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German Student Visa From Pakistan 2024

how Pakistani students can g4et the student visa of germany

German Study Visa

To study in a European country, Pakistani students need an official study visa. German study visas are issued to international students enrolled in various study courses in Germany. 

When You should Apply For German Student Visa?

The best time to apply for German study visa is when you get an acceptance from the university and secure your finance to study in Germany. Generally it takes 25 days to process visa application for Germany from Pakistan. But this time may be variable and maximum time of processing a German student’s visa is 5-10 weeks. So you should apply for the visa as early you can to avoid any problem.

German Study Visa Fees

Students applying for a study visa have to pay some visa fees with an application. The typical Germany study visa fee is €75 or approximately 16,000+ pkr.

Types of German Study Visas

There are three types of study visas issued for international students residing outside the European nation and in Pakistan

Differential Points 

Student Visa 

Student Applicant Visa 

German Language Course Visa 


It is the standard German student visa for international students who are enrolled in a full-time university program.

This kind of visa is issued to those applicants who want to take admission at a German university by visiting the institutes personally. The students have to submit the proof of entitlement to get admission and/or conditional acceptance at a university in Germany.

This visa is specific to German language courses.

Students who have an acceptance letter from the university and need to appear in language course/ preparatory course program can apply for student visa and German language course visa at the same time.

Blocked account 








Processing time 

6-12 weeks or may up to 4 months 

15-30 days

2-3 months 

Valid for 

With a German student visa, you'll be able to remain in Germany for the 3 months. Within this period, you'll be required to apply for a residence permit to study

Max. 9 months
can be change into student visa after getting acceptance letter from the university

3 months to One year

Cannot be converted into student visa.

Students have to leave the country on completion of course program. 

Right to work 


Not allowed 

Not allowed 

Language proficiency requirement

Depend on the course type (English/ German) is required  

German language 


University’s acceptance letter 


Certificate stating that the personal presence is necessary for the decision of admission 

Registration onto a course of least 18 hours per week

Health Insurance 

Private/ Public (depend on the student’s age)

Private health insurance 

Private health insurance 

Requirements For German Student Visa

Visa application documents

  • Visa application form

  • National passport

  • Two photocopies of passport

  • Birth certificate

  • Recent Passport size photographs (3)

Proof of financial documents required for German study visa

  • 11,208 € deposit confirmation in “German Blocked Bank Account”

  • Evidence of father’s. mother's or yours own income (bank statement of last 6 months)

  • Certificate showing that all your expenses will be covered by organization (in case of scholarship)

Educational Documents

  • German university’s acceptance letter

  • School leaving certificate (of applying for undergraduate program)

  • A degree certificate (if applying for masters/ PhD study visa)

  • Proof of German or English language proficiency (depend on the type of course selected for studies)

  • Marriage and child certificate (if valid)

  • Health insurance (public €120/ private € 300 )

Note: You have to submit all original documents along including your passport. Original documents will be returned to you on the same day except passport that will stay with embassy during the processing time of visa.

Application Process For German Study Visa From Pakistan

There are two main pathways used to apply for a German study visa

  • Apply for German study visa through German Embassy in Islamabad

  • Apply at German Consulate in Karachi

Steps To Apply For A German Study Visa At German Embassy Islamabad

  • Open a blocked account

  • Buy insurance policy

  • Arrange all above mentioned required documents

  • Make an online appointment by clicking on new appointment (you will get a date and time for documents submission to embassy)

  • Submit the documents at embassy along with 500/- fees (embassy require this to send your passport back to you)

  • Get the payment request from the embassy and submit visa fee to HBL

  • You may receive a call of interview from embassy (attend the interview session)

  • Wait for visa process and (it could be 6 months to years depend on the type of application)

  • After processing of visa application, get the visa and travel to Germany

Address and Office timings:

Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany
Street: Ramna 5, Diplomatic Enclave, Islamabad
Postal address: Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, P.O. Box 1027, Islamabad, Pakistan.
Tel. (0092-51) 2007 – 200 (24 hours; except visa enquiries)
Fax. +92 51 227 94 36

Apply For German Visa At German Consulate In Karachi

  • Collect all above mentioned required documents

  • Pack the documents along with application form

  • Drop the envelop at the Consulate office in Karachi

  • Wait for the visa interview announcement date, scheduled by the embassy

  • Appear in the interview at the date and time decided by the embassy

  • Pay the visa fee in cash

  • Wait for the processing

Get heart back from consulate about visa acceptance or rejection


Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Karachi
Tel. +92 21 35 87 37 82, +92 21 35 87 37 83, +92 21 35 87 02 34
Fax. +92 21 35 87 40 09

Postal address: 92-A/7, Block 5, Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan.

German Study Visa Appointment

All the applicants who apply for German study visa must have to book an online appointment to process visa application. There is a separate appointment and online application for every individual applicant.

German Study Visa Interview Questions

An interview for a study visa in Germany typically entails a one-on-one meeting with a German Embassy or consulate officer who asks you a variety of personal and study-program-specific questions. No one knows exactly what questions will your consulate officer will ask from you but there’s a high chance that the questions can be asked from the following visa question categories:

  • Decision of studying in Germany

  • What do you know about Germany?

  • Information about your chosen program in Germany

  • Current Academic status and skills you possess

  • Your current and future financial situation

  • Basic information about your chosen study field

  • Living in Germany

  • Relationship with people who live in Germany/ Europe

  • Holidays and semester break in Germany

  • Your Future Plans

Tips for Students Attending a Student Visa Interview for Germany:

If you want to be considered a serious candidate for the visa, you should treat the visa interview session with sincerity. Following are some tips on how to conduct a German Student Visa:

  • Be Punctual: You should show up at the German Embassy/Consulate at least 30 minutes early so you can de-stress and gather your thoughts.

  • Dress Appropriately: A neat and clean professional appearance is crucial for making a good first impression on your consulate officer.

  • Bring the Supporting Documents: On the interview day, the visa staff will expect you to have all necessary document’s originals and copies in the required quantities. That’s why you must bring the complete list of supporting documents for your German student visa.

  • How to Respond? When responding to questions, try to be brief, direct and simple. Avoid excessive talking and unnecessary detailing. Just answer the asked question directly and honestly.

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