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These miscellaneous scholarships have been categorized together these generally include scholarship that falls under more than one category on the basis of level, fellowships, doctoral programs for some special subjects, etc.

The scholarship provides a piece of detailed information about all the requirements that need to be fulfilled, necessary documents and other optional documents, and methods of procurement of the same for example 

e.g, Reference letters, letters of recommendation, statements of purpose, and bank statements, etc.

The basic eligibility and criteria remain the same as another undergraduate, master, and doctoral programs i.e. students must have been registered in the relevant foreign university or college


Other Scholarships For Pakistani Students

The scholarship covers the entire tuition fee as well as a monthly living stipend. The program's geographical scope includes all four provinces of AJK, GB, and Islamabad.

  • Scholarship Program of the Hashoo Foundation

  • Foundation Al Khidmat

  • Scholarship from the Qauid Azam Aligarh Trust

  • Provincial governments provide need-based scholarships in GIKI.

  • Pakistan Hamdard Foundation


  • Scholarship from the Dalda Foundation


Which Country Has The Majority Of Pakistani Students?

Most German universities have a large number of Pakistani students enrolled. This makes it easier to adjust to your new surroundings and navigate the challenges of settling down abroad. Many universities have Pakistani societies and clubs where students can organize and learn about their culture while studying abroad.


How Many Scholarships Can A Student Get?

In general, there is no limit to the number of combined scholarships and grants a student can receive, though award totals may be limited by a student's school's cost of attendance.


What Responsibility Do Grades Perform In Winning Scholarships?

While you cannot undervalue their significance, you can overestimate it. Unfortunately, many students never apply for scholarships because they are concerned about their grades (as well as lack of athletic skills, race, or family income). While many scholarships are directed toward individuals with specific skills or ethnicities, there are hundreds of other scholarships available. Scholarships are available for transfer students, as well as sophomore, junior, and senior-year students.


Which Country Provides Fully Funded Scholarships?

Germany. A particularly popular destination for international students seeking admission. No surprise: almost all universities in Germany are free of charge, and the country's largest scholarship fund, the DAAD, offers a scholarship to cover living expenses.


What GPA Are Most Scholarships Looking For?

3.0 overall

A 3.0 average is one of the most common grade point average requirements. (Again, each scholarship provider is different, and it is up to them, not us, to set their eligibility criteria.) While some scholarships are based on a student's GPA, most scholarships aren't.


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Scholarship Name Country Education Level Apply By
Ireland Doctoral 24 Feb 2024
Australia Doctoral 31 Jul 2024
Australia Doctoral 03 Mar 2024
Germany Doctoral 01 Apr 2024
Netherlands Doctoral 17 Feb 2024
Netherlands Doctoral 19 Feb 2024
Denmark Doctoral 10 Feb 2024
Singapore Doctoral 31 Jan 2024
China Undergraduate, Doctoral, Post-Graduate 01 Feb 2024
Malaysia Doctoral, Post-Graduate 01 May 2024
Australia Doctoral 31 Jan 2024
Ireland Doctoral 09 Feb 2024
UK Doctoral 12 Mar 2024
UK Doctoral 01 Feb 2024
Denmark Doctoral 22 Jan 2024
UK Doctoral 20 Jan 2024
UK Doctoral 30 Apr 2024
Germany Doctoral 12 Jan 2024
Norway Doctoral, Post-Graduate 31 Dec 2023
China Undergraduate, Doctoral, Post-Graduate 28 Dec 2023
USA Doctoral 10 Jan 2024
Saudi Arabia Undergraduate, Doctoral, Post-Graduate 31 Jan 2024
UK Doctoral 05 Jan 2024
Canada Doctoral 01 Jan 2024
Australia Doctoral, Post-Graduate 14 Dec 2023
UK Doctoral 30 Apr 2024
USA Doctoral 15 Feb 2024
USA Doctoral 15 Feb 2024
Netherlands Doctoral, Post-Graduate 18 Dec 2023
Germany Doctoral 31 Dec 2023
Canada Undergraduate, Doctoral, Post-Graduate 15 Dec 2023
USA Doctoral, Post-Graduate 28 Feb 2024
UK Doctoral 13 Dec 2023
Denmark Doctoral 05 Dec 2023
UK Doctoral 30 Apr 2024
Ireland Doctoral 24 Jan 2024
Denmark Doctoral, MPhil 10 Jan 2024
UK Doctoral 30 Apr 2024
USA Doctoral 15 Jan 2024
USA Doctoral 01 Dec 2023

Country Wise List of Miscellaneous Scholarships for Pakistani Students

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