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PhD is the highest level of education that can be acquired in a particular field. A Pakistani student who has keen interest in one particular topic and is driven to research in that particular field in detail, must go for a PhD for their pursuit.

Even though a Pakistani student is high performing during their master’s program and want to pursue PhD degree in the world’s leading universities on scholarship, they must gear up to face tough competition, since there are very limited amount of seats available for the PhD level.

Each year thousands of Pakistani students get enrolled in PhD degree program in foreign universities on scholarships and financial aids.


Scholarships for PhD: has clearly explained how different the scholarships are for PhD programs from the undergraduate, and master’s levels.

The main criteria for selection to a PhD program remain the effectiveness of the research proposal, how impactful and resourceful the research proposal is.

In case of PhD program it’s very precise and not so generalized when it comes to fields, study has made tremendous effort to bring to the Pakistani student all the possible fields of research in which scholarships are offered like radio transients , rheological assessments, cooling technologies and other trending research topics of interest.

The search has been made effective by the addition of countries and fields.

The study in PhD opens doors of opportunities for the Pakistani student in companies that generate revenue from research.



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Monash University Engineering Science Scholarship In Australia, 2020
Monash University Engineering Science Scholarship In Australia, 2020 Doctoral, Post-Graduate engineering sciences
Apply By 31 Oct 2020 Australia
Fulbright Foreign Student Scholarship Program USA
Fulbright Foreign Student Scholarship Program USA Doctoral, Post-Graduate all subjects
Apply By 30 Oct 2020 USA
International PhD Position At North Carolina State University 2020-21
International PhD Position At North Carolina State University 2020-21 Doctoral experimental spincaloritronics,topological materials
Apply By 01 Aug 2020 USA
Friedrich Naumann Foundation Scholarship
Friedrich Naumann Foundation Scholarship Doctoral, Post-Graduate all subjects
Apply By 31 Oct 2020 Germany
DAAD Masters Degree Scholarships For International Students In Germany
DAAD Masters Degree Scholarships For International Students In Germany Doctoral, Post-Graduate Textiles,Readymade Cloth Technology,Environmental Science,Water Resource Engineering,Renewable Energy,Infrastructure Planning,hydrology,Air Quality Control,Solid Waste,WasteWater Processing Technology,Photogrammetry,Geoinformatics,Natural Hazards,Structural Engineering
Apply By N/A Germany
Elsa-Neumann-Scholarships Doctoral all subjects
Apply By N/A Germany
Future Fuels CRC PhD Scholarship - University Of Adelaide
Future Fuels CRC PhD Scholarship - University Of Adelaide Doctoral solar photocatalytic hydrogen production
Apply By 31 Jul 2020 Australia
University Of Melbourne Margaret Harrap Bursary 2020-21
University Of Melbourne Margaret Harrap Bursary 2020-21 Undergraduate, Doctoral, Diploma-Certificate, Post-Graduate all subjects
Apply By 31 Oct 2020 Australia
Marsden PhD Grant In Biological Sciences 2020
Marsden PhD Grant In Biological Sciences 2020 Doctoral Biological Science
Apply By N/A New Zealand
International Owen Browning Scholarships In Forestry - New Zealand 2020
International Owen Browning Scholarships In Forestry - New Zealand 2020 Doctoral, Post-Graduate Environmental Sciences
Apply By 01 Nov 2020 New Zealand
Jasmine Jiangsu Government Funding - Soochow University, China
Jasmine Jiangsu Government Funding - Soochow University, China Undergraduate, Doctoral, Post-Graduate all subjects
Apply By 30 Jun 2020 China
Huazhong Agricultural University - Master And PhD Scholarships 2020-21
Huazhong Agricultural University - Master And PhD Scholarships 2020-21 Doctoral, Post-Graduate Master of Public Administration,Science,Engineering,humanities and social sciences,Economics and management , Plant Sciences & Technology,Animal Sciences & Technology , Resources & Environment,Life Sciences & Technology, Horticulture & Forestry Sciences, Fisheries, Food Sciences & Technology,Informatics
Apply By 30 Jul 2020 China
Fully-Funded Global PhD Scholarship In Computer Science - UK, 2020
Apply By 30 Jun 2020 UK
Fully-Funded PhD Studentship In UK 2020-21
Fully-Funded PhD Studentship In UK 2020-21 Doctoral Psychology,Neuroscience,Neuroimaging ,Neuropsychology, Neurodevelopment,
Apply By 28 Jun 2020 UK
University Of Copenhagen - Fully Funded PhD International Awards
Apply By 19 Jun 2020 Denmark
University Of British Columbia - Kathryn Huget Leadership Award 2020
