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Estimated Study and Living Expenses in Czech Republic for Pakistani Students

estimated study cost for Pakistani sudents to study in Czech

Studying in abroad is generally an expensive journey. Czech Republic is considered as financially reasonable country located in central Europe. Including living expenses, food, transportation and other entertainment activities a student can expect per month expenses to be ranging from 350-750 USD. A person’s living expenses are majorly dependent upon his/her life style and spending habits. The living cost may vary according to location of your residence in Czech Republic. Although Czech Republic is a European Country but it does not use Euro as its currency. The official currency of Czech Republic is Czech crown CZD.


Student Identity Card (ISIC)

All international students will be issued a Student Identity Card (ISIC) by their home University. By using Student Identity Card (ISIC) the students will receive student’s discounts on public transport, cinemas, eating places, concerts and entry fee on museums and exhibitions will be discounted as well. To get a Student Identity card you can also apply on ISIC Official Website.


Study Expenses in Czech Republic for International Students 2021

For nationals of any country whether EU or non EU higher education in Public Universities for Czech taught courses is free of cost except admissions fee and administration fee.

You will be charged fee on following conditions:

  • If you are extending the duration of your study program beyond specific limit

  • If you are taking admission in additional study program

  • If your are taking admission in a Foreign Language Taught Course (For Example English)

Private higher education institute are independent to settle their own tuition fee.



Average Cost of Study in Czech Republic

If you have chosen a foreign language taught program in Czech University then fee will be charged. Fee for each study program can be different from the other. On average the tuition fee can be from 1.000 to 15.000 USD per year.


Living Expenses in Czech Republic 2021 forPakistani Students

The monthly rent of accommodation depends upon the location of the residence and also type of accommodation you have chosen. On campus accommodation and dormitories are least expensive option for students. Czech Universities mostly offer on campus accommodation but students are also allowed to arrange a private accommodation if they wish to.


Average Rent of Different Types of Student Accommodation in Czech Republic

  • On Campus Accommodation: You can expect to pay 150 USD per month

  • Private Room in a Flat: You can expect to pay 250 USD per month

  • Private Flat with Two Rooms: You can expect to pay 450 USD per month.

Utility bills are not included in the accommodation rent. Expenses of daily edible goods, transportation and other facilities like internet are written below:


Food Cost

  • Lunch menu including a drink for one person will cost $7

  • A meal in any fast food restaurant McDonalds or KFC will cost ($5.85)

  • Boneless chicken breast (500gr) will cost $3.53

  • 1 liter bottle of milk ($0.90)

  • Dozen eggs ($2.37)

  • 1 kg of tomatoes ($1.91)

  • 500 gr. Pack of cheese ($3.99)

  • 1 kg of apples ($1.38)

  • 1 kg of potatoes ($0.82)

  • 2 liters of Coca-Cola ($1.38)

  • Loaf of Bread for 2 people for 1 day eatery ($0.70)


Transportation Cost

Monthly tickets for a public transport will cost you approximately ($24). By using Student Identity Card you will receive student discount. If you own a car then 1 liter of gas will cost you $1.44.


Miscellaneous Daily Expenditures

Internet services for a month of 8Mbps speed will cost you ($16). Tickets for cinema for two people will cost you ($17).


Most Expensive Cities of Czech Republic

The most expensive city of Czech Republic is Prague, the second is Brno and third most expensive is Chomutov. Your daily routine edible beverages, accommodation rents and entertainment expenditure will be most expensive in these cities.


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