, mathematics and international public administration.

Scholarship Highlights

  • Applicant student offered tuition fee waiver and monthly 7800 DKK stipend

  • Applicant student scholarship time period is 22 months

  • Applicant must have cleared IELETS with 6.5 or TOEFEL with 83 marks

For more information about the program please visit here


Denmark Government Special scholarship

The Denmark government provides partial or full scholarship for international students for the University of Copenhagen. International students especially from non EU are preferred.

Scholarship Highlights

  • Scholarship awarded on international student academic achievement

  • Applicant student offered Master degree program

  • Applicant student provided resident permit time specific in Denmark

For more information about the program please visit here


Humphrey Fellow Program (USA)

USA offers the Humphrey scholarship program for international students in the Middle East, East Asia, North Africa, South Asia and Central Asia.

Scholarship Highlights

  • Coverage of applicant student tuition fee at the designated University

  • Applicant student stipend covering living allowance, accident coverage, book allowance and one time only computer subsidy

  • Applicant student stipend coving air travel and professional allowance for field trips and conferences.

  • Applicant student to have leadership qualities

  • Applicant student must have five years work experience

  • Applicant student must have done public service

  • Applicant student to be have bachelor’s degree

For more information about the program please visit here


Switzerland Scholarship for foreign students

Switzerland offers scholarships for international students including 180 countries holding bachelors or master degree. Switzerland scholarships are of two types a research based one and art scholarships. Research scholarship aimed at students holding master degree wishing to peruse doctoral studies including post-doctoral and doctoral degrees. The art scholarships offered to students who wish to peruse master degree in art field.

For more information about the program please visit here


Canada’s Vanier graduate scholarship program

Canada’s offering international students 166 student scholarship annually. The scholarship is aimed at international students as well as Canadian citizens. Scholarship provides international student option to peruse Master, Doctoral degree or combined Master degree leading got PhD. The Vanier graduate Scholarship time period is three years. Scholarship is offered in Engineering research, humanities research, Health research and social sciences. The Vanier scholarship covers applicant student tuition fee up to 50,000 dollar per year coving applicant student living allowance, University fees and Travel fees.

For more information about the program please visit


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