University Of British Columbia - Kathryn Huget Leadership Award 2020 Doctoral, Post-Graduate Psychology,Commerce,Behavioural Sciences,Master of Business Administration (MBA).,Business,Sociology
Apply By 30 Jun 2020 Canada
International PhD Position At North Carolina State University 2020-21
International PhD Position At North Carolina State University 2020-21 Doctoral experimental spincaloritronics,topological materials
Apply By 01 Aug 2020 USA
U21’s Graduate Collaborative Research Awards for International Students, 2020
Apply By 07 Aug 2020 UK
University Of Canterbury - Vida Stout Scholarship 2020-21
Apply By 15 Oct 2020 New Zealand
Rhodes Global Scholarship
Rhodes Global Scholarship Doctoral, Post-Graduate all subjects
Apply By N/A UK
UQ CSIRO Data61 PhD International Scholarship in Software Security Analytics in Australia
Apply By 29 Jun 2020 Australia
Chemistry / Physics: Fully Funded European Research Council PhD Scholarship at Swansea University
Apply By 02 Jul 2020 UK
Turkey Scholarship 2020 For Masters & PhD (Fully Funded)
Turkey Scholarship 2020 For Masters & PhD (Fully Funded) Doctoral, Post-Graduate humanities and social sciences,engineering sciences,Business,Nursing and Health Sciences
Apply By N/A Turkey
Japan MEXT Scholarship 2021 | Japanese Government Scholarship (MEXT 2021)
Japan MEXT Scholarship 2021 | Japanese Government Scholarship (MEXT 2021) Doctoral, Post-Graduate Mathematics,Chemistry,Physics,Mechanical Engineering,Computer Science,,civil and environmental engineering,Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering,Architecture and Building Engineering,Life Science and Technology,Chemical Science and Engineering,Mathematical and Computing Science,Materials Science and Engineering,Industrial Engineering and Economics,Information and Communications Engineering,Electrical and Electronic Engineering,Systems and Control Engineering,Earth and Planetary Sciences
Apply By 10 Jul 2020 Japan
France Emile Boutmy Scholarship 2021
France Emile Boutmy Scholarship 2021 Undergraduate, Doctoral, Post-Graduate Law,Economics,History,Political Science,Applied Sociology, Journalism Studies,PUBLIC AFFAIRS,INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS,MANAGEMENT AND INNOVATION
Apply By 15 Dec 2020 France
Zhengzhou University President Scholarship 2020-2021
Zhengzhou University President Scholarship 2020-2021 Doctoral, Post-Graduate International Medical Foundation Program,International Foundation Program,Foundation Program in Science & Engineering,Business Foundation Program
Apply By 15 Jun 2020 China
Cambridge Trust Scholarship: Study in Cambridge University UK
Cambridge Trust Scholarship: Study in Cambridge University UK Undergraduate, Doctoral, Post-Graduate all subjects
Apply By 15 Oct 2020 UK
Québec Merit Scholarships for International Students 2021 – Scholarships in Canada
Québec Merit Scholarships for International Students 2021 – Scholarships in Canada Doctoral, Diploma-Certificate Technical training,Vocational training
Apply By N/A Canada
Gates and Melinda Scholarship 2021
Gates and Melinda Scholarship 2021 Undergraduate, Doctoral, Post-Graduate Faculty of Science, Faculty of Arts,faculty of business study ,faculty of computer study,faculty of law and legal study
Apply By 30 Sep 2020 USA
UNICAF program for International Students, 2020
UNICAF program for International Students, 2020 Undergraduate, Doctoral, Post-Graduate Education,Psychology,Public Health,International Relations,mass communication
Apply By N/A UK
TDTU Graduate funding for International Students in Vietnam
TDTU Graduate funding for International Students in Vietnam Doctoral, Post-Graduate Computer Science & IT,Tourism & Hospitality,Environmental Sciences,Hospitality,Biochemistry,Agri-food Technology ,Master of Business Administration (MBA).,Accounting,Finance,biotechnology
Apply By 15 Nov 2020 Vietnam
Undergraduate and Postgraduate international awards at Changzhou University, China
Undergraduate and Postgraduate international awards at Changzhou University, China Undergraduate, Doctoral, Post-Graduate Finance,Human Resource Management,Marketing,international trade and economy,logistics management, financial engineering,accounting and Chinese language and literature
Apply By 30 Jun 2020 China
GRADUATE RESEARCH SCHOLARSHIPS 2020 AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA [FULLY FUNDED] Doctoral, Post-Graduate Education,Law,Engineering,Arts ,Science ,Business and Economics,Architecture, Building and Planning,Fine Arts and Music,Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences,Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences
Apply By 31 Oct 2020 Australia
STANFORD UNIVERSITY SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM 2021 IN USA – FULLY FUNDED Doctoral, Post-Graduate Aviation,Faculty of Science, Development and Neuroscience,Ecology, Faculty of Arts,faculty of business study ,faculty of computer study,faculty of law and legal study
