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How Pakistani Student can Get Student Visa for Finland

procedure for Pakistani students to get the student visa of Finland

Finland has exquisite landscape, clean and pure atmosphere, tranquility and peace, high rated education quality and outstanding living standards for citizens and expats. Located at the northernmost zone of the world, Finland has tolerant and cultivated society. Finnish people have long tradition of providing higher education to adults; Finland was ranked at first position for best quality of education in the world by the World Economic Forum.  The tertiary education in Finland is divided into two distinctive sections that is professional oriented and research oriented and each excelling in its field. Finland has remarkable record of scientific research effectiveness and education quality. Studying abroad in Finland absolutely guarantees personal and academic growth and progress that will eventually lead to multitude of career prospects after graduation.


Pakistani Student Visa for Finland 2021 Procedure 

The foreign students who are not native of Finland require a student visa or a student resident permit for the purpose of study in Finland. The student visa for Finland and the student resident permit for Finland are two different documents.


The Student Visa for Finland:

The students enrolled in a short term study programme of less than 90 days duration are granted Finland’s student visa. It is for the students who are going to do a language course or are invited in Finland for conducting an entrance examination for long term study programme admission requirement.


Student Resident Permit for Finland 2021:

The student resident permit for Finland is granted to those students who are enrolled in a long term study programme of more than 90 days duration in Finnish universities. The student resident permit of Finland is granted for one year duration initially which is extendable every year till the study programme ends.


Letter of Acceptance from Finnish University and Visiting Embassy of Finland

For attaining either of the two a student visa or a student resident permit, the students are required to have their admission accepted at a Finnish university. Once you meet entry requirements of Finnish University and fulfill admission formalities, the university will issue a letter of acceptance on your name. The students are then required to visit Finland’s Embassy or Consulate located in their country by taking making an appointment. The students are required to appear in person at the Embassy on the appointed day to acquire visa details and information about the visa procedure. The visa procedure for each country is different but in general the following documents are required to be submitted with visa application at Finland’s Embassy for student visa or student resident permit.


Required Documents for Pakistani Students to get Finland Student Visa 2021

  • Completed and signed visa application form (student resident permit form or student visa form based on duration of your study programme)

  • Original Valid Passport (must have validity of at least 12 months duration onwards the day you submitted the application)

  • Original letter of acceptance from Finnish university

  • Recent Passport Size Photographs

  • Proof of adequate finances (Bank statement or credit card statement validating the applicant has enough financial resources to bear his/her study and living expenses in Finland for entire duration of stay. You must be able to prove that you can spend 560 Euros per month or 6720 Euros per year. The students have to provide one year resources at a time because the student resident permit is issued for one year initially which is renewed after every year till the study programme completes. If you are granted a scholarship or fee waiver the relevant document will be substituted for bank statement)

  • Proof of Accommodation (residence address in Finland or on campus accommodation booking letter, rental contract or hotel booking document)

  • Proof of paid tuition fee

  • Proof of travel ticket arrangement

  • Adequate health insurance coverage for entire duration of your stay in Finland (international health insurance card)

  • Medical Examination Certificate (the Finland’s Embassy will give you a list of its accredited institutes for medical examination in your country. The applicant must be good in health and must not be suffering from any disease that can be harmful for general health of public).

  • Proof of clean criminal record (A clearance letter from police station or national law enforcement authority confirming the applicant is not involved in any sort of criminal activities and has clean criminal record. The clearance letter must not be issued 6 months earlier on the day of submitting the application).

  • The applicant’s whose entry to Finland has been rejected in the past are not eligible to apply for student visa of Finland

  • Transcripts of your academic records (certified and attested documents from ministry of foreign affairs of you country)

  • English Language Proficiency Test Certificate (Get Details of Upcoming IELTS, TOEFL Test Dates Here)

  • Visa Processing fee Receipt (300 to 330 Euros)not refundable

  • All the documents must be translated in English or Finish or Swedish languages.

  • The Embassy’s representatives might call you for an interview. For interview meeting you are required to carry your original documents along.

The student visa or student resident permit of Finland might take 4 to 6 weeks processing time for validation of documents and requirements.


Study Abroad Consultants for Pakistani Students 

A slightest mistake or wrong information in application or documents might lead to visa rejection or delay. The required documents for Finland’s student visa or student resident permit must be arranged right after you have submitted admission application as the time will be limited and the documents arrangement is time consuming process as well. The application for student visa for Finland must be filed soon after receiving the letter of acceptance without any delay. By hiring study abroad consultant, much concussion and anxiety of visa documentation and application submission might be avoided. The study abroad consultants are experts in this field they will guide you step by step procedure and help you in arranging the documents because they are aware of do’s and don’ts of visa procedure. A considerable amount of your money can be saved and your chances of visa acceptance can be increased.  


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