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Admissions Requirements in Irish Universities for Pakistani Students 2024

Admissions requirements in Irish Universities vary from each other. While selecting a university for an under graduate program or post graduate program you must confirm your EU or Non-EU status because entry requirements and fee structure is different for both in Universities of Ireland. 


How to Apply:

Select Your Preferable University in Ireland:

The first step for admissions is to search for a University in Ireland that suits your budget, offers the programme you want to study and situates at that city of Ireland you want to move towards. You must totally understand your selected University’s 

  • Entry Requirements

  • Fee Structure

  • Admissions Eligibility

  • Arrange All Required Admission Documents Before Last Date of Application Submission


Select the Programme You Want to Study:

The next step after selecting the University in Ireland you want to take admission in, search for the programme you are interested to study. Irish Universities are offering numerous programme for each education stream. You must navigate through the entire programmes being offered at University before finally selecting one. While choosing the programme for study you must consider:

  • Career Scope

  • If you are Passionate to Study It

  • What subjects You Will Study in Your Selected Programme


Arranging Admission Documents:

After selecting your preferred Irish university and study programme arrange the documents required for selection. The documents must be arranged with complete detailing and scrutiny. Try to not miss a sinle document asked by the university otherwise your admission might be denied and you will have to wait for next sessions to start. The Irish universities and colleges will take 4 weeks to finalize all the admissions process and verify your documents. Usually admissions process is a source of confusion for students as it their first time ti apply for admissions online. It is better to make right use of your time and money and hire a consultant to avoid making mistakes and cancellation. You can take services of registered consultants added at our website to take complete admissions guidelines. (Visit our Consultants Section)


Admissions Entry Requirements for Undergraduate Programmes (Non-EU Students) 2024:

When you have selected an Irish University and study course for undergraduate programme then your next step is to click at their entry requirements section which is usually country wise. Most of the Irish Universities have specified entry requirements for each country separately. The students applying for a full under graduate progarmme must assure their non-EU and EU status firstly. The admissions requirements and fee structure is different for EU and Non-EU students. The Non- EU students will have to pay full fee whereas the EU students are offered free of cost or subsidized fee structure.


General Entry Requirements for Undergraduate Programmes (Non-EU Students) in Irish Universities 2024:

The entry requirements at Irish Universities may differ from one another. You must gather information from International Affairs Office of your chosen University to know the exact requirements. Some of Irish Universities will send the list of required documents to you via email as well. Below are the general requirements for Non-EU students at Irish Universities for undergraduate programmes 


Method of Application: 

The Non- EU students have to apply directly at their chosen Irish University’s International Affairs Office. They can apply directly at their chosen Irish University by using the online application system.


Degree Requirements: 

Higher Secondary Certificate in Science/Pre-Engineering and Pre-Medical Intermediate / Higher Secondary Certificate in Subjects) in Humanities and Commerce.


Documents Requirement:

Two academic references, Final high school exam results (according to the programme you selected), or Predicted Scores provided by your school.


Language Proficiency Test: 

The medium of instruction for majority of undergraduate programmes is English. For that the students belonging from countries like Pakistan where English is not a native language, the students have to demonstrate high command over English language. The Irish Universities will require non-EU students to have pass International English Language Testing System (IELTS) with minimum 6.5 grades and in Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) minimum score of 600 in the paper-based (TOEFL PBT), with Test of Written English at 475 + and in n the computer based TOEFL, a minimum score of 250 is required and minimum score of 90 is a requirement in the Internet based TOEFL (iBT).


Admissions Deadline: 

The admissions deadline for each Irish University might be different from the other. To know exact admissions deadline you must keep check with your selected Irish University’s official website. But usually the undergraduate students have to apply at Irish Universities before 1st of July.


Application Fee:

An application fee is a requirement for most of the undergraduate programmes in Irish Universities. The average application fee is around €50 to €75 payable by credit card.


Additional Documents Required for Undergraduate Programmes in Irish Universities:

  • Copies of academic transcripts(Certified) including English language transcripts (IELTS) or (TOEFL)

  • 2 Non-academic references

  • Passport copy showing name, nationality and date of birth.

  • A fresh passport style photograph

  • Confidential academic referee* contact details

  • A personal statement (guidance on preparing your statement can be found here) usually a 500-word statement of purpose

  • Documents reflecting and demonstrating your life experience (such as work/life balance, extracurricular activities, relevant work/voluntary experience etc.)


Admissions Requirements for Post Graduate Programmes (Non-EU Students):

The post graduates admissions requirements at Irish Universities are competitive and prefer high grades. The entry requirements may differ from university to university that will be known only through International Affairs Office of your chosen university. There are plenty of popular post graduate programmes offered at Irish Universities. After selecting the study program you want to pursue in an Irish University, you will have to specify your EU and Non-EU status because the entry requirements are different for both. For admissions in Irish University you will have to use online application system and that is usually organized country wise. There is an exclusive application button for non-EU students at every Irish University’s website. Your application will be processed within 3 to 4 weeks after submitting your application online. Below are the general admission requirements for post graduate programmes at Irish Universities step to step. 