Apply By 14 Oct 2020 USA
ADELAIDE INTERNATIONAL SCHOLARSHIPS IN AUSTRALIA 2020-21 – FULLY FUNDED Doctoral, Post-Graduate Arts ,Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences,Health and Medical Sciences
Apply By 10 Jul 2020 Australia
BILKENT UNIVERSITY SCHOLARSHIP 2020-21 IN TURKEY [FULLY FUNDED] Doctoral, MPhil Mathematics,Chemistry,Physics,Mechanical Engineering,Architecture,Computer Engineering,Electrical and Electronics Engineering,Industrial Engineering,Materials Science & Nanotechnology,Molecular Biology and Genetics,Neuroscience,Telecommunications and Networking
Apply By 31 May 2020 Turkey
KING ABDULAZIZ UNIVERSITY SCHOLARSHIP 2020-21 IN SAUDI ARABIA [FULLY FUNDED] Doctoral, Post-Graduate Computer Science & IT,Faculty of Science,Rural Science,Engineering,Arts & Humanities ,meteorology, environment arid land agriculture, marine science, environmental design,Faculty of Economics and Administration
Apply By N/A Saudi Arabia
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Country Wise List of Doctoral Scholarships for Pakistani Students

Professor John Lovering Graduate Environmental funding for International Students in Australia
Scholarships in doctoral for differnt

Subject Specialist

Art & Design Engineering & Technology Business & Management Computer Science & IT Medical & Pharmacy Education Religion & Ethics Social Sciences Tourism & Hospitality Short Courses Test Preparation Others Applied & Pure Sciences Architecture & Construction Law Accounting & Finance Media Studies Agriculture & Veterinary Humanities Mathematics Chemistry Physics Philosophy Economics Biology Biological Science Medical Sciences Environmental Sciences Human Sciences Psychology Speech and Hearing Sciences Clinical Psychology Public Health Medicans Aviation Piloting Hospitality Culinary Arts Foundation Studies Solidification Materials Processing Faculty of Science History Sports Entrepreneurship Civil Service Commerce Radio Transients Music Materials science Transport Studies Theology Plant Pathology Taxation and Policy Management International Relations Development Practice Physical Science Nursing Water Management Political Science AI-Technologies Emerging Eco-Systems Physiology Development and Neuroscience Ecology Pasture Science Plant Physiology Genetics and Breeding Greek History Fashion Civil Engineering Mechanical Engineering Chemical Engineering Electrical Engineering Geology Petroleum Engineering Acting and Music Diabetes and cardio-etabolic diseases Infection and Immunity Neurosciences and mental health Neuropharmacology Digital Health Nutrition and nutraceuticals Marine Biology Rural Science Livestock/Animal Science Livestock/Animal Science Agribusiness Agricultural Economics Resource Management Sustainability Food Security Global and Urban Health Applied Sociology Airline and Airport Management Cyber Security Digital Health Smart Connected and Autonomous Vehicles Supply Chain and Logistics Digital Communication International Business International Management Digital Marketing Master of Public Administration Master of Urban Planning Geography Nanocomposites Material Science Low-Carbon Heating Cooling Energy Technology Natural Sciences English and Literature Cultural Studies Rheological Assessment Population and Development English Modern Languages International Business Management Chronic Disease Management Molecular Medicine and Innovative Treatment, Track Health Systems and Prevention Clinical and Psychosocial Epidemiology Human Resources Logistics Sales and Customer Contact Asian Canadian Studies Astronomy Astronomy and Physics Biodiversity and Conservation Biology Bioethics Mining Engineering International Communications and Development Genomic Epidemiology Public Health Genomics Human-Centered Computing Design and Fiber Fabrication of Neural Devices Actuarial Finance Finance and Investment International Finance Financial Mathematics Financial Risk Management. Literary criticism Visual And Performing Arts Biochemistry Agri-food Technology Public Administration Plant Developmental Genetics HVACR Electronics Engineering Mechanics of Composite Materials Eastern Studies Chinese Studies Internationalizing and Globally Diverse Population Radiation & Chemical Exposure Art And Visual Culture Product Design Artificial Intelligence LLM Gas Engineering Science Buddhist Study Statistics Space and Universe STEM Behavioural Sciences Marine Vertebrate Ecology and Conservation Epidemiology of HIV-associated TB Earth Sciences Urban Design Valuation of Energy Palm & Latex Technology and Value Addition Tea Technology Export Agriculture Theology Robotic Tooling Neurobiology Anthropology Global Politics Religions of Asia and Africa South Asian Area Studies Traditions of Yoga