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Requirements and Study Visa Process for Students in Hungary 2021

guide to get successful student visa of Hungary for Pakistani students

Hungary is a Schengen State. The degrees awarded by Hungarian Universities are accredited by ENQA (European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education) and allow ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) through which you can transfer your credit hours to any other Schengen state university. Hungary’s higher education system is worldwide acclaimed and well developed which is attracting thousands of international students. Applying at a Hungarian University is a promising investment that will reward you a successful life. After getting acceptance letter from Hungarian university the process of visa starts. Following are requirements for student visa in Hungary:


How Pakistani Students Apply For Student Visa In Hungary:

  • Follow the deadlines of application submissions at your desired Hungarian University

  •  Apply at the University submit required documents

  •  Get acceptance letter from university/college

  •  Fix meeting at Hungarian Consulate right after getting acceptance certificate

  • Arrange the documents Hungarian Consulate requires

  • Follow the deadlines after acceptance letter you have 4 to 6 weeks for visa processing

  •  Upon arriving in Hungary apply for residence permit if your course exceeds 90 days


Study Visa Types:

There are two types of student visa for hungary (C type) and (D type) :


1: Study Within 90 Days ( C Type Visa):

The EU/EEA citizens are not required to apply for visa if their study programme or diploma ends within 90 days. But non EU students would have to apply for a visa and a Travel Health Insurance of worth 30,000 is required at some cases. 


2: Study Exceeding 90 Days Duration (D Type Visa):

Both EU and Non-EU students have to apply for a D-Type visa if their study programme exceeds 90 days duration.  You will also have to apply for residence permit within 30 days after reaching to Hungary.


Documents Required for pakistani Students to Apply for C-Type and D-Type Study Visa to Hungary:

  • Completely Fill Visa application form

  • National Passport (must be valid for at least 18 months, but preferably valid until the end of your studies.)

  • Fresh Three passport-size photographs

  • Acceptance Letter from the Hungarian university/college.

  • Bank receipt of transfer of tuition fee payment.

  • The Embassy may ask for your airplane reservation or fare ticket receipt 

  • Written Proof of accommodation if required by the Hungarian Embassy.

  • The applicants have to show their original national passport if should be asked by the Hungarian Embassy in case of authentication otherwise the copy will   be enough.


Visa Processing Duration of Hungary for Pakaistani styudents 2021:

After getting acceptance letter from the university/college the first thing you must do is fix your meeting with consulate. The consulate's meeting dates are tightly schedled.  Your turn will come within 3 to 4 weeks. Visa processing will take 1 to 4 weeks depends on completion of your documents and interviews. Apply as early as you can to avoid delay.


Documents Required For Residence Permit (For those applying D-Type Visa):

  • Payment proof of tuition fees at Hungarian University/College

  • Approval document of the host university/college in Hungary

  • Proof of health insurance payment

Note: Apply for residence permit within 30 days upon arriving in Hungary.

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