Application Requirements for Masters:


Method of Application:

The Non-EU students have to utilize online application system to apply at Irish University for post graduate programmes. The International Affairs Offices of Irish Universities deal the applications process of Non-EU students.


Degree Requirements:

Second class honours degree in a relevant subject. (you must hold at least a 2.1 honors degree from an Irish university or equivalent result from a university in another country). The degree requirements can be different according to the programme you selected for master’s classes.


Documents Requirement:

Certified third level qualification results, Academic transcripts for each year of third level study and all third level qualifications awarded, Two letters of recommendation. Note: (A University degree (i.e. Bachelor's degree) is a Third level degree).


Language Proficiency Test:

The applicants belonging from countries where English is a second language or not their native languages have to demonstrate high English Language skills. The medium of instruction for most of post graduate programmes is English. Therefore for admissions in post graduates the students must pass IELTS with minimum 6.5 grades and TOEFL with minimum 600 points. 


Admissions Deadline:

application submission deadline for post graduate programmes are different at every Irish University. Right after completing your Bachelor’s degree starts searching for Irish University to get their admission calendar. Usually you will have to apply by June or July for many of the postgraduate courses that start in September and October. You must apply at least six months in advance so that must be around March for a course that starts in September/October.


Application Fee:

Application is charged for all post graduate programmes which are payable through credit card and is not refundable. The application fee must be around €50 to €75. The specific amount will be notified to you by International Affairs Office upon submitting the application at Irish University. 


Additional Documents Required for Post Graduate Programmes in Irish Universities (Master’s):

  • Third level qualification results (A University degree (i.e. Bachelor's degree) is a Third level degree)

  • Certificates of either IELTS, Cambridge Advanced/Proficiency or TOEFL scores, for applicants whose first language is not English

  • Certified Academic transcripts for each year of third level study and all third level qualifications awarded. (Photocopy or Originals will be specified to the Irish University International Affairs Office)

  • 2 letters of recommendation

  • National Passport valid at least till duration of your study programme in Ireland

  • The Application fee (non-refundable) and application fee payment form


Admissions Requirements for Post Graduate Programmes (Non-EU Students) (PhD Degrees):

Admissions for PhD courses are meritorious and entry requirements are quite high in all of Irish Universities. Your previous degree might be rejected if it does not fulfill entry requirements in a relevant area. All of the students undertaking a research degree in Ireland will be assigned a single principal supervisor. The University will ask for your research proposal and arrange a suitable supervisor before submitting your application. Firstly you will have to select the University in Ireland you want to study your research programme in, the entry requirements will be specified to you by the University’s International Affairs Office itself. The entry requirements at Irish Universities differ from one another. The research students will be placed either directly on the Ph.D. register or on the Masters register. If their progress is satisfactory the master’s register students can be transferred to PhD registers which usually occurs during the second year of full-time study.


Application Requirements for PhD Courses in Irish Universities for PAkistani Students 2024:


Method of Application:

Some Irish Universities will require you to apply through Postgraduate Applications Centre (PAC) system which will be known through the University’s website. The method of application for admission in PhD programmes in Irish Universities is via Online Application System which is handled by International Affairs Office.


Degree Requirements:

Almost all Irish Universities require a minimum of a 2:1 honors degree (other equivalent qualifications may be considered), although many courses also require a master’s degree. You will also have to submit a detailed research proposal elaborating the scope of your study.


Documents Requirement:

For PhD students, you usually need to create a research proposal, you might also need to pass an entrance test for some types of course, and for example the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) for the MBA which will be specified to by University.


Language Proficiency Test:

IELTS with minimum grades of 6.5, TOEFL: 88 - iBT, 230 - Computer based, 570 - paper based, Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English: Grade C and Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English: Grade C.


Admissions Deadlines:

Admissions deadline for PhD courses may differ from University to University in Ireland. You must contact your selected Irish University’s International Affairs for details. However there are two entry times on in March and one in September. It is preferable o start admissions process 6 month prior to entry months. 


Application Fee:

For the students using the PAC system for admissions the application fee is €50 and  for those applying at the universities directly and not using the PAC system this is typically between €30 and €50 (Not Refundable)


Additional Documents Required for Post Graduate Programmes in Irish Universities (PhD):

  • A minimum of a 2:1 honors degree serves as the minimum qualification for admission to a PhD program in an Irish university. In alternate, the applicants for PhD can produce any such evidence that will convince the head of the department or faculty of their eligibility for obtaining admission. Most ideally, a master’s degree is considered appropriate t for applying to a PhD program.

  • Considering the study background of applicant and the subject chosen for research, the applicants are bound to submit a review of minimum 10,000 words to justify their eligibility for seeking admission in their desired subject of research, within time duration of 12 to 18 months of registration. The applicants then have to undergo an oral presentation as well.

  • A recently up-to-date resume demonstrating the details of previous work experiences, achievements, and future goals

  • A letter of motivation demonstrating the interests in the specific subject of research

  • Original certified copies of academic transcripts

  • Certificates evidencing of proficiency in English, either through TOEFL or IELTS score


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