and Meditation Antenna Array Digital beamforming Optimization of realistic antenna Machine Learning Stomatology Surgery Global Studies Public Policy Resource Economics Data Analytics Computational Social Science Computational Social Science Naval architecture ocean Marine Engineering Silk Program International Humanitarian Law Environmental geochemistry Drug Design and Development Biomedical Imaging Technology Carbon Energy IELTS Early Childhood Education Infrastructure Gerontology Ageing Teaching Bioinformatics Horticulture Project Management Women’s sexual Reproductive Health Leadership and Engagement Korean Studies Hotel Management Drug Delivery Systems Islamic Study Computational Logic Algorithms and Computational Complexity Formal Methods for Security and Privacy Library Science Computer Games Technology Molecular Geobiology Fintech Cosmology and Gravitation Investment Analysis International Baccalaureate Organic materials and London interactions Water and Sanitation Aerospace Engineering Business studies Journalism Studies Cairn Energy Creative Arts Industries studies Faculty of Arts Engineering Applied Finance arts and social science dentistry public policy design and environment Applied Economics Computer Information Systems Criminal Justice Computer Science, Homeland Security Master of Healthcare Administration Management Information Systems Master of Business Administration (MBA). Accounting Historical Finance Human Resource Management Management Marketing Business subject philosophical political and social studies Language literature and cultural studies field of publishing international publishing Creative Writing & Publishing communication faculty of business study faculty of computer study Agriculture and Plantation Management fisheries and nutrition Livestock construction management surveying electrical and electronics and robotics. biotechnology management sciences languages mass communication faculty of law and legal study media MBA diploma in business administration postgraduate diplomas German courses Business Administration & Political Science Communication & Mass Media Energy Engineering & Environment Informatics & Computer Science Arts & Humanities Sports Programe Spanish art and visual culture Conservation Biology Animal Behaviour Zoo Conservation Biology Restoration Ecology Environmental Practice Advanced Materials Advanced Materials with Placement Visual Information Research Applied health science Arts Environment Science decentralization finance blockchain Analytics and Data Science Design, Architecture and Building Health Health (GEM) Information Technology International Studies Science and Mathematics Transdisciplinary Innovation Architecture and planning arts and social sciences filmmaking producing photography documentary filmmaking game design graphic design digital editing virtual reality acting for film screenwriting cinematography 3d animation broadcast journalism musical theatre ESL Business and Economics operational management COVID 19 cervical cancer breast cancer diarrhoeal diseases malaria HIV/AIDS malnutrition evaluation of health interventions health systems and health policy. medical supply Life Sciences Education and Information Studies Sciences Human and veterinary medicine Business and government Criminology and law Engineering, IT and aviation Humanities, languages and social science Medicine, dentistry and health Music and performing arts Science and Environment, Visual and creative arts Architecture, construction and planning Creative Industries Diploma in Health Science (Nursing) Diploma in Health Science (Health Studies) Diploma in Business Diploma in Engineering Diploma in Information Technology Programming with Python Web Development Ethical Hacking Android App Development Creative Writing French Language Programming with C & C++ Financial Modeling & Valuation Advanced Excel Core Java Digital Marketing mathematics and natural sciences humanities and social sciences civil and environmental engineering teacher training engineering sciences centre for liberal arts media communications Business and Communications Nursing, Midwifery and Healthcare Computing and Engineering Film, Media and Design Acting, Music and Performing Arts Bartlett (Built Environment) Brain Sciences Engineering Sciences Institute of Education Life Sciences Mathematical & Physical Sciences Medical Sciences Population Health Sciences Social & Historical Sciences Agriculture and food science Economics and management Engineering and architecture veterinary medicine Arts, Creative Industries and Education Business and Law Environment and Technology Health and Applied Sciences Associate Faculties Archaeology Governance and Global Affairs Social and Behavioural Sciences Architecture, Building and Planning Business and Economics Fine Arts and