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Latest Jobs For International Students In Germany 2024

part time and full time job in germany for Pakistani students

Like most other European countries, Germany is a nation where international students can work part –time during their study period. There are several reasons why a student needs some part time earning at his/her study abroad destination.

Why An International Student Work Part-Time

If you are in another country to complete your degree course, then, taking a part time job during the studies will help the student to gain some extra cash. The extra money will help the student to cover the tuition fees and living expenses. Moreover, these added working hours will also augment your resume with good work experience.

International students in Germany are allowed to work part-time while studying, subject to certain conditions. Here are some part-time job options for international students in Germany:

  • Student assistant jobs: Many universities in Germany offer student assistant jobs to their students. These jobs may involve assisting professors or research staff, working in the library or administration, or providing IT support.

  • Retail and hospitality jobs: International students can also find part-time jobs in retail and hospitality, such as working in cafes, restaurants, or shops.

  • Tutoring and language teaching: International students who are proficient in a particular language or subject can offer tutoring services to other students. You can also consider teaching your native language to Germans or other international students.

  • Delivery and courier services: With the rise of online shopping and delivery services, part-time jobs in delivery and courier services are also available for international students.

How Much A Student Can Earn From A Part Time Job In Germany

The amount that a student can earn from a part-time job in Germany varies depending on the type of job and the hours worked. The hourly wage for part-time jobs in Germany varies depending on the type of work and the region. On average, students can earn 450€/ month without paying any tax with an hourly wage of €9 to €12.

Who Are Not Eligible For Part Time Jobs In Germany

Some categories of individuals are not eligible to work part-time in Germany, including:

  • Language course participants: Individuals who are in Germany only to attend language courses are not eligible to work.

  • Students enrolled in foundation courses: Students enrolled in foundation courses or Studienkollegs are not allowed to work until they have been accepted into a degree program.

  • Students enrolled in preparatory courses: Students who are taking preparatory German language courses are not eligible to work until they have completed the language course and have been accepted into a degree program.

 Where To Find the Jobs

To cater international students in job search, German universities and student union have established effective websites where they set up the job exchanges. Jobs are also posted on University’s notice boards especially if the job is related to academics for example librarian, research workers etc. University websites and notice boards also display jobs available at various local organizations and similar areas. Students who want to delve deeper in a job search then he can check the official services. The students can check the German Federal Employment agencies to find jobs in their interest


Post- Graduate Work Options In Germany For International Students 


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