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Permanent Citizenship and Residence for Pakistani Graduates in United Kingdom

It is not unlikely for any student to think that they would want to build a future in United Kingdom after they have graduated in order to achieve a better standard of living and a drastic increase in a career. However, in doing so is it is necessary for an international student to obtain a job offer within four months after their education has come to an end which in itself is not  an easy talk as it involves number of complexities in terms of finding a suitable work and obtaining the relevant visas pertaining to it. Thus, it is advisable to look at the wide variety of visas which are available to the international students and mandatory to obtain in order to reside in United Kingdom after the completion of the studies.

Tier 2 Visa 

If the graduate intends to get settled in UK after obtaining their education they need to convert their student visa into Tier 2 work visa at first in order to secure a job required according to UK’s rules and regulations.

Moreover, in accordance with the guidelines and regulations laid down in 2016 applicants need to earn an income of minimum 35,000 pounds in a year after being on Tier 2 Visa for five years. 

Permanent Residence 

After five years of Tier 2 Visa often known as Work Permit the individual is eligible to apply for PR often know as a permanent residence. This is often known as indefinite leave to remain commonly known as ILR Visa. However, the pre requisite for applying this visa is that an individual needs to complete five years of the job after graduating. However, there are other pre requisites that one needs to be fulfill in prior to the applying for ILR visa:

  • A reasonable amount of income with a  permanent job 

  • A good character without any criminal record  

  • There are certain tests that one needs to pass like Knowledge of Life in the UK test and an English Language Test.             

How Long Does it Take to Process the ILR Visa?

On average the complete process of obtaining ILR Visa takes up to six months.  Moreover, there are some details which are required from the applicant:

  • A photograph 

  • Digital prints of all of the ten fingers 

  • Signature

  • Name 

  • The date and place of birth 

  • The current immigration status 


An individual can apply for citizenship in order to gain the status of a permanent resident after a year of securing the ILR and residing for more than five years in United Kingdom an individual can apply for a British Citizenship.      

The Next Step is to Gain The Permanent Residence "CITIZENSHIP" 

How to Gain the Permanent Citizenship? 

Large number of students intends to gain permanent citizenship of United Kingdom due to the grave number of benefits that can be enjoyed after obtaining it which includes the healthcare and a pool of immense opportunities to choose from by the applicant in order to gain heights in their career.

How Can One Obtain the Permanent Citizenship?

One of the most common ways to obtain the permanent citizenship is through the process of naturalization. 

What is the Process of Naturalization?

An applicant who has obtained ILR and is working for five years in United Kingdom can apply for British Citizenship provided that following conditions are met:

  • Familiarity with an English Language 

  • Have cleared a Life in the UK test 

  • Does not bear any major criminal convictions

  • The applicant should not have spent more than 450 days outside United Kingdom in five years and not more than 90 days outside in last year. 

  • An applicant has an indefinite leave to remain in United Kingdom for last twelve months  

Ways to Apply for a UK Citizenship 

  • An applicant can choose to make an individual by submitting the UK citizenship application form.

  • An application can also be made through a licensed immigration adviser.

Documents Required to Make UK Citizenship Application  

The applicant is required to give their biometric information in addition to the other documents which includes:

  • The documents such as passport, birth certificates in order to show the identity. 

  • The proof  that the applicant is equipped with the ability to speak affluent English 

  • The applicant should have cleared the Life in the UK test

  • The applicant should provide with the proof of having a permanent residence in UK for the desirable period of time

  • The applicant must possess an indefinite leave to remain in UK

Where the Application Should be Sent?

  • To UKVI

  • Department 1

  • The Capital 

  • New Hall Place 

  • Liverpool L3 9PP 

 How Long Does it Take to Process UK Citizenship?

  • Once an application is made for the citizenship it is processed within six months.

  • In case the application is accepted and is successful the applicant is invited to take place at a citizenship ceremony for which the fee is £80.

  • The applicant is allowed to bring two guests 

  • At last when the certificate of UK citizenship is received by the applicant they are instructed to return back the biometric residence permit to the home office within five working days.

 What is Life in the UK Test?

In order to gain the citizenship or even an ILR applicant needs to take in the Life in the UK test. However, there are certain exemptions such as those who are under 18 or over 65 or have a physical or mental condition does not require to give the test.   

 Cost of the Test? 

  • The cost of the test is £50 and is held at a UK test Centre to the closest location of the applicant.  

  • However, the applicant needs to book on an early basis, provide ID and proof of address.  

What is Life in the UK Test?

  • The life in the UK test is for 45 minutes and is composed of twenty four questions which plays around the traditions and customs that are embedded in United Kingdom.  

  • For the assistance of applicant’s preparation for the test the applicants are given the handbook as the questions in test are retrieved out of the information in this handbook. 

  • However, the handbook needs to be purchased for £12.99. 

The Cost to Make an Application for UK Citizenship?

In order to make the application for UK citizenship an applicant needs to go through a certain procedure along with which pay the fees associated with it which are the following:

  • By naturalization – £1236

  • Children under 18 – £936

The Cost of Making an Application for Indefinite Leave to Remain in UK?

The current cost of applying for indefinite leave to remain in UK is £1875.

Conclusively, it is a settled fact that if an individual intends to gain an indefinite leave to remain and permanent citizenship it can only be done so by following a certain process for it which is laid down by the authorities. Though the process is lengthy and time consuming but if followed through an applicant is able to gain the residence and the permanent citizenship successfully enabling them to enjoy a better standard of living and an increase in the growth of their career.       


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