Music Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences Health and Medical Sciences Master of Arts in Economics, Applied Economics Specialization Master of Arts in Strategic Communication Master of Public Administration and Policy Master of Science in Health Promotion Management Master of Science in Counter-Terrorism and Homeland Security aster of Science in Nutrition Education Interaction Design High-Tech Entrepreneurship Fintech Data Science Host-Microbial Interaction Professional Studies American Degree Transfer Program Accounting, Banking & Finance Certificate Diploma Courses Arts, social sciences and communication Business and commerce Education and teaching IT and Engineering Law and criminology Food Sciences Agriculture Masters of Advanced Studies (MAS, MBA) Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS) Certificates of Advanced Studies (CAS) Economic Sciences/Business Administration/Political Economics Development Cooperation Engineering and Related Sciences Mathematics; Regional and Urban Planning Agricultural and Forest Sciences Natural and Environmental Sciences Medicine and Public Health Education and Law meteorology, environment arid land agriculture marine science environmental design Economics and Administration Faculty of engineering technology Education, Health and Human Development Peace Studies conflict resolution The International Program on Japan in East Asia The International Program on Environmental Sciences nformation Processing Technology Communication Technology Agricultural & Rural Development Communications/Journalism Economic Development Educational Administration, Planning & Policy Finance and Banking Higher Education Administration HIV/AIDS Policy and Prevention Human Resources management Law and Human Rights Natural Resources, Environment Policy, and Climate change Public Health Policy & Management Public Policy Analysis and Administration Substance Abuse Education, treatment and prevention
English & Foreign Language Technology Policy & Management Trafficking in Persons Policy and Prevention Urban & Regional Planning Textiles Readymade Cloth Technology Environmental Science Water Resource Engineering Renewable Energy Infrastructure Planning hydrology Air Quality Control Solid Waste WasteWater Processing Technology Photogrammetry Geoinformatics Natural Hazards Structural Engineering Applied Sciences Housing studies Development Studies Arts and Culture Technology Programs Youth Programs Climate Change and the Environment Renewable Energy Food Security and Agriculture Governance Economic Resilience and Private Sector Information Communications Technology Fisheries Energy Weather and Climate Plants/Botany Animals/Zoology educational program Agricultural and Wine Sciences Allied Health and Pharmacy Animal and Veterinary Sciences Business Christian Theology and Ministry Communication and Creative Industries Environmental Science and Outdoor Recreation Exercise and Sports Sciences Humanities, Social Work and Human Services Information Technology, Computing and Mathematics Information and Library Studies Islamic and Arabic Studies Medical Science and Dentistry Nursing, Midwifery and Indigenous Health Policing, Law, Security, Customs and Emergency Management Teaching and Education Robot vs Human Voice and Consumer Behaviour" ALLIED HEALTH BUSINESS AND ACCOUNTING CREATIVE, PERFORMING AND VISUAL ARTS DIGITAL MEDIA, COMMUNICATION AND ARTS EDUCATION, TEACHING AND CHILDCARE ENGINEERING, BUILT ENVIRONMENT AND AVIATION ENGLISH AND STUDY PATHWAYS INFORMATION SYSTEMS AND TECHNOLOGY LAW, CRIMINOLOGY AND JUSTICE NURSING, PARAMEDICINE AND HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY, SOCIAL WORK AND COMMUNITY SERVICES SCIENCE, ENVIRONMENT AND AGRICULTURE SERVICE INDUSTRIES TRADES TRANSPORT AND SAFETY SCIENCES Faculty of Economics and Administration Architecture Computer Engineering Electrical and Electronics Engineering Industrial Engineering Materials Science & Nanotechnology Molecular Biology and Genetics Neuroscience Telecommunications and Networking Global Affairs Leadership in Business Leaders and Leadership in History Leadership in Practice: Leading in Higher Education Leading a Civil Society Organization: Delivering Social Value 3D design and product design Accessories, footwear and jewellery Animation, interactive, film and sound Architecture, spatial and interior design Business & management, and science Communication and graphic design Creative Computing Curation and culture Fashion communication Fashion making and pattern cutting Fashion styling and make up Illustration Engineering & Design Energy Policy Science and Technology Policy Strategic Innovation Management Sustainable Development Development Economics International Wildlife Conservation Practice Agriculture and Development Applied International Development