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Living and Accommodation Options and There Costs for International Students in UK


United Kingdom is one of the most popular destinations to which large number of aspiring students fly in order to gain higher and complex education. However, in doing so there are certain expenses that have to be incurred by the student before the education is commenced on. It is mandatory that a student can bear all of those expenses in order to gain an astounding level of education.

Accommodation and living costs for the students pursuing education in United Kingdom 

United Kingdom is known as the pioneer of the world class education though the tuition costs are drastically lower in United Kingdom but the accommodation and living costs are considerably high and one of the biggest hurdle that students face while pursuing their education.

The accommodation and living cots to be borne by an international student fall in the following range:

  • The average cost of accommodation and living in United Kingdom for a year including the tuition would fall around to be $33,000 to $42,500. However, this would be dependent on the program that the student intends to study and the location of the residence. 

Categories of Accommodation and Living which the students can avail

The students have number of options to choose from when it comes to accommodation which are the following:

  • On Campus Dormitories

  • Private Dorms 

  • Apartments 

  • Renting rooms in private houses 

On Campus Accommodation

This type of accommodation is granted to the first year students who apply for the accommodation within the deadline. The students of undergraduate and postgraduate programs have to apply for the accommodation which will vary between the range of $85- $220 in a week including the bills.    

Private Dorms 

If a student intends for more amount of privacy they can choose the private dorms which costs on average 168 pounds in a week. The cost of a room is going to be dependent on the location as in the Private Halls of Residence in London will cost around about 145 pounds while  in the Central London it will cost 280 pounds. One of the reason students choose to study outside London is due to the high costs of living that the students have to bear. A drastic difference is evident from the fact that a room in a shared house will cost 90 pounds.


Private Apartments are such that are chosen by large number of students the costs of which vary on the type of apartment and the locality where it is located. The complete living costs will fall in the range of $16,000 to $20,500 in a year which is inclusive of accommodation, food, syllabus books, transportation and going out depending on the manner in which the student is living. 

Renting Rooms in Private Houses 

In order to save the costs the students can choose to rent rooms in the private houses the costs of which will vary according to the location.  

Working while being a student to meet the ends 

International Students are given an option to work along with studying which enables them to earn an amount which can be instilled into number of their expenses enabling them to load off the burden to a certain extent. However, the number of hours they can work are up to twenty hours a week while studying. The standard wage is given on an hourly rate being $10 to $ 12 pounds.  

If any student is in need of an assistance in looking for a part time employment they can contact their universities careers centers as all universities are inevitably equipped with one.

It is an established fact that London is one of those cities which has the highest rate of accommodation especially when the residence is at Central London being the dilemma of all of the big cities. However, if a student’s university is not in central one of the smartest move is to find an accommodation which is    outside London. Inevitably, the choice of accommodation depends gravely on the fact that where is the student’s university located.


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