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“Here’s a warm welcome to the visitors on this website. Highbrow International was established with a firm belief to provide guidance to the bright and career developing students for achieving their goals by getting foreign education in a reputable institution.

I must say that these students are quite lucky that their parents are capable of having their child admitted in an international institute because getting education from an internationally recognised institute is worth it as they might introduce innovating ideas in the future for the betterment of our homeland by using their productive skills.


  • Career Counseling

When you’re in search of a best choice of career, you should always seek for better options. As education plays a vital role in career building, our counselors always guide a student to choose what’s best for him by having a rich experience and keeping in mind their areas of interests, prior education and growth opportunities.


  • Selecting the Right Institution

We aim to provide the portfolio of a suitable institution out of all the institutions in relation with Highbrow and help our students in figuring out the right institute for their career according to their personal, academic as well as their financial situation.


  • Admission Securing

We continue the process of admission of our student by giving a special attention to their application and by keeping a regular notice on the eligibility criteria and different policies of the institutions. We make sure to precede a hassle free admission through collaboration with the institutions directly.


  • Proficiency Test

As we all know that IELTS, TOEFL or PEARSON tests are one of the compulsory elements to study abroad for analyzing the proficiency in English language. In addition to career counseling, Highbrow Institute of Modern Studies (HIMS) not only prepares its students for these tests but mentor and boost up their confidence level in every of the four language skills.


  • Visa Guidance

Our experienced counselors provide a proper guidance at every step in the entire visa process by being connected with the foreign embassies and well informed about the latest visa policies and rules to ensuring the visa issuance. Our counselors do regular follow-ups and keep the students update on their case.


  • Relationship Building

Our counselors are expert when it comes to build a strong relationship with the students and their parents by conducting orientations before their departure and landing in a new country and providing an effective assistance on their post arrival matters.


  • Welcome Back Events

Highbrow invites you back to your home country after your amazing study trip in a foreign institute. We would love to hear your different experiences of living and studying in an entirely new environment and for that we conduct sessions for you to share your stories, record your events and write to us about your experience with our team.


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