Climate Change and Development Consumer Behaviour Communication for Development Development Finance Environment and Development Food Economics and Marketing Food Security and Development Research Agricultural and Food Economics Research Agriculture Ecology and Environment. Environmental Impact Assessment and Management Global Urban Development and Planning Planning Real Estate Asset Management Real Estate Development Urban Design and International Planning Urban Regeneration and Development Financial assistance Liberal Arts & Professional Studies Faculty of Environmental Studies Faculty of Health international trade and economy logistics management financial engineering accounting and Chinese language and literature applied information technologies computer system computer network systems software engineering. Forest Science and Management Marine Science and Management Coastal Systems French (BTCSOL) MTCSOL Associate Program arts, social sciences and communications business and commerce Technical training Vocational training Anatomy Forensic Anthropology Forensic and Medical Art Architecture and Urban Planning Biological Biomedical Sciences Biomedical Engineering Business Computing Energy Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy Nursing and Health Sciences all subjects International Medical Foundation Program International Foundation Program Foundation Program in Science & Engineering Business Foundation Program Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence Management and Leadership Interactive Media and Web Technologies Forensic Psychology International Digital Marketing Global Events Management International Finance and Banking Applied Psychology Sport & Leisure Management Energy Resources Management Professional Policing Sports Coaching Mental Health Nursing Learning Disabilities Nursing Public Health & Community Studies Professional Accounting Primary Education & Teaching Studies PUBLIC AFFAIRS INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS MANAGEMENT AND INNOVATION Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering Architecture and Building Engineering Life Science and Technology Chemical Science and Engineering Mathematical and Computing Science Materials Science and Engineering Industrial Engineering and Economics Information and Communications Engineering Electrical and Electronic Engineering Systems and Control Engineering Earth and Planetary Sciences Biosciences experienced educator teacher preparation health and human service Engineering and Computing Creative Multimedia robotics design Statistical Data Science Interior Design Support services Research centres and institutes Economics and Administrative Sciences Engineering Education/Humanities Minor Programs Life and Natural Sciences Managerial Sciences APPLIED SCIENCES Tourism Health Sciences Communication and Media Studies Arts & Sciences Business & Economics administrative technology art design Islamic studies Life and Environmental Sciences Engineering and Physical Sciences Arts and Law Science Education Media & Communications film production Applied Mathematics Applied Physics any research program Automation and mechatronics Biotechnology and Chemical engineering Engineering for sustainable development Engineering Physics, Mathematics Industrial engineering and management Information engineering Mechanical and Industrial design engineering Maritime management Technology and learning Innovation & Experience Design for Tourism Sustainable Management & Governance Real Estate Management Innovation & Leadership Masters of business administration in Entrepreneurship development Sociology Exercise Sciences experimental spincaloritronics topological materials Electronics Neuroscience Neuroimaging Neuropsychology Neurodevelopment, Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration Faculty of Education Faculty of Applied Science Faculty of Land and Food Systems Faculty of Medicine Faculty of Dentistry Global Health, BioStatistics, Health Policy Plant Sciences & Technology Animal Sciences & Technology Resources & Environment Life Sciences & Technology Horticulture & Forestry Sciences Fisheries Food Sciences & Technology Informatics Faculty of Arts & Science FACULTY OF FINE ARTS AND COMMUNICATIONS FACULTY OF HEALTH & COMMUNITY STUDIES FACULTY OF NURSING Science and Engineering Logistics and Supply Chain Management Data Science Forensic science Environmental Health Health Science Communication Forestry Literature Music and Dance Music and Theatre solar photocatalytic hydrogen production Operations Research art,design and architecture arts,humantes and social sciences pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences Social Work resources and development school of environment marine plastic abatement Management Studies Sciences and Mathematics