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Countries which are accepting International students for fall 2021

With the declaration of Covid-19 as a global pandemic the world soon went into a long period of lockdown. All the international universities all around the globe were shut down and remote learning was introduced.

Due to this prolonged period of lockdown the countries were not offering many study abroad programs for international students. But now as the situation regarding this pandemic are easing down and the vaccine trials for this deadly disease have also begun in all parts of the world, international universities are opening applications for fall study abroad programs for  international students, for the academic year of 2021.These are the countries which are offering fall degree programs for international students.


  • Austria.

Austria is home to almost 87,000 international students, who study Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programs in Austria. This country has some globally ranked universities that provide quality education to its international students.

This country has now opened its borders for International students and is offering applications for fall degree programs.

The deadline to apply for fall 2021 programs is from June to September 2021 for international students but the deadlines can vary for every University. To keep in touch with the deadlines for your university view the official university page.

View this link for further information regarding visa and admission requirements in Austria.


  • Germany.

Germany is considered to the top study abroad destination for international students. Germany offers great many Graduate and Post-Graduate programs to students al around the Globe.

Germany is among those countries which are offering applications for Fall admissions to international students in 2021. The deadline is 15 July 2021, and in case a student needs to apply for a visa the deadline can be varied.

Click link for to view visa requirements for Germany.


  • Australia.

Australia is the most well-known study destination for International students. Popular for racially diverse population and current study policies in time of pandemic Australia universities are seen to be overflowing with international students.

The deadlines for Fall 2021 admission in Australian universities start from late October to Mid-November. But these dates can vary for each university.

Click link to view information about study abroad in Australia.


  • United States of America.

USA is home to almost 250 top ranking universities; more than a million international students are enrolled in American universities. There are a few catagories for admission in Universities of America.

For undergraduate/Bachelor’s Degrees in American Universities the deadline is from October to November. Whereas for Master’s degree programs the deadlines are from January to March.

View this link for information regarding the Admission process in United States of America.


  • Canada.

If you are looking for top ranking universities, the most serene landscapes, a multicultural environment and top quality educational degrees Canada can be your best spot. Canada has over 30 top ranking universities, attracting great many international students every year.

The admission deadline for fall 2021 in Canadian universities is closing at 1st of September, but the dates can vary for every university. View the official university page to keep in touch with the deadlines.

View this link for information on study abroad programs in Canada.


  • Belgium.

This beautiful and culturally rich country attracts numerous international students every year, mostly enrolling in Master’s degree programs in Belgium Universities. This country mostly offers courses in French and English.

The admission Deadlines for fall 2021 in universities of Belgium are from February to March.

View link to know about admission process in Belgium.


  • Russia.

Russia has over 300,000 international students enrolling every year in Master’s and Bachelor’s degree programs.

The admission deadlines for fall 2021 in Russian Universities are between January to July.

Click link to view about Russia visa requirements.

These are the admission deadlines in foreign countries for many international students for fall 2021. To keep yourself up to date with the deadlines for your desired university you should check the official page of the university. And in case of missing out the deadline you can also call or e-mail the university management.


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