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Admissions Requirement in Czech Republic for Pakistani Students 2021

undergraduate and postgraduate admission requirements in Czech universities for Pakistani students

The Czech Republic is called “The city of a hundred spires”. There are over 2000 historical castles in the Czech Republic and is considered as an ancient quintessence but it has progressed with time and excelled in fields of science especially. Jan Janský was a Czech scientist who classified blood into four groups making blood donations possible. In 2016, the Czech Government spent a budget of €4.6 billion for education. The Czech Republic locates at Central Europe and hosts international students from every nook and corner of the world. Admissions requirements in Czech Universities differ from each other. The method of application is through online means and international students can directly apply at the website of their selected university. The detailed information about general requirements of admissions in Czech Universities are written below:


How Pakistani Students can Apply to Czech Universities 2021

The higher education system in the Czech Republic is divided into three cycles namely Bachelor’s, Masters and Doctoral Degrees. There two types of universities in the country including public and private universities. Public universities offer a better quality of education than private ones. The admission requirements are different for every program which will be notified to you by the university itself upon submitting an application online. The first step of admissions is selecting the most suitable university for studying in the Czech Republic.


Choosing a University

There are a number of top rated universities in the Czech Republic that offer English taught and Czech language taught programs. While choosing a university you must search for affordable tuition fee, availability of on-campus accommodation, university ranking at the global level, a city where the university is located and scholarships or financial aid opportunities.


Choosing a Study Program

The admission eligibility depends upon the study program you have selected. There is plenty of study program in the Czech Republic that is being offered in the English language. The Czech language is considered as one of the toughest languages to learn in the world. Choose a program that interests you the most and also has a career scope. While short listing study programs ensure you meet eligibility criteria.  For Czech taught courses the students are required to complete a one-year Czech language course for attaining Czech language proficiency and also prepare you for an entrance examination.


General Documents Requirements for Admissions in Czech Universities 2021 for Pakistani Students

The listed below documents are required generally for admissions of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The required documents can differ from one Czech University to others. The students will also be required to pass an interview which can be taken via Skype by an academic advisor. The students will be required to prove they are eligible for admission. To continue studying in University, the students have to maintain high grades throughout the semesters of their study program.


Hire a Study Abroad Consultant

The study abroad consultants are experts in the admissions field. They are studying counselors and can guide you to choose the right study program and the best university in the Czech Republic.  They can help you arrange the required documents before the admissions deadline ends.


Documents Required for Under Graduate Program, Post Graduate (Masters) and Post Graduate (Ph.D.) Programsto Apply in Czech Universities 2021 for Pakistani students 

  • Certified copy of passed high school diploma, Bachelors degree for Post Graduate Masters Program and Masters degree for Ph.D. Program(if you have not received the diploma yet then it can be submitted till September)

  • Transcripts of academic records (certified copies)

  • Personal statement (a letter of intent written by the applicant explaining why has he/she chosen a certain program and explain how this program will help them pursue their personal and professional motives)

  • Letter of Recommendation (From your professor or academic supervisor recommending that you have abilities and motivation to pursue your selected program), Two Letters of Recommendation will be required for admissions in postgraduate programs. The two letters of recommendation should be from two different professors or academic advisors. The letters of recommendation must be delivered directly to the university via email or post.

  • English Language Proficiency Certificate (The students have opted to sit in an English language entrance exam to show their language ability or they can show certificate of passed language tests like TOEFL, IELTS, FCE, A, B, CAE, A, B, C, Czech or Slovak State Exam in English, Czech or Slovak Maturita English Leaving Exam with score 1) For Czech language taught courses the students need to sit in the entrance exam for the Czech language to prove their language ability or either attend one year course of Czech language to learn the language.

  • Students will be required to an essay in the English language during orientation in which they must attain good grades. The students attaining grade D in this essay test or below than D then will have to take English Pre-Composition. For students attaining admission in Business administration, IT, English language and literature programs a math aptitude test is compulsory.

  • To attain scholarships a merit test is also taken by Czech Universities

  • Copy of National Identity Card and Passport

  • Complete Application Form

  • Application fee which is not refundable ( can be around 2,000 CZK)

  • After submitting the required documents the students will give an interview to ensure their eligibility. The interview will be taken by the faculty head of their program. The international students will take the interview through Skype or audio calling. The interview will be the final call on accepting your admission.


Recognition of Foreign Education in the Czech Republic (Nostrification)

Under Act of No. 111/1998 Coll. on Higher Education Institutions of Czech Republic, the international students intending to study in Czech Universities are required to have their certificates of education or transcripts of academic records officially recognized from foreign educational institutions (a “nostrification”) which will be issued by the Czech authorities themselves.


Entrance English Exams

For admissions in English taught courses the students are required to prove their proficiency in the language by giving an assessment test. This test can be taken in oral or written form. Mostly the students are required to write an essay at orientation. Those who fail to pass this test will take English Composition Skills during the first semester of the program at Czech University.


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