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United Kingdom Scholarships for Pakistani Students

United Kingdom Scholarships
In the race of providing quality education to their enrolled students, UK universities are always determined to win. That’s why students from all-across the globe prefer to study in British institutions. Who on earth don’t want to study in UK in the legendary Oxford or Cambridge universities?
Why UK Scholarships are prioritized first?
Since a long era, UK remains as the top most priority to study abroad .The reasons are countless
  • UK universities always topped in World’s best University rankings.
  • Strategic skill development learning system that attract multinational employers  
  • Acquaintance with the classical academic culture by studying in the most historical universities of the world.
  • Access to the most contemporary learning methodologies
  • Empowering English language both in writing and conversation
  • Safe multicultural learning atmosphere with extensive student support
  • Cost effective and Approachable welfare offers
University Specific UK scholarships
Several renowned UK universities offer effective scholarship programs for Pakistani and other international students:
Cambridge and Oxford are great places to study. Around 1,300 international students representing more than 65 countries are studying in Cambridge University. Beside these two classic institutions some other good options with their scholarship programs are: 
  • Sheffield University Scholarship offers a full (100% discount) or half fee waiver,50% discount on their postgraduate courses.
  • University of the West of Scotland International Scholarship costs nearly £2,000 for undergraduates and postgraduates program
  • The University of Edinburgh Global Masters scholarship charged £3,000 - £5,000 per year
  • University of Leeds   program for International Science and Engineering Undergraduate
  • Scholarship is completed in a fee of £2,000 per year (up to a maximum of £8,000)
  • Newcastle University School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Overseas Scholarship for £ 3,000 per year.
  • University of Glasgow Scholarship for School of Computing Science will cost £5,000 per year
Besides this University -specific genre, the Scholarships in UK for Pakistani Students 2018-2019 are also categorized via two parameters.
  • Subject-Based Study programs 
  • Funding based scholarships
  • Study program based scholarships 
Study programs are further classified as:
  • Undergraduate degree scholarships
  • Postgraduate master’s degree scholarships 
  • Postgraduate research degree 
Funding Based Scholarships:
Funding based scholarships are further branched as 
  • Government –Funded
  • Non-governmental Scholarships
Charles Wallace Open Visiting Fellowships is offered under a partnership between the British Council in Pakistan and the Charles Wallace. The purpose of granting this scholarship is to enable Pakistani students to complete their Courses in short UK visits. Award holders will receive £1,400 per month. This scholarship is given in particular subjects like Social Sciences, Humanities, Education, Environmental Sciences, and Health Sciences.
Eligibility measures to win UK Scholarship:
Every scholarship program has its own eligibility criteria but the common attributes that entitled you for these scholarships are: 
  • Details of the academic qualifications that you have taken/are taking
  • Present or expected grades
  • English language proficiency 
  • Skills on the  subject you're interested in applying for at the University
The Financial criteria:
The paid scholarships, financial supports and grant schemes are offered to students who are genuinely incapable to pay for their UK course.
  • According to your country’s specification and set policies, you are considered for a loan or financial support from the UK government. You can Visit the UKCISA (UK Council for International Student Affairs) website for full details.
  • Individual universities also offer financial assistance but keep in mind that not all UK scholarships are designed with financial support; yet to gain the opportunity you have to show your extraordinary academic abilities.
Boarding and Lodging:
The on-campus and off-campus living have their own charges which can be accessed on the specific university websites.
How to Apply for a Scholarship
You can only apply for scholarships either when you are applying for the course or after you have applied. Check the scholarship deadlines for specific course. In general, you should apply for a course at the university before you can apply for the scholarships. Check the Website of the relevant institution for updates.
Visas and immigration
Study in the UK demands a Tier 4 visa. To apply for a visa you need a sponsorship from a university through a 'confirmation of acceptance for studies' (CAS)  letter and furthermore you have to prove that you have enough funds to meet all of your educational and living costs.
Tips to search for the most valuable UK scholarship.
Follow these steps to search for your choice of scholarship program
  • Search the different scholarship databases for your selected subject, and save your results.
  • Shortlist your options and view the profiles of your selected universities for more details and their offerings for international students.
  • Contact your preferred universities
  • Get ahead of the deadline for scholarship applications and begin your process soon.


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