Environment and Natural Resources Language Technological Innovation Natural and Health Sciences Communication and Media Sciences Arts and Creative Enterprises Psychological Studies Psychology with Sociology Psychology with Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies Psychology with Human Biology Advanced Psychology Clinical Psychology Media Arts Drawing Glass Sculpture Visual Communication Jewellery and Metals Fibre Ceramics Critical and Creative Studies Painting Print Media Photography Architecture and Built Environment Actuarial Science Business and Commerce Communication and Creative Media Hotel and Tourism International Relations and Humanities Psychology and Counselling Accountancy Animation and Illustration Art & Design and Fine Art Theatre Sport, Sport Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy Nursing and Midwifery Motorsport and Automotive Performance Engineering Medical Biology Media and Photography Live Events, Visual Design and Stage Management @Backstage Academy International Foundation Programmes & Pre-Sessional English Health and Social Care Graphic Design Games Film FX Fast-Track to HE and Polymaths Fashion and Textiles English and Creative Writing Electrical and Electronic Engineering Education and Teacher Training Early Years and Childhood Studies Dental Technology Dance and Performing Arts Courses@Shockout Arts Crime and Criminal Justice Construction Community Development and Youth Clinical and Biomedical Sciences Business Management, Retail, Logistics and Supply Chain Management Biomedical and Medical Engineering Creative Technologies Clinical Sciences Communication Studies Engineering Computer and Mathematical Sciences Hospitality Tourism and Events Interprofessional Health Studies Language and Culture Public Health and Psychosocial Studies Social Sciences and Public Policy Sport and Recreation Actuarial Sciences And Regional Studies Insurance Management health and sport Security and Crime Science Information Science & Technology Science & Technology Islamic Studies Economics & Management Environment & Development, Malay World & Civilization International Studies Microengineering & Nanoelectronics Molecular Biology Ethnic Studies Fuel Cell institute System Biology Visual Informatics, and Business Professional Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE). TRANSPORT AND LOGISTICS TOURISM AND EVENTS MANAGEMENT POLITICS AND INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS NUTRITION AND PUBLIC HEALTH MEDIA AND COMMUNICATION FILM AND TELEVISION DATA SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS CRIMINOLOGY AND SOCIOLOGY CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT AND URBAN PLANNING COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING BIOLOGICAL AND BIOMEDICAL SCIENCES ART, DESIGN AND VISUAL CULTURE ARCHITECTURE AND INTERIORS Human Rights and Social Justice aquatic ecology fish telemetry ecological fieldwork Smart Contract Security Analytics Deep Neural Networks Reliability Analytics ‘Empowerment and shared decision making in patient experience when living with multimorbidities’ Computational Design of Sustainable 2D Catalysts Risk Management of Railway/Highway Earth Retaining Structures Nutritional Epidemiology autonomous navigation of AI-powered ground vehicles in natural environments. Polymer Rheology Water Chemistry and Microbiology Sufficiency Economy Philosophy Climate Change Food Security Other topics related to SDGs Catchment Science Fine Arts Agricultural development Dairy processing Food security Water management Climate change Logistics Gender studies Rule of Law (and human rights) Governance (with focus on public administration) Media and Journalism Art, Design, and Architecture Economics, Administrative, and Social Sciences Humanities and Letters Music and Performing Arts Applied Technology and Management Electric and Electronic Studies Mechanical Studies Civil Engineering and Architecture Chemical Studies Agricultural Studies Hygienic Studies Education and Health Sciences Arts and Sciences Business Administration Biological and Chemical Sciences Electronic Engineering and Computer Science Engineering and Materials Science Mathematical Sciences Physics and Astronomy Bioengineering Materials Research Applied Data Science Physical sciences, engineering, and mathematics Arts and humanities Medicine, health and life sciences Continuing Studies Medicine Biosciences Earth, Energy and Environmental Sciences Humanities and Sciences Sciences and Engineering Automatic Speech Recognition Diabetes genomic medicine Health Nanomedicine Adapting Engineering for the Hydrogen Economy, Designing Natural Resource Management Human Rights Journalism Agriculture Development Urban Planning HIV Prevention Foreign Language Summer Programs


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