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Latest Job Opportunities in Hungary 2023 for Pakistani Students

The individuals studying in abroad prefer those countries where part time jobs are allowed while studying, to finance their monthly stipend. Most of the students prefer to settle in the same country where they have studied so therefore they also look for post-graduation work opportunities. Studying in abroad is desired by many students. The urge to get high standard education and career success derives students to take this plunge. Following is the guide to give you a complete detail regarding job opportunities in Hungary during studies and after studies:


Part Time Job Opportunities in Hungary While Studying 2023 for Pakistani Students:

Hungary has gradually evolved into one of the most desired study abroad destinations for EU and non-EU nationals. It is an affordable country to live and allows part time work to both EU and non-EU nationals. The EU and non-EU students are required to get a residence permit which allows them to work part time for 24 hours a week. Residence permit is must for all international students whose course or study programme exceeds from 90 days duration. Upon arriving in Hungary the international students must apply for a residence permit within 15 days. To get the Residence Permit for the Purpose of Study following documents are required:


Documents requirement for residence permit for the purpose of study:

  • Tuition fees payment proof

  • Acceptance certificate document of the host university in Hungary

  • Health insurance proof

  •  Minimum Wage for Part time and Full Time Work in Hungary:

  • For a full time job you will be paid minimum 111.000 HUF per month

  • For a weekly job you will be paid minimum 25.550 HUF.

  • For daily basis job you will be paid minimum 5.110 HUF.

  • For a per hour job you will be paid minimum 639 HUF.


Types of Latest Part Time Jobs Available in Hungary for International Students 2023:


  • Multinational Companies like TATA and GE:

There are multinational companies like TATA and GE in Hungary which prefer multinational employees. You can get part time jobs there for different positions. It will also add value to your CV and moreover you will be able to earn enough money to support your living expenses. Strong English language command is necessary for all kinds of part time jobs in Hungary. 


  • Sales Agent:

There are plenty of sales agent jobs in Hungary where you can get flexible 4 to 6 hours per day work and get paid weekly. They prefer students who can speak fluent English and have some understanding of Hungarian language.


  • IT, Photoshop, Photograph:

Hungary is a tourist place. Hundreds of tourists arrive in Hungary for summer holidays or for visiting purposes. There are tourist’s agencies which offer part time photography jobs to students. The monthly/weekly or hourly wage for a skilled worker is quiet high in Hungary. Therefore if you have IT photo shopping or photography skills then you might grab an exciting job in Budapest especially. 


  • Call Centers:

Organizations and department would like to use your English, Spanish and Italian language knowledge on a daily basis for customer care services, resolving issues regarding their products or increasing their customer base by calling at random numbers and doing marketing. It is one of the best paying and highly paid jobs for students in Hungary. 


  • Social Media Evaluator:

Social media is an approachable marketing medium today. Companies advertise their products and receive feedbacks from customers in social media apps. Companies require a social media evaluator to handle their social media accounts to update news feed, receive feedback and advertisements. It is a highly paid and easy job if you have fluency in English language and handle technologies well.


  • Pet Sitting, Cleaning, Simple Jobs in English/Russian/Spanish/Italian:

For those looking for an hourly paid job can have these kinds of jobs. It is an easy work and flexible per hour wage.


  • Teaching German/English:

It is a home based tutoring jobs. Parents hire students who have command over English or German language to teach their kids. It can be per hour or per week paid. It is less stressful and requires just 2 to 3 hours time.


  • Accounting, Cashier, Waitress, Waiter, Receptionist:

There are all kinds of jobs available in Hungary. If you are good at mathematics or have an experience in accounting you can do job of a cashier at one of the Hotels, Restaurants, Agencies, Companies. Receptionist is a commonly adopted profession by students in Hungary. Waiter and waitresses are also paid per hour. 


Job Opportunities in Hungary After Studies 2023 for Pakistani Students:

Hungary allows international students to stay in Hungary for work after completion of their degrees. After graduating from a Hungarian university you can convert your student visa to a full residence permit. The “study-to-work” residence permit will allow you 9 months duration to find a job post graduation.


How to Apply For Study to Work Residence Permit after Graduation From a Hungarian University:

  • Apply for a “study-to-work” residence permit if you are a fresh graduate of Hungarian University

  • Find a job or making preparations to start a business – for which you will be allowed 9 months duration.

  • Apply for a residence permit based on gainful activity (your new employment or starting a new company or business)

  • You must apply for study to work residence permit before your student resident permit expires. 


Application Requirements to Convert Your Student Residence Permit to Work Residence Permit in Hungary: 

  • You must be looking for a job or setting up a company 

  • You must have the funds to stay in Hungary: bank statement showing that you have enough money to bear your expenses during your stay

  • You must have a valid health insurance

  • You must have accommodation in Hungary

  • You must have the means to leave the country in case your permit is denied.


Types of Jobs Available in Hungary after Graduation:

Mainly graduation jobs depend on your degree and qualification. During the final year of graduation universities all around the world organize career counseling programmes where recruiters and employers are invited. Mostly students are employed as interns and trainees at their degree related firms. Following are the types of jobs available for fresh graduates of Hungarian Universities:

  • Account Executive (Associate)

  • Customer Service Representative-English-Register

  • Transport Planner (m/f)

  • English Speaking Service Desk Representative

  • Junior Research Associate

  • Junior HR administrator

  • Junior Financial Analyst

  • Process Engineer/Process Manager

  • Research Analyst (English + any other language)

  • Sales Assistant

  • Demand Planner

  • Administrative Assistant

  • Client Executive

  • Fresh Graduate Financial Services Specialist

  • Management Reporting Controller

  • Process Engineering Trainee - Soldering Technology 

  • Segment Marketing intern

  • Contact Centre Advisor 

  • Tax Accountant

  • Senior Retail Support Representative - English speaking

  • Test Environment Engineer

  • Text
  • Image
  • Video


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