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Permanent Visa and Citizenship Eligibility Requirements in Hungary for International students 2023

latest guide for Pakistani students to get the citizenship of Hungary

Majority of students consider settling in Hungary after completion of their degrees. They become habitual to atmosphere, life style, facilities, and culture and grow fondness with the people after spending years there for studies. The students who have competed their degrees in Hungary on students visa and intend to stay for a longer period or to find a job then they will have to convert their visa from study to work which is applicable to both EU and non-EU nationals. They must do this before their student visa expires. First of all they will be given a residence permit of 9 months to find an employment or to start a business. To get PR and Citizenship in Hungary below is the guide to give you elaborated detail on how to get permanent residence or citizenship in Hungary step by step:


How to Get National Permanent Residence Permit in Hungary for Non-EU Citizens:

After graduation the students are given an option to get a new type of residence permit available for fresh graduates which is converted from study to work residence permit. Any non-EU or EU students graduated from a Hungarian University can avail this permit if they want to stay in Hungary. They will have to do following steps:

  • You can apply for a “study-to-work” residence permit if you are freshly graduate

  • You will have to find a job or make preparations for starting a business – for which you have 9 months duration

  • You can apply for a residence permit based on gainful activity (which is either your new employment or the operation of the company you start)

After gaining study to work residence permit which is valid for 9 months you can find a job or start a business. After gaining a job position in Hungary or staring a business you will have to apply for a residence permit based on gainful activity / EU Blue Card or Immigration Card.


How to Get Residence Permit For The Pursuit Of Gainful Activity:

To apply for a residence permit for the pursuit of a gainful activity the individual needs to show verified and credible means of income which would be: 

  • A private entrepreneurial license

  • Business Plan

  • Small-scale agricultural producer license

  • Professional service contract

  • Any other reliable mean

  • A personal services contract

  • A works contract or an agreement

  • Documents Required to Apply for a Residence Permit For The Pursuit of Gainful Activity:

  • Bank Statement

  • Evidence of Residential Address

  • Evidence of Health Insurance

  • Proof of net wealth

  • Business Plan

  • Proof of ownership or rental housing

  • Medical Certificate

  • Original passport and photocopy of passport

  • Original Birth Certificate or Certified copy of Birth Certificate (if applicable)

  • Original Marriage Certificate or Certified copy of Marriage Certificate (if applicable)

  • One passport-size photo

  • Documents to prove the means of your subsistence in Hungary

  • An official statement from a Hungarian or foreign financial institution concerning the applicant’s bank account

  • An official income certificate issued by the tax authority for the previous year

  • An official income certificate issued by the employer

  • Other reliable means

  • Documents on Hungarian accommodation

  • Documents on comprehensive health insurance

  • Documents proving the conditions of exit, you should provide a statement undertaking the commitment of voluntary departure of the EU if your application is refused


NOTE: You Are Allowed to Keep Dual Citizenship and Here are No Restricted Nationalities.

After getting residence permit for gainful activity which will have validity of 3 years and can be renewed for more 3 years based on economic activity. The candidate can live with his family which includes spouse, parents and children. You can apply for an EC Permanent Residence Permit after staying in Hungary for 5 years. 


NOTE: EU blue Card which has four years validity. However for EU Blue Card a person must be earning minimum 4 158 000 HUF (13 716 EUR) per year, The EU Blue Card is given to highly qualified individuals and are free to move around European Union Countries visa free. 


How to Get EC Permanent Residence Permit of Hungary 2023:

After having stayed in Hungary for 5 years you are eligible to apply for an EC Permanent Residence Permit. The EC Permanent Residence Permit is valid for next five years. As per the Hungarian Law you can apply for a Hungarian citizenship if you have stayed there for 8 consecutive years. 


You Will Have to Verify Following Points to Get EC Permanent Residence Permit:

  • If you are lawfully resided in the territory of Hungary continuously for at least the preceding five years before the application was submitted; or

  • If there is an EU Blue Card issued on your name

  • If you are lawfully resided in the territory of Hungary continuously for at least the preceding two years before the application was submitted; and

  • If you are lawfully resided in the territory of any Member State of the European Union continuously for at least five years.

  • If you have not been absent from Hungary for 90 days in each year


NOTE: Any EU or Non-EU national residing in Hungary for continuously three years is eligible to apply for an immigration card also.


How to Get an Immigration card in Hungary:

The students who have been staying in Hungary for three years can avail an immigration card in Hungary as well. The applicant only has to verify the following two points:

  • The candidate must has been residing continuously in Hungary for at least 3 years and;

  • The candidate must has not been absent from Hungary for more than 90 days annually and is currently residing in Hungary.


The Application Processing Will Take Six Months. The Immigration Card is Applied Within One Year of Stay in Hungary in Following Cases:

  • The People have an  Hungarian origin or those who have/had Hungarian relatives (their parents, grandparents were Hungarian citizens – even for a short period)

  • The People who are presently married to a Hungarian citizen or a foreigner holding a Hungarian immigration card (who must have been married for at least 2 years)


After Residing in Hungary for Consecutively 8 Years You are Eligible to Apply for a Hungarian Citizenship. 

How To Get Hungarian Citizenship:

To apply for Hungarian citizenship the person has to register the application in person at Hungarian Consulate. 


Requirements to Apply For Hungarian Citizenship 2023 for Pakistani Students:

  • Valid Immigration Card/Permanent Residence Visa

  • Clean criminal record

  • Certificate of a legal, valid accommodation

  • You will have to appear in an exam based on constitutional fundamentals (citizenship exam); this exam will be taken in Hungarian language


The Hungarian Citizenship Can Be Applied Under the Following Conditions:

  • If you are Hungarian born, you can apply for citizenship after 5 years of continuous residence.

  • If you are presently married to a Hungarian citizen and/or are the parent of child who is Hungarian and is a minor and/or hold refugee status, you can submit a citizenship application after 3 years of continuous residency in the Hungary.

  • If you declare yourself to be a Hungarian and can verify your ancestors were Hungarian citizens. Under such case you can apply for a Hungarian citizenship right after you received the Immigration Card.

  • The Hungarian President will approve a certificate of naturalization or a certificate of repatriation. This feat acts as a legal document for the acquisition of Hungarian citizenship. At the ending process of the naturalization process the applicant swears a citizenship-oath and becomes a Hungarian citizen.


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