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Latest Jobs for International Students in Germany 2021

part time and full time job in germany for Pakistani students

Like most other European countries, Germany is a nation where international students can work part –time during their study period. There are several reasons why a student needs some part time earning at his/her study abroad destination.


Why an International Student Work Part-Time

If you are in another country to complete your degree course, then, taking a part time job during the studies will help the student to gain some extra cash. The extra money will help the student to cover the tuition fees and living expenses. Moreover, these added working hours will also augment your resume with good work experience.


International Students in Germany from European Countries

International students studying in Germany are divided in two basic categories. One category includes those students who are from a European country. These students enjoy the same facilities that are allocated to German students. Like, these European students do not need any work permit to get a job in Germany. And they can do jobs with unlimited working hours.


International Students in Germany from Non-European Countries Like Pakistan

In contrast, there are some restrictions for international students belonging to non European countries. The students are allowed to work120 fully days of work/year with an average 8 hours a day. However, non-European international students in Germany can also work for 240 half-days/year. These working hours are subject to change according to the latest German Government policies. If the Non-European international student want to work more than the assigned hours the only opportunity is to work as a student assistant within the university. In fact there is no work-hours limitation for teaching assistants.


The Nature and Restrictions of Jobs

Furthermore, international students are only allowed to work during vacation in some federal states. Both skilled and unskilled work is available for students. It is highly recommended to take a part time job related to the course of study. This will add flavor in your profile and expand the technical knowledge. Students are paid from €6-10/hour. Students can search vacancies in newspaper, internet or through university –based or personal resources.

 In Germany usual student jobs include:

  • Gas station workers

  • Bar-waiters

  • Office workers

  • Courier workers

  • Taxi drivers

  • Baby sitters

  • Call center Representative

There are many part time jobs available for students that require German proficiency. It is better to learn some German prior applying for the job. Likewise the riving related jobs like home delivery or courier service demands a driving license.


Apprenticeships and Internships in Germany for Pakistani Students 2021

German students can do apprenticeships and internships during their summer or winter vacations. These internships deliver basic experience. The students can build their contacts in Germany and can direct contact with potential employers. Remember that students who left their academic institution without any "real world" job experience might face difficulties in finding good jobs.  Moreover, German Universities assist their students to join appropriate internships, especially during vacations. The international student union AISEC helps international students to get their preferred   internships in Germany.


Rules Regarding Permanent Jobs in Germany for Pakistani Students 

International students who are striving to get a permanent job offer after their completion of degree course must keep in mind that they are not allowed to stay in Germany after studies with their student visa. These students have to fly back to their home country after graduation. After reaching back their home country, these students can apply for their residency visa and work permit. However, in some cases the employers are impressed with the international student’s performance or urgently need the potential employee, then, a lawyer could be hired by the student or the employer to submit a petition on the graduate’s behalf.


 Where to Find the Jobs

To cater international students in job search, German universities and student union have established effective websites where they set up the job exchanges. Jobs are also posted on University’s notice boards especially if the job is related to academics for example librarian, research workers etc. University websites and notice boards also display jobs available at various local organizations and similar areas. Students who want to delve deeper in a job search then he can check the official services. The students can check the German Federal Employment agencies to find jobs in their interest


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